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Moises Garza Moises Garza
September 19, 2018 @ 8:12am
I just sorted a new members. Also, please join our WeAreCousins DNA Group on Facebook to better help each other out and or have your questions answered. Here is the link
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Mary Cervantes
January 18 @ 3:55am
I joined last Oct 2018, and I am still not listed in the mtdna list. My mtdna haplogroup is C1b9. Thanks!
Michael Gutierrez
January 20 @ 3:09am
Hi Mary, on my maternal side it's C1b9. My grandmother was Andrea Solis Amador.
Mary Cervantes
January 23 @ 10:16pm
Cool! starting with my great grand mother:Euliala Vilano <- her mom is: Gumesinda Lopez <- her mom is: Merced Lopez <- her mom is: Maria Luiza (Luz) Ramires abt. 1831 born in Aguascalientes or Jaliso, or Zacatecas.
Rosanna Moreno
February 16 @ 7:39am
Hi Primo, my Y haplogroup is RP311, the farthest I've gotten on my dad's ancestor is Juan Gomes(z) Mascorro and mtDNA haplogroup is A2-G135A! and the farthest I've gotten on my mom's ancestor is Maria Francisca de Herrera...thanks!
Angela Cantu Angela Cantu
Yesterday at 11:10am
My daughter in law's haplogroup is B4'5. She's listed as 53% NA. Anyone else here with that Hap?
Mary DeBerry Mary DeBerry
April 7 @ 6:38pm
I started this journey a little over a year ago. My twin and I were trying to find out who our biological father is. Through DNA we found him. We also found a lot of cousins and we are so excited to meet them. Most family is in Texas. We are going there very soon. So excited.
Jovan Santos
August 14 @ 1:13am
You may also find the de Berry name in Louisiana as well.
Manuel Sosa Manuel Sosa has a question!
July 25 @ 12:54pm
how do i get to the ydna decendants reports that used to be posted on wearecousins. I am trying to get the one for marcos alonso but i can't seem to find it posted on any of the links i have found on the wearecousins site.
David Reta
July 25 @ 9:27pm
Manuel Sosa
August 9 @ 5:58am
Thank you David...
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
August 8 @ 12:16am
Delgado brothers 1941 Brownsville High School, Cameron, Texas
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
August 8 @ 12:01am
Esther Lopez, San Benito High School, Texas 1944
frank hernandez frank hernandez
July 30 @ 8:01pm
Who does kit #555042 belong to? I think we may have a common ancestor. I have kit #894063. We are both HERNANDEZ.
David Reta
August 7 @ 10:23pm
I've emailed this kit to tell them about your post. However, while you both may have the same haplogroup designation you do not actually match in STR results. Which means you do not come from the same Hernandez lineage.
Tony Ramos Tony Ramos has a question!
August 7 @ 11:54am
I am researching my father's line. Tony Ramos Kit #99619 Y DNA 67 Haplogroup R-L2 So far not many matches. Why?
David Reta
August 7 @ 9:57pm
The autosomal DNA tests are more popular than the Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. There are also many distant cousins of ours in Mexico. FTDNA is in English and it makes it less likely many of our primos would find this place, let alone test themselves. The origin of your paternal line also plays a role in all this. I've managed to trace my paternal line to the state of San Luis Potosi. Those from the central or Southern part of Mexico may be less likely to cross over to the US compared to those living in the Northern part of Mexico. In my own Y-DNA test, I had zero matches. But when I tested someone whose lineage has been in Nuevo Leon for centuries, there were over 50 matches. The number of children your ancestors had is also a factor. Those from larger families have more possibilities of having other cousins with an interest in genealogy and DNA testing. I have a Ramos uncle I have been meaning to test. I have no direct contact with him, but I have been waiting for the chance to ask him to test for me. Been holding onto a kit for him for years now. I am starting to see a small chance of crossing paths with him in the next year. I saw him a few years ago during a wedding and missed my chance. Won't miss the next chance I see him. You can try to find other Ramos through the different genealogical sites you visit and talk them into taking a Y-DNA test. That would be one way to get matches. It is also possible some Ramos ancestor of yours was not the biological son of the man that gave him his surname.
S Guerra S Guerra
May 28 @ 1:36pm
Hello, Primos! I have received my mtDNA results. Kit: B110452 Haplogroup: C1c2 I'm Susana. Paternal: Guerra Maternal: Alonso
S Guerra
July 2 @ 11:40am
Guerra is my maiden name. My father is Margarito and his father is Patricio Guerra. My mother is Teresa Alonso. We were all born in or around Central TX.
Ricardo de la Rosa
July 25 @ 3:45pm
do you have guerra -canamar...
D Guerra
August 4 @ 8:57am
Richard de la Rosa that is the question for us? Our brick wall is Jose Trinidad Guerra. This man of mystery does not list his parents on the docs we have found!
David Reta
August 7 @ 9:47pm
Well your Y-DNA does not match the other Guerra who claim Antonio Guerra Canamar as their paternal ancestor. Based on that, it does not look like your paternal line goes back to that ancestor.
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
July 30 @ 11:01pm
Quazada Quesada sisters, Jalisco, Mexico
Fernando Campos
August 2 @ 1:42am
Que bonita foto!
frank hernandez frank hernandez has a question!
July 25 @ 7:32pm
Who does kit #555042 belong to? I think we may have a common ancestor. I have kit #894063. We are both HERNANDEZ.