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ramon ruiz ramon ruiz
July 7 @ 1:45pm
Anybody recognize this lady her name is Socorro Lived in Laredo Standing with a baby
Cynthia Pickett
July 7 @ 4:13pm
Nice photo!
Elena  Gonzales Ruiz Elena Gonzales Ruiz
July 2 @ 10:43am
looking for info on my grandfather Felipe Gonzalez he was married to Jesusa Reyes was working in Kansas city at the railroad when he died his last child was born in 1924 the year that he died my mom was Juanita Gonzalez Ruiz 1917
Cynthia Pickett
July 2 @ 5:45pm
Very nice photo!
Elena  Gonzales Ruiz Elena Gonzales Ruiz
July 2 @ 10:54am
mybe someone well recognize the witness name
Jaime Hernández
July 2 @ 12:55pm
Looks like Eva Gonzalez and maybe E.R. Henestroza.
Carl Senna Carl Senna
June 7 @ 7:57am
My father Francisco “The Cisco kid” Guerrero Senna fought as a welterweight and middleweight prize fighter in the 1940s and 1950s (He fought top ranked Jouey Giardello losing by a decision in Philadelphia). He and my mother separated when I was three In New York City, and we lost touch with him. He may hav passed away in Omaha, Nebraska or Texas, but I have not found any death record in those states where he last resided.
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Carl Senna
June 7 @ 8:17am
Any information of members here related to my family above from Mexico would be appreciated. Thanks
Heriberto Escamilla Morales
June 7 @ 9:26am
Hola Carl, you might consider that Senna might have been Serna. It was relatively easy to make mistakes on handwritten records. Also, Serna is a more common last name in the area around Monterry. Just a thought.
Jose Cavazos
June 7 @ 11:29am
Agree. A business partner of my father, both of whom already passed away, was a Serna. He came to study to Monterrey, and he stayed for work and grew his family. I know that they had extended family in Durango and Guadalajara. Your grandfather might have come to MTY for work as the city industrialized around that time and had need for skilled workers as compared to the rest of Mexico. Back in the early 70s, MTY was producing 25% of non-oil GDP of Mexico with 2% of the population.
Carl Senna
June 24 @ 1:20am
Yes, Heriberto, Jose, there are definite probabilities that my father’s last name was either of someone named Serna or Seña, but I would like to first rule out the possible Sennas in Monterrey or elsewhere in Mexico, for there were families of all three names in and around Monterrey and elsewhere. I need documents of his birth in Mexico, and documents of his parents (my paternal grandfather as well) and the records so far have been elusive. My father’s U.S. Army records are all in the name of Senna, as well as news accounts of his boxing career. Counselor Madrid at the DC Washington Embassy said that my father’s immigration problems kept occurring because his name of record on his Customs and Immigration border crossing papers was always in the newspapers as “Senna,” and the authorities could easily cause trouble for him. Hence his appeal to the Embassy for some kind of work giving him diplomatic immunity...according to Madrid, and that was never a viable option for him. My mother was never forthcoming about him, and he was not a topic she ever wished to discuss with me all the years before she passed away.
Diana Gonzales Rodriguez Diana Gonzales Rodriguez has a question!
January 10, 2017 @ 5:06pm
Ok, so how do I upload my tree, and others for your research? Super Confused. Please take me step by step on what to do now. I have my Mtdna and my brother Y37 dna and of course BOTH of our Family Finders, and Crispins 15 Generations on my mom's side. I/we do have tress on my FTDNA site. We entered different findings/lines on our tress to get maximum information out there. My bother is Sam V. Gonzales, my sister is Lydia G. Vasquez and I'm Diana G. Rodriguez. We'd all love to do this project with you but don't understand what you need us to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Oh, and yes we all have Gedmatch numbers as well. SIDE NOTE: in one day I found on "We Are Cousins" on your site on Facebook over 40 cousins! On fb I am known as Dina Rodriguez. My Gedmatch if needed is: T270258, Sam my bothers is: T052110, Lydia's: T152259 Do you need my FTDNA kit numbers???
Cate Biggs
March 14, 2017 @ 9:23pm
I match Lydia's Estimated number of generations to MRCA = 4.5. I match Sam 4.9 generations-ish, and Diana, I match you at an estimated 4.3 generations
Andrea JULIA
March 16, 2017 @ 5:08am
I'm a first or second cousin to you Diana!
Estelle Stetzer
June 18 @ 12:08am
I match you and your brother, but not your sister. ZL5067742
William Sanchez
June 23 @ 2:52pm
Looks like we are distantly related! My Gedmatch is XQ4964175
Elena  Gonzales Ruiz Elena Gonzales Ruiz
June 22 @ 2:04pm
got my brother Ramon G Ruiz gedmatch #EA7885484
William Sanchez
June 23 @ 2:49pm
I ran my ged match id: XQ4964175. We had some matches SNP matches! Estimated MRCA was 7.5 generations
Mario Salinas Saenz Mario Salinas Saenz
July 18, 2017 @ 12:33am
Hi! I have traced my family tree back to 1600s and I'm related to the first settlers in Nuevo Leon who were supposed to be jews. If all of us, in this project, atach our origins results we could identify our coincidences. My gedmatch kit number is T659169 and here is myOrigin results.
Elena Gonzales Ruiz
July 26, 2017 @ 9:51pm
Hi cousin we match @6.4 A330218
Alicia Garza
August 2, 2017 @ 4:35pm
Hello Mario Salinas Saenz we are a matched 8.0 on Chr 14. My mother are Salinas and Saenz . Maria De Jesus Leal and Rafael Salinas Marriage 1842. Date 3 Oct 1842. Saenz aka as Sais, Saens. Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 3 173,050,084 174,822,915 4.0 383 14 94,595,589 97,679,167 8.0 1,056 18 7,378,753 8,470,711 4.8 355 22 47,721,742 48,817,649 4.8 482 Largest segment = 8.0 cM Total of segments > 4 cM = 21.6 cM 4 matching segments These are some of my Saenz : Saens, Antonia 1719 - Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States - Saens, José Angel - - Saens, Maria Luisa abt 1875 - Saens, Maria Reducinda Abt. 1870 - Saenz, Jose Francisco 13 Oct 1802 - Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico - Saenz, Jose Victoriano 30 Dec 1798 - Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico 1855 Saenz, Juan June 1870 - Mexico - Saenz, Juan 1899 - Texas, USA - Saenz, Lola DEC 1894 - Texas, USA - Saenz, Manuel Gilbert January 26, 1892 - Texas 7 May 1946 - Los Angeles, California Saenz, Maria Josefa 29 Sep 1796 - Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico - Saenz, Maria Olaya 23 Feb 1794 - Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico This is christening date not dob. - Saenz, Maria Rosalia 1741 - Ojo Caliente, Rio Arriba, New Mexico, United States Jan 1797 Saenz, Rosa Palacios 1919 - Mexico City, Mexico 19 June 1965 - Hart, Michigan, USA SAENZ (SAIS), JOSE JUAN 20 Oct 1767 - Mier, Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico - SAENZ (SAIS), JOSE SANTOS - - SAENZ (SAIS), MA ANASTACIA - - Saenz Arias, Antonio - - Saenz Yzaguirre, Francisca Tomasa - 11 May 1898 - Mier, Tamaulipas, México Saez aka Saiz aka Sais, Francisco (Arias de Quiros) Captain 1700 - Albuquerque, New Mexico 1761 - Albuquerque, New Mexico My mother is a Espinoza Cantu Garza and Rafael Salinas is my 2nd GGF. Most of the Saenz aka Sais, Saens are from the Mission Espada here in San Antonio, Texas.
Andrea JULIA
September 18, 2017 @ 7:45am
You already know we match cousin :D The Villarreal family but here is our matching DNA Chr Start Location End Location Centimorgans (cM) SNPs 16 48,523,302 53,741,402 11.0 604 18 28,086,145 43,509,113 12.0 1,422
Estelle Stetzer
June 17 @ 11:59pm
This has been up for a while but we match 6.8 generations back. My GED match is ZL5067742
Zavier Álvarez Zavier Álvarez
June 17 @ 4:43am
Q-M242 (Y) Working on my sons Dads side with much difficulty. Would love to share info if any of you are cousins. Dads dad side is from San Luis Potosi , Some San Ysidro, Ponzo Hondo. His moms side is Mier Tamaulipas, Tula, and more. Any guidance is much appreciated. My sons Kit # 360247, His Great uncles is also on here and is 677762 also His Dads Mom 410981 and her dads my G Gpa 406202. Look forward to connecting
Sam Mendez Sam Mendez
May 14 @ 3:14pm
Hello ! I had my grandmas nephew do a ydna to help my dead end . Her father is Antonio mendez and his father is Pablo mendez and dead end . My cousins ydna shows he is a descendent of Marcos Alonso de la Garza . Is there any literature that I can download or advice you can give . Thanks
Julian Trevino Villarreal
May 15 @ 8:06am
Have you tried: It's free
Sam Mendez
May 26 @ 2:12pm
Only for about two years . I’m at the limit of my dead ends . I need personal help now .
Alicia Garza
June 11 @ 5:52pm
Sam Mendez what exactly are you looking for ? First, have you done the Y-DNA ? If you have not then this is one major part you need to do with ftdna to see if in fact you are Y-DNA of the Descendants of Marcos Alonso Garza Arcon . Many of us are descendants of Marcos Alonso de la Garza. Are you a member of We Are Cousins by Moises Garza ? If you are not, highly recommend you join . Y-DNA Descendants of Marcos Alonso Garza Arcon
Miguel Neri Miguel Neri has a question!
June 5 @ 3:51pm
Hello, I am new to this project. I recently took the FT DNA Y-111 test and got my results. My main goal is to find out my likely male lineage before 1717. I've hit a dead-end with the records. My Y DNA is relatively rare: G-M201. My last direct male ancestor, born around 1717, is my 4th great grandfather. I strongly suspect that he may have been illegitimate. Can someone please tell me how I can use Y-111 information to make an educated guess about my 4th GGF's likely ancestors?
Jose Cavazos
June 5 @ 7:00pm
Did you added your data for view to this project? Edit- I found you in the ungrouped data. Let me run the data base into a grouping app and will try to help.
Jose Cavazos
June 5 @ 8:07pm
I ran the Y-DNA STR app and found that it groups you with two other people in our project. One of them has similar haplotype G-M201 (Gonzalez - kit 339343) and with a Linares (Kit 247477). I am not admin in this project, but can tell you that you are likely related to them within 15 generations. You seem to be GD=5 (but only 3 different markers) with Y-111 with Linares. If you hover on myDNA on the upper left corner, move then to Y-DNA, and click on matches. It will search the entire database and provide you with people who match with you.
Miguel Neri
June 9 @ 12:40am
Thanks so much, Jose. I appreciate you taking the time to do that. In the meantime, I was able to connect with David Reta in this project. As a result, I have decided to take the Big Y test to give me some additional comparison info.