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May 2009 -A descendant of Isham Thrift of North Carolina, via his son Perry, has tested 67 markers. Results show that Isham Thrift (kit #150062) is unrelated to either Nathaniel Thrift, Robert T Thrift, or the two Friths in the project. This result is consistent with the hypothesis that Isham Thrift may be related to Drury, William, Jane & David Thrift of Dinwiddie County, Virginia. See the chart Family groupings based on Y-DNA marker values which summarizes all Project results thus far. 

Results for the descendant of John D. Frith (kit #55907) are being upgraded from 12 to 67 markers. Test results are due in early July. Currently this person has over 1000(!) exact 12-marker matches, due to being near-modal for his haplogroup. This upgrade will weed out low-resolution matches who are unrelated. It is hoped that more Friths will join the project, and that eventually we can identify John D Frith's family.

December 2008: Current specific projects include: * to clarify the status of the TWO Robert Thrifts who are thought to be sons of George Thrift (descendant of Nathaniel Frith, Virginia, USA). It is thought that Robert T. Thrift was an illegitimate child of George (or possibly Robert) Thrift, by a woman named Flanagin, from whom he took his original surname.
One of George Thrift’s daughters, Jane Thrift Frizel, testified for Robert T. Flanagin at a court proceeding against George’s estate while another sister, Mary Thrift Minor, testified against Flanagin. Flanagin prevailed and was awarded a small sum. It is assumed by some that this case was to claim an inheritance, but the court records are lost. Flanagin was involved in several suits around this time but then disappeared from view. It is assumed by some that after receiving this inheritance, Robert T. Flanagin changed his surname to Thrift; this is not universally accepted. The first trace of Robert T. Thrift in Georgia occurs about 1802; he received a commission from the Governor of GA on Sept. 11, 1804. The 1820 Washington Co, Georgia census shows that Robert T. Thrift lived adjacent to Jane Fizzle (claimed by some to be evidence that Jane Frizel and family moved from VA to GA with Robert). Three children of Robert T. Thrift of Georgia appear to be named after members of George Thrift’s family. However George Thrift and wife had a son named Robert (no middle initial), who stayed in Virginia with his own descendants. Therefore if Robert T. Thrift of Georgia was also a son of George Thrift, then Robert T. is presumed to be “baseborn.” Circumstances are detailed here. Much of the above is speculative, but can be addressed by DNA testing.
Two descendants of different sons of Robert T. Thrift of GA match identically over the markers tested. Robert T. Thrift must have had the same haplogroup (I1) and essentially the same DNA markers as these two descendants. We had previously tested two different descendants of the line of George Thrift of VA, and proven that George had essentially the same DNA markers as those two testees. The DNA markers traceable to Robert T. Thrift of GA are quite different than the DNA markers of George Thrift of VA. It is now established conclusively that Robert T Thrift is NOT a male line descendant of George Thrift of Fairfax Co, VA.

October 2008: We have signed up a new member (kit #134276), a descendant of Robert T Thrift of GA, USA, in order to confirm the results obtained from the previous 12-marker test of an RT Thrift descendant. The two are descended from different sons of RT Thrift. The new member will be tested for 67-markers, which should allow unequivocal identification of relatives. If both descendants' tests agree, this will confirm the haplotype of their ancestors including RT Thrift. This should provide more specific clues to ancient ancestry (haplogroup subclade) as well. Results of this test may be available by the end of November, 2008. Logo for the Guild of One-Name Studies. Click here to go to the Thrift One-Name Study

August 2008: I have started a "one-name study" for the surname Thrift and variant Evilthrift, under the auspices of the Guild of One-Name Studies. (Yes, the acronym, GOONS,is Brit humor, honoring the Spike Milligan /Peter Sellers radio programme from the '50's.) A one-name study is a project researching facts about a surname and all the people who have held it, as opposed to a particular pedigree (the ancestors of one person) or descendancy (the descendants of one person or couple). Eventually we will have a web page at GOONS which will index all occurrences of Thrift, Evilthrift, and other variants that can be found in the scattered multitude of sites for free online vital records of England, Wales & Scotland, and we will have a head start in organizing these into families. An example is the Ferneyhough archive for births, marriages, deaths, and adoptions. Help in gathering data would be appreciated. I don't have resources to do this for Frith & Firth (by far the most common related surnames), however if you provide me with data for individuals with ANY of the variants, Frith, Firth, Freake, etc, it will be presented in searchable form along with the Thrift & Evilthrift data.

May 2008: I have started a web site for information that won't fit on this FTDNA-sponsored web page. The supplemental site for the DNA project is This site now contains links to several Thrift, Frith, & Firth family trees at This list of family trees will be very helpful for people trying to see where they fit in, which lines they are related to, and who their earlier ancestors were. If you are interested, please send me a link to your online family tree. If it is not online, please post it, or contact me if I can help.