Tickle / Tickell DNA

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About us

This DNA Project is for those with the surname Tickle, Tickell, or related names. The project is just getting started, and we are looking for people bearing those surnames to help us by taking an appropriate DNA test. The main part of the project will focus on Y-DNA testing of males who have one of the surnames, but we’re also interested in other DNA results from anyone who has a Tickle or Tickell as a direct ancestor. Genealogical DNA research is still fairly new, but can lead to interesting and exciting discoveries. We should gradually be able to identify which family trees are related, even if they are in very different parts of the world. As the project progresses, the results for the various family trees may provide information about the evolution of the surname. Why not join us? Participating is an opportunity to uncover information that you won’t find in paper or online records. If you’re interested in your family history, the project will help you to discover more about your ancestry.. You can also help our project by making a donation to the General Fund, however big or small, which will help cover the cost of DNA tests for those who cannot afford to pay themselves.