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Moises Garza Moises Garza
September 19 @ 8:12am
I just sorted a new members. Also, please join our WeAreCousins DNA Group on Facebook to better help each other out and or have your questions answered. Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/wacdnagroup/
Judith Garza
October 1 @ 3:38pm
I'm still in the J column cousin. My haplogroup changed from J to J1b2.
David Reta David Reta
November 15 @ 12:01am
The Thanksgiving Sale is here! FTDNA is having a sale on all their tests, including upgrades. Ends Nov 22. Family Finder is at $49. The Y37 is also at its cheapest price ever! The Y111 costs less than the regular price of a new Y67. A few members have already ordered additional testing. If anyone has questions, as always feel free to ask. I suspect there will be a Christmas sale, but no idea if it will be better than this one.
Laura Molina Laura Molina has a question!
November 15 @ 10:51am
¡Hola primos! I uploaded my Family Finder and mtDNA results to GEDCOM weeks ago without receiving my number. What am I doing wrong?
David Reta
November 15 @ 11:31pm
Do you mean Gedmatch? Just log in, on the side you will see the number.
Ricardo de la Rosa
December 1 @ 10:28pm
start again...by using a different browser like chrome...or change to another computer..it should not take days or weeks to accept your information
Andrea JULIA Andrea JULIA
March 18, 2017 @ 12:18pm
Hello! my Gedmatch ID is M821511 my family tree is located at https://familysearch.org/tree/pedigree/L6YX-8K8/landscape Flores, Villareal, Rivera, Garza, Cavazos, Cantu.
Servando Villarreal
November 16 @ 11:44am
The Rio grande Valley Texas .
Servando Villarreal
November 16 @ 11:48am
I match all those names as well .
Linda Patrick
November 21 @ 8:41pm
Andrea we match at 7.0 generations
Ricardo de la Rosa
November 30 @ 1:17am
Hello Andrea.....we match at 4.4..my brother is Ricardo ..I am Hilda de la Rosa Perez
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
November 21 @ 3:33pm
B-24 Pilot LT Trevino and crew
George Aguilar
November 21 @ 8:11pm
Dat picture is da bomb!
Guadalupe Soto Guadalupe Soto
November 19 @ 2:13pm
My name is Guadalupe Soto, maiden name Muniz, mother's maiden name Guadalupe Mungia, Fathers name Gilberto Muniz. Can anyone help me make sense of these results ? Alot more mixture from other countries and cultures than I expected growing up in West Texas Rio Grande Valley.
Guadalupe Soto
November 19 @ 2:14pm
Using 4 populations approximation: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 2.815845 2 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Maya_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 2.947242 3 Luiseno_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived + Romania_derived @ 3.069248 4 Greek_South_derived + Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.133137 5 Maya_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived + Romania_derived @ 3.292350 6 Gagauz_derived + Luiseno_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.399504 7 Gagauz_derived + Maya_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.400435 8 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Maya_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.437532 9 Greek_South_derived + Maya_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.482793 10 Bulgarian_derived + Luiseno_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.530914 11 Greek_North_derived + Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.559914 12 Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived + Romania_derived @ 3.599603 13 Bulgarian_derived + Maya_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.678319 14 Greek_South_derived + Maya_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.712583 15 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Cochimi_derived + Mexican_derived + Miwok_derived @ 3.740346 16 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Miwok_derived + Mixtec_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.743168 17 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Luiseno_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.753954 18 Italian-North_derived + Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.821428 19 Greek_South_derived + Luiseno_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.825578 20 Gagauz_derived + Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.880898
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
November 14 @ 10:02pm
Mary DeBerry Mary DeBerry has a question!
October 11 @ 4:09pm
My name is Mary De Berry, I am trying to find info about my biological father. The only thing I know about him is he would have been in the military in Germany in 1955. My twin and I were born in October 1955. My mother is deceased. Her name at the time was Ursula Machenheimer. She was born and raised in Germany. We have in in Florida since 1968. Any info at all is greatly appreciated.
Mary Cervantes
November 5 @ 2:53am
Have you taken a dna test? If so, I would upload the raw dna file to GEDmatch.com and they will assign you a GEDmatch ID, then we can see if you are related to any of us. For instance my GEDmatch ID # is A820630. I come here and try to match my ID to the ID's I find on this page. Best of luck! :-)
Mary DeBerry
November 11 @ 5:14pm
Ok thank you.
Mary DeBerry
November 12 @ 11:19am
My kit #t418421
Mary DeBerry
November 13 @ 7:17pm
Mary Cervantes can you contact me please. Thank you Mary E. DeBerry
Lauren Bell Lauren Bell
August 1, 2017 @ 11:13am
Hello everyone, my name is Alexis. I am managing my moms dna. Her name is Lauren Bell. I am just searching for matches and some way to find the connection between the matches she currently has. I've been trying to build a tree off her matches and haven't had much luck. Her closest matches are all 3rd cousin and beyond. Gedmatch is M717992.
Lauren Bell
August 5, 2017 @ 9:42pm
Thank you! We have done 23andme. We just bought an ancestry kit and are waiting for that too. Hoping to find some closer matches there.
Ricardo de la Rosa
November 10, 2017 @ 11:37pm
we match Lauren Bell
Mary DeBerry
November 13 @ 1:35pm
Man L
Mary DeBerry
November 13 @ 2:32pm
A. Lerma can you please contact me. Thank you Mary DeBerry
Mary DeBerry Mary DeBerry has a question!
November 13 @ 1:24pm
This is Mary De Berry, I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I sent my DNA to GEDmatch. My kit # is t418421, I found a match I th
Mary DeBerry
November 13 @ 1:27pm
I think. I don't understand the centimorgans. The rematch shows 2 matching segments. Please contact me if you can help.
Juan Gonzalez Juan Gonzalez
July 29, 2017 @ 10:11am
Hello Cousins! I am curious if purchasing the SNPs will increase my chances of furthering my ancestral research. I mean these tests can really get expensive. I already paid for the Family Finder, Y-DNA 111, and mtFull Sequence. I sometimes get emails from FTDNA telling me they've found a relative. When I check on them, their surnames are not familiar. On another note, what makes it tougher is that there is no information that I've been able to come across on my maternal grandmother's parents. The story is that my grandmother was raised by an aunt. We don't know the aunt's name. And, my grandmother's father and two brothers went back across the border to Mexico shortly after the incorporation of Texas. I've been reading up on the history of Texas and can understand why my great-grandfather and his sons would want to escape during the reconstruction. Another issue is the ancestry of my paternal grandmother. Before her death, my grandmother told my oldest uncle (deceased) that she was Apache. But, the family kept this a secret because of the way the Natives were treated. I think there might have been a surname change somewhere in the lineage. So, I've got a great task ahead of me. Thanks, in advance for any replies!
David Reta
August 22 @ 7:30pm
Ordering SNP Packs or the Big Y, will not help in your case Juan. They would be useful if you had say a lot of Y111 matches and some were believed to be false positives. SNP testing can also be helpful to map out the human tree of life, but only if you have other distant cousins who also have taken these tests. Also, don't bother taking a SNP pack if you intend on ever taking the Big Y. The BigY500 will find the SNPs from those packs plus thousands more.
Mary Cervantes
November 5 @ 3:07am
Just wondering did you create a free account to GEDmatch.com yet? Then if you have not already, download your raw dna file and upload it into GEDmatch.com. Gedmatch will assign you an ID #. Then you can tell us your id # and we can try and see if we are a match. For instance, my ID# is A820630. There are tools on Gedmatch to not only do "One to One" matches but several other apps, such as the "One to Many" where you will find about 2,000 cousins matching to about the 7.x generation level. Let us know when you get your GEDmatch ID, it's free. Best of luck, we will help you as much as we can.
Rogelio jr Garza
November 5 @ 6:46pm
i matched mary t289213 is ny ged match#
Mary Cervantes
November 9 @ 6:39pm
Yeah! That is great!!! I am going to start studying chromosome snp's to see where we are related by comparing known cousins's snp's - it's a long term project, so don't hold your breath LOL
David Reta David Reta
November 5 @ 8:39pm
FTDNA is having a special offer for Y37 and FMS. Ends Nov 10. It is not listed on their main page and they only messaged MyHeritage customers, but you don't have to be one of those customers to get this deal. This is the cheapest we have seen the Y37 go for. https://www.familytreedna.com/specialoffer
Hope Bernstein
November 7 @ 4:57pm
Thank you so much for posting this! I just placed my order and it went through without a hitch.