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Jose Wolfe
Jose Gonzalez Jose Gonzalez
March 24 @ 6:00pm
Hola primos. I was born in Puerto Rico. I have traced my roots via government records and cannot find the link with the González/Rodríguez/Garza family in Mexico or Texas, although I have matched with hundreds of them. I suspect my maternal grandfather was Mexican. My mother was adopted and she has never met her biological parents. Thanks to FTDNA I found my maternal grandmother, but she and her siblings are already dead. I have no one left on her side that can tell me who my grandfather was. If anyone knows of a male relative who lived in Manhattan circa 1944-45 please let me know. I would like to know who he was.
Lisa Santos
March 25 @ 3:02am
Marta Camacho
March 25 @ 9:58am
Hello Jose Gonzalez: Do you have a tree with the info you have? If you do, where we can find it and look into it? There is no tree here on FTDNA, neither a gedmatch number as a starter. With adoptions, a DNA cM and segments count is a must. And it is great that you have those ancestors name. There is this site that we can possible help you.
Jose Gonzalez
March 25 @ 5:36pm
I made public my family tree in FTDNA. Thanks
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March 24 @ 5:26pm
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Xavier Rangel David Salazar Jose Miguel   c/oBella M Richards Jose Gonzalez
Veronica (Rangel) Iordanova
March 23 @ 11:28am
Xavier is my dad and Jose is my paternal grandfather. When my grandpa came to the US he borrowed a couple of surnames from my grandmother's family tree, so we don't actually know his real name. He won't say anything about it. Thanks, Moises.
Kristy Crawford Kristy Crawford
March 8 @ 11:45am
Hi everyone. My gedmatch Kit # is Z423728 (kc9901mom). My mother is a Guerra de Sanchez by birth. She did the ancestry DNA and she is 42% American Indian (New World) and 41% Iberian peninsula. Family Tree DNA most common surname is Garza (13 of them). My late paternal great-great grandfather was born on 24 Dec 1858 (according to his death certificate) and he was a triplet according to the 1870 United States Federal Census. I'm looking to add my cousins to my family tree on family tree dna web site but so far I have not had any luck with my primos/primas who have trees. My ancestors were mostly poor farmers and illiterate and so I only have the memories of my living relatives and oral history from my maternal grandmother. I have found distant cousins through familysearch, ancestry, and facebook. My trees are all public and can be found on family tree dna, familysearch, ancestry, myheritage, wikitree, (living people are set to private)
Kristy Crawford
March 21 @ 4:52pm
Yes I am kc9901mom. Well, Virginia Guerra (dau. of Sabas) married an Esteban Soto. Esteban's father was a Juan Soto (1882-1956). Juan Soto's father was a Maximo Soto and Maximo had a brother named Juan Soto. I also have a Gregorio Soto listed as a son of Maximo but according to Soto descendants Gregorio was Maximo's nephew. I do believe that there is Grijalvo in this Soto line. I did look at your tree and I do believe also the connection lies on the Sanchez side.
Christopher Burquez
March 22 @ 12:33am
Thanks I'll check out some new avenues.
Christopher Burquez
March 22 @ 11:40pm
By the way I'm also on AncestryDNA, my Gedmatch number is T016865
Carmen Estrada Carmen Estrada has a question!
March 20 @ 12:29pm
I am looking at my sister family match on her dna my question is RM269 appears in many people can some one help are they of the same family paternal side
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March 20 @ 12:26am
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Presentasion Gracia Francisco Morales Ramirez Victoria Ramirez
Moises Garza Moises Garza
December 22 @ 5:33am
Hello everyone, I just grouped all of our new members.
Carmen Estrada
February 7 @ 10:56pm
Sorry it's lopez. My sister gedmatch is A330218
Andrea JULIA
March 18 @ 12:06pm
Carmen Estrada, I am related! Comparing Kit M821511 (*Andy) and A330218 (elena lopez) Minimum threshold size to be included in total = 500 SNPs Mismatch-bunching Limit = 250 SNPs Minimum segment cM to be included in total = 7.0 cM Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 2 120,914,203 146,708,820 25.5 2,296 Largest segment = 25.5 cM Total of segments > 7 cM = 25.5 cM 1 matching segments Estimated number of generations to MRCA = 4.6
Carmen Estrada
March 19 @ 10:30pm
Hi cousin Julia
 Jesse  Hernandez Jesse Hernandez
March 18 @ 7:32pm
New to this group, my paternal grandparents are from South Texas and Mexico. Hernandez /Pena. we also have direct ancestors from Germany and Spain. haplogroup E-M35 .Looking for more roots and relatives
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March 18 @ 4:39pm
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Claudia Guerra Jose Garcia Robert TREVINO Mary Pena Andrea JULIA sandra garcia
March 18 @ 3:43pm
Is there a search function for Surnames?