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About us

The Tipton DNA Project originally began as a way to determine if and how that Thomas Tipton who resided in Burke County, GA from 1785 to 1820 connected to the Tiptons who descend from the renown Jonathan Tipton who died in Baltimore County, MD in 1757.

Second, finding some differences in the y-chromosome markers (mutations) from different branches of the family will be used to distinguish or validate the branch to which a particular individual belongs.

Third, we hope to learn about not only the country of origin of the Tipton surname, but also the deeper Tipton ancestry roots.

25 Aug 2004 Tipton DNA Project officially began with Bonnie Grant, Charles D. Tipton and Mitzi Bateman as Co-Administrators. Effective February 24, 2008 Robert Tipton has joined our team as co-administrator to help us fill the big empty shoes left by Charles Tipton. Charles Tipton died January 29, 2008. The research on this site will continue to honor his dedication to the Tipton genealogy study.