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Moises Garza Moises Garza
September 19, 2018 @ 8:12am
I just sorted a new members. Also, please join our WeAreCousins DNA Group on Facebook to better help each other out and or have your questions answered. Here is the link
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Mary Cervantes
January 18, 2019 @ 3:55am
I joined last Oct 2018, and I am still not listed in the mtdna list. My mtdna haplogroup is C1b9. Thanks!
Michael Gutierrez
January 20, 2019 @ 3:09am
Hi Mary, on my maternal side it's C1b9. My grandmother was Andrea Solis Amador.
Mary Cervantes
January 23, 2019 @ 10:16pm
Cool! starting with my great grand mother:Euliala Vilano <- her mom is: Gumesinda Lopez <- her mom is: Merced Lopez <- her mom is: Maria Luiza (Luz) Ramires abt. 1831 born in Aguascalientes or Jaliso, or Zacatecas.
Rosanna Moreno
February 16, 2019 @ 7:39am
Hi Primo, my Y haplogroup is RP311, the farthest I've gotten on my dad's ancestor is Juan Gomes(z) Mascorro and mtDNA haplogroup is A2-G135A! and the farthest I've gotten on my mom's ancestor is Maria Francisca de Herrera...thanks!
Linda Rodriguez Linda Rodriguez
September 17 @ 9:28pm
How many people have Blas de la Garza Falcon or Diego de Montemayor in their family tree? Just curious, we are all cousins :)
Edie Bazan
November 30 @ 2:58pm
I am a descendant of Diego Montemayor and Inez Rodriguez, 12th great-grandparents...
Diana Rendon
December 13 @ 8:18pm
Hello Prima. Good to see you here
Diana Rendon
December 13 @ 9:40pm
I am a descendant of Blas de la Garza Falcon. Also related to you Heriberto Escamilla Morales. Do you have Escamillas from HebronTexas?
January 21 @ 11:39pm
Yes, I am a descendant of both Blas and Diego. Diego is regarded as the "Founder of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon." It's nice to e-meet you cousin.
Mario Morales Mario Morales has a question!
December 8 @ 11:39am
My name is Mario Morales. I am from Ucareo Michoacan Mexico. My Y is E-M78. Any one close to that Halogroup?
Jaime Hernández
December 8 @ 12:06pm
My maternal Rendon line from Monterrey NL and Monclova Coauhila is R1b-M73, found in Anatolia, Caucasus, Urals and Hazara! However, my paternal Hernandez Rubio Y is E1b1b1a1a1c (V12). It comes from the E-M78 trunk. My paternal line is from Guanajuato, Jalisco, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas. Mainly from Jalisco.......
Tatyana BONAPARTE/Green Tatyana BONAPARTE/Green
November 22 @ 8:55am
Tatyana BONAPARTE/Green
November 22 @ 8:58am
My people are Mayan and Aztec from Guatemala/Mexico Yucatán proud of my Native bloodline.
Tatyana BONAPARTE/Green
November 22 @ 8:59am
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
November 6 @ 11:45pm
Hermanos Muller-Acosta
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
July 5 @ 12:17am
Pilot LT Trevino, b. El Paso, Texas 1924
Pedro Garza
September 9 @ 12:17am
Great military photo.
Jaime Hernández
September 9 @ 9:51am
Do you know the name of any of the planes he flew? Where was he stationed during the war?
Loreto Nevarez
September 11 @ 11:59pm
He trained on the P-38 Lightning Fighter and then Captained a B-24 Liberator in the Pacific. His Crew claimed seven Zero Fighters on 66 bombing missions. He was recommended for the Distinguished Flying Cross
Jaime Hernández
November 4 @ 9:20pm
Thanks Loreto! That is really neat! My late father in law, Leopoldo R. Gonzales, was a tailgunner on a B17, flying out of Kimbolton England. His crew were shot down three times, twice in enemy territory, and once hobbling back across the pond, crash landing in friendly. His Gonzales line was from Jalisco and Aguascalientes, but his maternal Magdaleno Garcia lines had Norteno Garza roots......
Jacinto Garza Jacinto Garza
October 10 @ 12:34pm
Yay! Big Y is complete. I received my Y-DNA Haplogroup: R-BY15969
David Reta
October 12 @ 7:11pm
Looked at your Big Y results. It shows a marker found with other descendants of Marcos Alonso's son Francisco who have taken the Big Y as well. Which helps confirm that part of your family tree. The private variants will be useful to match up with others who share a more recent common ancestor.
Jacinto Garza
October 14 @ 1:12pm
Awesome, thank you!
Bernardo Menchaca
October 30 @ 6:14pm
In the central part of the mexican state of Coahuila, there are many people with the surname Falcón. I'm convinced that the Falcón surname arose from shortening the "de la Garza Falcón" lastname, which some descendants of Marcos Aonso used. I still need to confirm via DNA test, and for that I need to find a volunteer, anyone know a Falcón from Coahuila?
David Reta
November 4 @ 8:40pm
You are right. There are people with the Falcon surname that are in fact paternal line descendants of Marcos Alonso. I only know of one who has taken a YDNA test and matches the Garza. I don't know if this person's lineage goes to Coahuila but their tree does go back to Marcos Alonso. If you find others, let them though about YDNA testing. I'd love to have more tested.
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
September 26 @ 11:13pm
Beltran and Ojeda
Cynthia Pickett
November 3 @ 10:48pm
Lovely photo!
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
November 3 @ 9:17pm
William Robertson William Robertson has a question!
October 27 @ 5:39am
I match another member 65 markers out of 67 markers on the yDNA test. We both took the family finder test but do not show as close cousins. Please explain, thank you.
David Reta
October 27 @ 11:58pm
Family Finder is an autosomal DNA test. We get half of it from each parent. Each generation back you half that to know the average you might have received from that ancestor. In other words you have on average 50% from your father, 25% from your paternal grandfather, 12.5% from his father, 6.25% from the father before, 3.125%, 1.563%, 0.781% etc. Y-DNA on the other hand stays mostly the same for much longer. Which is why it can be used to tie you to an ancestor centuries ago. Very little changes over time. This why those Y-DNA matches appear close but with FF indicate they are not close. STR tests like the Y67 only give you probable relationships. If you and your STR matches were to take the Big Y, it would look for SNPs. SNPs can give you a much better estimate at a real relationship. Though it still requires comparisons to make those estimates. Meaning more people of that same paternal line need to take it before it starts being useful to you.
Mario Salinas Saenz Mario Salinas Saenz
September 25 @ 11:32pm
I did the familytree test with my family (sister, mother and father). So, with the raw data got the results from the others gene calculators. And there are the average of my family. All of my ancestors are from General Treviño, Cerralvo and Agualeguas, Nuevo León and Mier, Tamaulipas since 1600s.
Sergio Delgado
October 2 @ 5:26pm
Hi Mario, it makes no sense to get that average because: First, inheritance doesn't work that way: the average of my parents and me is 100% meaningless (we ARE one family but each of us comes from VERY different families). Second, it's possible that members of your family used different chips (i.e., FTDNA switched to GSA last year I think, and you get different results because it analyses less sectors). And third, the algorithms are different; you can't get the "average" of FTDNA+MyHeritage, for example.
Mario Salinas Saenz
October 5 @ 11:55pm
Hi Sergio, thank you for you comment. The main goal that I wanted to discover is the average of my ancestor's origin as in some studies we can see the average of a town. Well mine is the result of 300 years of endogamic relations. As fact my mother and father are genetic related as first cousins, but they are really fourth cousins. I did mine first and then, a year later, I ordered for the rest. The average of FTDNA and rest was taken grouping 1. European areas; 2. American and Siberian and; 3. Middle eastern, north african and jews. I did that division thinking in the division of christians, moros and jews before the discover of America as an effort to verify if the first settlers of my family could have "sangre impura"
Jaime Hernández
October 18 @ 11:18am
Well, with all these testing sites using different algorithms to determine ones ancestry, "algo" esta mal! Who are we to believe? I guess the best way to look at it, if ones written documented (civil and church) ancestral records meshes with the DNA evidence, that would be your best reference point. Maybe not exact, but in the ballpark..........