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About us

October 2017:  We had our 300th THORNTON enroll in the Surname DNA Project - Congrats to Kit #271624 ... 

   ...   ...   8 years to get the first 100; 3 years to get the second 100, and just over 3 years to get the third 100.

March 2015: The Results page has been updated with the results of the I1-P109 Virginia-A BigY Project.  If you think you are a descendant of Immigrant William THORNTON [b. c1622], Luke THORNTON [b. c1652], Immigrant Henry THORNTON [b. c1662], or another I1-P109 THORNTON, check out the results page and see the new terminal SNPs that have been identified .  These new SNPs have the ability to distinguish your ancestor!

February 2015: We have enlisted the help of one more Co-administrators:

Marcine E. Lohman is primarily interested in the “Virginia-B” group. This line of THORNTONs appears to originate from Thomas Thornton [b. 1718/North Carolina].

September 2014: As our numbers begin to grow, and some of the groups begin to expand, we have enlisted the help of two new Co-administrators:

Kathryn J. Johnston is primarily interested in our “Group J.” This group has a very unusual Y-DNA STR signature: DYS-385a/b = 11/11.  This line of THORNTONs appears to originate from Mirfield, Huddersfield and other parts of West Riding, England.

Douglas A Thornton is primarily interested in our “Group D.”  His THORNTON immigrant that came to the Colonies settled in Rhode Island and spread out from there.

Please take a moment to welcome them, and if you have questions about their respective groups, please don't hesitate to ask.

July 2014 – We had our 200th THORNTON enroll in the Surname DNA Project - Congrats to Kit #332586 ...
   ...   ...   8 years to get the first 100, and only 3 years to get the second100.
June 2014 - The Virginia-A Group undertakes the BigY Project in an effort to further refine our terminal SNP and differentiate the ancestral lineages.
November 2012 We just surpassed 150 members; we've added 50 people in the last 18 months.
September 2012 The Virginia-A Group initates an effort to extend testing to 111-markers, it's the only way they'll be able to parse the William/Henry/Luke lines!
June 2011 We had our 100th THORNTON enroll in the Surname DNA Project - Congrats to Kit #208522 (from the UK too!)
February 2011  Stan Thornton has decided to step down from administrative duties.  On behalf of all Thorntons in the project (both now & in the future), I would like to thank Stan for starting this project and devoting his time, energies, and efforts to keeping it going...thanks Stan!
August 2010 – The website has been updated to reflect contemporary information: New groups have been formed, information has been added, and analyses reflective of what we now know about the various groups have been included; when new information is discovered we will try to post it in a timely fashion.
21 July 2010 – Dr. Charles G. Thornton has joined the project as a Co-administrator with Stan Thornton.
29 Nov 2009 - Stan Thornton has taken back over as the Thornton DNA Project Coordinator. Many thanks to Lori Thornton for stepping up to the plate and giving me a respite during this year.
22 May 2009 - Lori Thornton is the new Thornton DNA Project Coordinator. Thanks to Stan Thornton who has served in this role over the past few years. I will be working on creating a Web site with additional data, features, and what we've learned from the results of the Thornton DNA project.
14 May 2007 - Due to recurring problems with my web host provider, I have elected to utilize the free web pages provided by Family Tree DNA for the Thornton DNA Project starting immediately.