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Moises Garza Moises Garza
September 19 @ 8:12am
I just sorted a new members. Also, please join our WeAreCousins DNA Group on Facebook to better help each other out and or have your questions answered. Here is the link
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Mary Cervantes
January 18 @ 3:55am
I joined last Oct 2018, and I am still not listed in the mtdna list. My mtdna haplogroup is C1b9. Thanks!
Michael Gutierrez
January 20 @ 3:09am
Hi Mary, on my maternal side it's C1b9. My grandmother was Andrea Solis Amador.
Mary Cervantes
January 23 @ 10:16pm
Cool! starting with my great grand mother:Euliala Vilano <- her mom is: Gumesinda Lopez <- her mom is: Merced Lopez <- her mom is: Maria Luiza (Luz) Ramires abt. 1831 born in Aguascalientes or Jaliso, or Zacatecas.
Rosanna Moreno
February 16 @ 7:39am
Hi Primo, my Y haplogroup is RP311, the farthest I've gotten on my dad's ancestor is Juan Gomes(z) Mascorro and mtDNA haplogroup is A2-G135A! and the farthest I've gotten on my mom's ancestor is Maria Francisca de Herrera...thanks!
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
Yesterday at 10:35pm
Delgado Esparza wedding, Cameron, Texas, Jun 1920
David Reta David Reta
June 2 @ 11:31am
If you know of someone who took the DNA test from the National Geographic Genographic Project, let them know they should transfer their data and save what they can. You can no longer purchase a test from them and their site will be taken down a year from now. Read more about it here:
Ricardo de la Rosa
June 12 @ 3:59pm
David...could you look at My brothers kit Ricardo de la Rosa and William Sanchez..we match on y37
Juliana Willars
June 18 @ 9:08pm
I bought a kit for my uncle and had him test his DNA thru NatGeo. He is not that computer-savvy. How can we transfer his data to here, David?
David Reta
Yesterday at 9:31pm
The link to the blog will describe how to transfer.
Ovando Jaime Ovando Jaime
June 16 @ 2:37pm
Hi Primos my last name is JAIME, my Y haplogroup is R-M269, the farthest I've gotten on my dad's ancestor is Juan Pio Jaime Born in Matehuala , San Luis Potosi, Lived in Revilla Tamaulipas, Get Married whit Juana Lucia Martinez in Lampazos de Naranjo 10 Oct 1752. Im looking for more cousins Jaimes.
Rocio Villarreal
June 17 @ 11:15pm
I gave Ovando wrong info.... Juan Pio is not from Matehuala, his adopted brother's inlaws are from Matehuala.
Juliana Willars
June 18 @ 9:06pm
Matehuala is the "peyote garden" of Mexico! My great-grandmother is from there and she was a peyotera, not sure who her people were, tho, Huichol or the like.
William Sanchez William Sanchez
April 22 @ 10:21pm
Hello everyone! I'm am new to the group and family research in general! Im trying to learn more about my Sanchez family past and where we come from. As far as I am aware, the passed few generations of my family are from loredo tx. Anyone else like me?
William Sanchez
June 11 @ 5:19pm
The farthest my paternal lime goes to south texas is 1800s that i know of. And what was the distance to ricardo de rosa?
Ricardo de la Rosa
June 12 @ 3:57pm
My de la Rosa/ Rodriguez family originated in Los Cinco Senores Santender Jimenez in 1755..the descendants have lived there for over 250 years..
David Reta
June 13 @ 12:09am
I looked at the YDNA results of Ricardo de la Rosa and William Sanchez. While both match at the Y12 level, they do not match at the higher levels. There are too many differences. Not a meaningful match during the genealogical time frame.
William Sanchez
June 13 @ 2:17pm
Thanks david. The common ancestor could be much further back than we imagine. I match a lot of europeans through the 12, but have no real timeframe of how far back that ancestor was from. Most likely over 500-1000 years
S Guerra S Guerra
May 28 @ 1:36pm
Hello, Primos! I have received my mtDNA results. Kit: B110452 Haplogroup: C1c2 I'm Susana. Paternal: Guerra Maternal: Alonso
Jaime Hernández Jaime Hernández
May 27 @ 12:50pm
This picture was taken in San Antonio Texas, circa 1935 at the Apache Meat Packing Company. My Dad, Ramon Hernandez Rubio is in the white coat with his hand on a lever. I thought that maybe some of the members of this project can identify these other employees, who could be family friends or relatives? My father and mom, migrated from Mexico via Piedras Negras Coahuila in the early 1920's. They temporarily settled in San Antonio and continued their trek into Salinas, California in the late 1930's, where I was born. To this day, I still have close and distant primos in San Antonio Texas.
Tino Torres Tino Torres
May 18 @ 1:13pm
I am mostly zaragosa de cochuila mx
Mary Cervantes
May 26 @ 8:17pm
Tino, we are genetic cousins! Comparing Kit A820630 (*Mary Ellen33) [Migration - F2 - A] and A089651 (tino torres) [Migration - F2 - A] Chr B37 Start Pos'n B37 End Pos'n Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 4 182,578,680 186,026,298 11.3 1,062 Largest segment = 11.3 cM Estimated number of generations to MRCA = 5.2
Tino Torres
May 27 @ 12:15pm
I see who is mary ellen
Tino Torres
May 27 @ 12:44pm
my mother halogroup p L1b1a12a and I have 1-p137
Tino Torres Tino Torres
May 27 @ 12:35pm
my mother L1b1a12a and I have 1-p137
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
May 24 @ 3:36pm
Loreto Nevarez
May 24 @ 3:43pm
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
May 24 @ 3:22pm
Loreto Nevarez
May 24 @ 3:25pm