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Adolfo Esquivel Adolfo Esquivel
February 10 @ 10:26am
Thanks for accepting me. I haven’t taken the haplogroup tests from FTDNA but 23&me gave me the Y haplogroup as I-F2642 and my maternal as C1c. Surnames are Garza, De La Garza, Fuentes, Alegria, Bowles, Esquivel. My gedmatch is WD2967110.
Adolfo Esquivel
February 12 @ 8:34am
I’m sorry, I don’t know what that means? Any help?
Ricardo de la Rosa
March 14 @ 12:17am
we are cousins removed by 6.4 generations. my mtdna is c1b...
Linda Rodriguez Linda Rodriguez
September 17 @ 9:28pm
How many people have Blas de la Garza Falcon or Diego de Montemayor in their family tree? Just curious, we are all cousins :)
Judith Garza
February 3 @ 6:00pm
I too, descend from both Blas De la Garza and Diego de Montemayor.
Mara Cervantes
February 5 @ 8:15am
I am descendant of both
Jose Cavazos Trevino
February 18 @ 8:32pm
Multiple times in my tree on both sides of my family (Cavazos Garza & Treviño Treviño). Between late 1500s and 1800s, there was considerable endogamy (marriage between second, third or other cousins/relatives) in the region of Northeast Mexico/South Texas. The three founders (Carvajal, del Canto, Montemayor) of MTY are within my ancestors. My relatives, just like most of yours, are descendants from the core NL families "de la Garza Falcon", "Montemayor", Treviño, Garza, Gonzalez, Guajardo, Elizondo, Lozano, Cantu, Villarreal, etc. For example, Marcos Alonso appears no less than 30 times among my ancestors between 10 and 14 generations ago adding both sides. For perspective, if I am generation 11, the first generation will consist of a maximum of 1024 people, thus 30 times is less than 3%. Furthermore, 1/1024 (0.01%) is the average of DNA inherited from that generation with a range of 0 - 0.5%. Already at a gap of 6 generations (example, generation #5 vs 11), you could already inheriting essentially a negligible (no, nada, 0%) portion of DNA (range 0 - 5%, average 1.6% or 1/64). This is due to DNA recombination.
Ricardo de la Rosa
March 14 @ 12:13am
yes.....on the Montemayor side ... from Mateo
Moises Garza Moises Garza
March 11 @ 12:37pm
Hello everyone, I just updated the mtDNA list. It is now sorted by Haplogroup. You can see it here:
Julian Trevino Villarreal Julian Trevino Villarreal
February 23 @ 4:37am
Bueno pues aqui estamos.... Saludos desde Swansea, Pais de Gales, Reino Unido. Soy originario de Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, pero llevo viviendo en Swansea por mas de 16 años. Mi nombre completo es: Julián Treviño Villarreal y recién ayer por la noche recibí los resultados de "Y-DNA" de FamilyTreeDNA. Mi haplogrupo es R-M269 y concuerda con que soy descendiente de Capitan Marcos Alonso de la Garza y Falcon a través de su hijo Capitan Alonso de Treviño hasta llegar a mi padre Domingo Treviño Alanis y luego terminar en mi... No se nada absolutamente de este tópico, así que agradecería que me ayudar a entender losresultados de Y-DNA que obtuve y ojalá su relevancia.... Saludos....
Jose Cavazos Trevino
February 24 @ 9:57pm
Hola primo. Somos primos por la linea de los Villarreal (del lado de mi padre) y por lo Treviño (por mi madre). Como tu, tambien yo soy R-M269. Saludos, desde Tejas.
Kemberley Perkins Kemberley Perkins
January 31 @ 1:18pm
My Great Grandmother Luisa Barrera and my Grandfather Rafael C. Jones
Cynthia Pickett
January 31 @ 7:02pm
Nice photo!
Mario Morales Mario Morales has a question!
December 8 @ 11:39am
My name is Mario Morales. I am from Ucareo Michoacan Mexico. My Y is E-M78. Any one close to that Halogroup?
Jaime Hernández
December 8 @ 12:06pm
My maternal Rendon line from Monterrey NL and Monclova Coauhila is R1b-M73, found in Anatolia, Caucasus, Urals and Hazara! However, my paternal Hernandez Rubio Y is E1b1b1a1a1c (V12). It comes from the E-M78 trunk. My paternal line is from Guanajuato, Jalisco, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas. Mainly from Jalisco.......
Tatyana BONAPARTE/Green Tatyana BONAPARTE/Green
November 22 @ 8:55am
Tatyana BONAPARTE/Green
November 22 @ 8:58am
My people are Mayan and Aztec from Guatemala/Mexico Yucatán proud of my Native bloodline.
Tatyana BONAPARTE/Green
November 22 @ 8:59am
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
November 6 @ 11:45pm
Hermanos Muller-Acosta
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
July 5 @ 12:17am
Pilot LT Trevino, b. El Paso, Texas 1924
Pedro Garza
September 9 @ 12:17am
Great military photo.
Jaime Hernández
September 9 @ 9:51am
Do you know the name of any of the planes he flew? Where was he stationed during the war?
Loreto Nevarez
September 11 @ 11:59pm
He trained on the P-38 Lightning Fighter and then Captained a B-24 Liberator in the Pacific. His Crew claimed seven Zero Fighters on 66 bombing missions. He was recommended for the Distinguished Flying Cross
Jaime Hernández
November 4 @ 9:20pm
Thanks Loreto! That is really neat! My late father in law, Leopoldo R. Gonzales, was a tailgunner on a B17, flying out of Kimbolton England. His crew were shot down three times, twice in enemy territory, and once hobbling back across the pond, crash landing in friendly. His Gonzales line was from Jalisco and Aguascalientes, but his maternal Magdaleno Garcia lines had Norteno Garza roots......
Jacinto Garza Jacinto Garza
October 10 @ 12:34pm
Yay! Big Y is complete. I received my Y-DNA Haplogroup: R-BY15969
David Reta
October 12 @ 7:11pm
Looked at your Big Y results. It shows a marker found with other descendants of Marcos Alonso's son Francisco who have taken the Big Y as well. Which helps confirm that part of your family tree. The private variants will be useful to match up with others who share a more recent common ancestor.
Jacinto Garza
October 14 @ 1:12pm
Awesome, thank you!
Bernardo Menchaca
October 30 @ 6:14pm
In the central part of the mexican state of Coahuila, there are many people with the surname Falcón. I'm convinced that the Falcón surname arose from shortening the "de la Garza Falcón" lastname, which some descendants of Marcos Aonso used. I still need to confirm via DNA test, and for that I need to find a volunteer, anyone know a Falcón from Coahuila?
David Reta
November 4 @ 8:40pm
You are right. There are people with the Falcon surname that are in fact paternal line descendants of Marcos Alonso. I only know of one who has taken a YDNA test and matches the Garza. I don't know if this person's lineage goes to Coahuila but their tree does go back to Marcos Alonso. If you find others, let them though about YDNA testing. I'd love to have more tested.