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Moises Garza Moises Garza
September 19 @ 8:12am
I just sorted a new members. Also, please join our WeAreCousins DNA Group on Facebook to better help each other out and or have your questions answered. Here is the link
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Mary Cervantes
January 18 @ 3:55am
I joined last Oct 2018, and I am still not listed in the mtdna list. My mtdna haplogroup is C1b9. Thanks!
Michael Gutierrez
January 20 @ 3:09am
Hi Mary, on my maternal side it's C1b9. My grandmother was Andrea Solis Amador.
Mary Cervantes
January 23 @ 10:16pm
Cool! starting with my great grand mother:Euliala Vilano <- her mom is: Gumesinda Lopez <- her mom is: Merced Lopez <- her mom is: Maria Luiza (Luz) Ramires abt. 1831 born in Aguascalientes or Jaliso, or Zacatecas.
Rosanna Moreno
February 16 @ 7:39am
Hi Primo, my Y haplogroup is RP311, the farthest I've gotten on my dad's ancestor is Juan Gomes(z) Mascorro and mtDNA haplogroup is A2-G135A! and the farthest I've gotten on my mom's ancestor is Maria Francisca de Herrera...thanks!
David Reta David Reta
December 30 @ 9:40pm
I'm in the process of making changes to the groups in the project's DNA results page. The old way of grouping YDNA was based on surname and current haplogroup. This meant some people who should be grouped together were split up. The new way will group based on their YDNA markers matching regardless of surname or current terminal haplogroup designation. If there are no matches for you in the project, then you are grouped by surname similar to the old way. If your paternal or maternal line were not ever in Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, or South Texas, let me know. That will help in placing some people in a separate group from the rest to disregard the data not significant to this region.
David Reta
January 28 @ 11:46pm
You can email me. If you see my name on the left side of this page. Click there for my email. Though it is better for it to be in the family tree in the kit for future use. However, the subgroups I mention are for the YDNA and mtDNA results. Jonathan's kit has neither test taken. So there is no group I can put him in with no results.
Rosanna Moreno
February 3 @ 5:12pm
Hi David, I noticed you're gathering info on the A2ae Mt DNA haplogroup. Will you include A2-G153A! ? Just wondering and thanks
David Reta
February 10 @ 2:28pm
I do intend on branching out. Will likely focus on those clusters with more testers and data as limited testers may not be enough to figure out their connection.
Alicia Garza
April 1 @ 4:33pm
My father side of the family have a lot of families in Coahuila , Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and good old Texas :)
William Sanchez William Sanchez
Yesterday at 10:21pm
Hello everyone! I'm am new to the group and family research in general! Im trying to learn more about my Sanchez family past and where we come from. As far as I am aware, the passed few generations of my family are from loredo tx. Anyone else like me?
Jose Ramirez
24 hours ago
Loredo or Laredo, William? If it's Laredo then, yes, I'm from there as well. Nice to hear from you.
William Sanchez
12 hours ago
Wow i totally spelled Laredo wrong. My family is from Laredo! Nice to talk to you as well! How long has your family been there?
Jaime Hernández
8 hours ago
William, are you a direct line descendant of Tomas Sanchez Barrera, born 1646 in Monterrey Nuevo Leon and the Founder of Laredo Tamaulipas Mexico? He was the son of Francisco Sanchez Barrera and Maria Duran Uzcanga. If yes, have you taken the paternal Y test? May I ask what is your haplogroup?
Jose Ramirez
4 hours ago
We've been in Laredo only since the early 1900s. Prior to that, my Ramirez line ran through Lampazos, Saltillo, Monclova, and Villaldama.
Laura Molina Laura Molina
8 hours ago
Hola, Primos! My GEDmatch kit # is GU1603501. Check out my latest exhibition -
Jose Ramirez Jose Ramirez has a question!
April 19 @ 6:41pm
Hello, everyone. I just joined the group. How soon can I expect my YDNA results to be added to the group list.
Loreto  Nevarez Loreto Nevarez
April 9 @ 4:53pm
Loreto Nevarez
April 9 @ 4:56pm
Urtusuastegui family
Mary DeBerry Mary DeBerry
April 7 @ 6:38pm
I started this journey a little over a year ago. My twin and I were trying to find out who our biological father is. Through DNA we found him. We also found a lot of cousins and we are so excited to meet them. Most family is in Texas. We are going there very soon. So excited.
Mary DeBerry Mary DeBerry has a question!
October 11 @ 4:09pm
My name is Mary De Berry, I am trying to find info about my biological father. The only thing I know about him is he would have been in the military in Germany in 1955. My twin and I were born in October 1955. My mother is deceased. Her name at the time was Ursula Machenheimer. She was born and raised in Germany. We have in in Florida since 1968. Any info at all is greatly appreciated.
Mary DeBerry
November 12 @ 11:19am
My kit #t418421
Mary DeBerry
November 13 @ 7:17pm
Mary Cervantes can you contact me please. Thank you Mary E. DeBerry
Ricardo de la Rosa
February 16 @ 10:45pm
I have German roots ..sorry no match
Mary DeBerry
April 7 @ 6:34pm
I have an update. My twin sister have located family living in Texas. We are going there very soon to meet with them. We are so excited to meet family on our biological fathers side of the family. Rios, Ramos, Gonzalez are some of the last names we are related to.
Guadalupe Soto Guadalupe Soto
November 19 @ 2:13pm
My name is Guadalupe Soto, maiden name Muniz, mother's maiden name Guadalupe Mungia, Fathers name Gilberto Muniz. Can anyone help me make sense of these results ? Alot more mixture from other countries and cultures than I expected growing up in West Texas Rio Grande Valley.
Guadalupe Soto
November 19 @ 2:14pm
Using 4 populations approximation: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 2.815845 2 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Maya_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 2.947242 3 Luiseno_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived + Romania_derived @ 3.069248 4 Greek_South_derived + Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.133137 5 Maya_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived + Romania_derived @ 3.292350 6 Gagauz_derived + Luiseno_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.399504 7 Gagauz_derived + Maya_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.400435 8 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Maya_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.437532 9 Greek_South_derived + Maya_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.482793 10 Bulgarian_derived + Luiseno_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.530914 11 Greek_North_derived + Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.559914 12 Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived + Romania_derived @ 3.599603 13 Bulgarian_derived + Maya_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.678319 14 Greek_South_derived + Maya_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.712583 15 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Cochimi_derived + Mexican_derived + Miwok_derived @ 3.740346 16 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Miwok_derived + Mixtec_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.743168 17 Ashkenazim_V_derived + Luiseno_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.753954 18 Italian-North_derived + Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.821428 19 Greek_South_derived + Luiseno_derived + Mexican_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.825578 20 Gagauz_derived + Luiseno_derived + Miwok_derived + Puerto-Rican_derived @ 3.880898
Alicia Garza
April 1 @ 4:37pm
What are the numbers 1-20? Are they chromosome breakdown ?
Ricardo de la Rosa Ricardo de la Rosa
February 3 @ 1:06am
Hello.. I have completed my family tree for YDNA and MTDNA.. my MTDNA is c1b..last recorded ancestor is in not see my name on list..thank you for all you do
Ricardo de la Rosa
February 16 @ 10:37pm
how far back would one have to go to get to it possible that the last person with records I have is from Portugal but beyond that ...from Asia then thru the Bearing Straights to the Ancient Native American Tribes and then down from the Andes..just speculating..
David Reta
February 17 @ 12:39am
A published scientific paper estimated C1b being born around 15,000 years ago give or take a few thousands of years. It has only been found in the American continents. You may have Portuguese ancestors, but your maternal line must not have come from Portugal. That is unless it was born in the Americas first.
Ricardo de la Rosa
February 18 @ 2:08am
highly unlikely..but probable. there is a Cisneros connection married to a Zuni woman in the 1600 in my tree..but not a direct ancestor..thank you for your input.i look forward to your results on my brothers Y test
Alicia Garza
April 1 @ 4:34pm
Ricardo de la Rosa, I have B2a1.
David Reta David Reta
March 25 @ 7:38pm
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David Reta
March 26 @ 8:53pm
I have updated the post to include the new coupon codes for upgrades from any YDNA test to Big Y700. Ends March 31.
Russell  Historian B Russell Historian B
March 24 @ 7:31pm
I added 3 kits I manage to this project. I don’t understand how to read or find the kits on them on the DNA results page. Two of them were taken on Ancestry and one on Family Tree. Any help would be appreciated in trying to find these kits, TIA.
David Reta
March 24 @ 8:42pm
The DNA Results Pages only show kits with YDNA and mtDNA results. If the kits do not have these kits, they do not appear on these pages. Otherwise when they first are joined into a project, they are automatically placed in the "Ungrouped" subgroup.