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Moises Garza Moises Garza
September 19 @ 8:12am
I just sorted a new members. Also, please join our WeAreCousins DNA Group on Facebook to better help each other out and or have your questions answered. Here is the link
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Mary Cervantes
January 18 @ 3:55am
I joined last Oct 2018, and I am still not listed in the mtdna list. My mtdna haplogroup is C1b9. Thanks!
Michael Gutierrez
January 20 @ 3:09am
Hi Mary, on my maternal side it's C1b9. My grandmother was Andrea Solis Amador.
Mary Cervantes
January 23 @ 10:16pm
Cool! starting with my great grand mother:Euliala Vilano <- her mom is: Gumesinda Lopez <- her mom is: Merced Lopez <- her mom is: Maria Luiza (Luz) Ramires abt. 1831 born in Aguascalientes or Jaliso, or Zacatecas.
Rosanna Moreno
Yesterday at 7:39am
Hi Primo, my Y haplogroup is RP311, the farthest I've gotten on my dad's ancestor is Juan Gomes(z) Mascorro and mtDNA haplogroup is A2-G135A! and the farthest I've gotten on my mom's ancestor is Maria Francisca de Herrera...thanks!
David Reta David Reta
December 30 @ 9:40pm
I'm in the process of making changes to the groups in the project's DNA results page. The old way of grouping YDNA was based on surname and current haplogroup. This meant some people who should be grouped together were split up. The new way will group based on their YDNA markers matching regardless of surname or current terminal haplogroup designation. If there are no matches for you in the project, then you are grouped by surname similar to the old way. If your paternal or maternal line were not ever in Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, or South Texas, let me know. That will help in placing some people in a separate group from the rest to disregard the data not significant to this region.
Jonathan De Leon
January 28 @ 12:24pm
David , Jonathan's paternal line is from Cadereyta and his maternal line is from Tamaulipas. Where do I send you his tree? Or do I need to add it on his FTDNA?
David Reta
January 28 @ 11:46pm
You can email me. If you see my name on the left side of this page. Click there for my email. Though it is better for it to be in the family tree in the kit for future use. However, the subgroups I mention are for the YDNA and mtDNA results. Jonathan's kit has neither test taken. So there is no group I can put him in with no results.
Rosanna Moreno
February 3 @ 5:12pm
Hi David, I noticed you're gathering info on the A2ae Mt DNA haplogroup. Will you include A2-G153A! ? Just wondering and thanks
David Reta
February 10 @ 2:28pm
I do intend on branching out. Will likely focus on those clusters with more testers and data as limited testers may not be enough to figure out their connection.
Ricardo de la Rosa Ricardo de la Rosa
February 3 @ 1:06am
Hello.. I have completed my family tree for YDNA and MTDNA.. my MTDNA is c1b..last recorded ancestor is in not see my name on list..thank you for all you do
David Reta
February 10 @ 2:51pm
If Ricardo's maternal line (mother's mother's mother's etc line of ancestors) has mtDNA haplogroup C1b, then it is highly doubtful it came from Portugal.
Ricardo de la Rosa
Yesterday at 10:37pm
how far back would one have to go to get to it possible that the last person with records I have is from Portugal but beyond that ...from Asia then thru the Bearing Straights to the Ancient Native American Tribes and then down from the Andes..just speculating..
David Reta
Yesterday at 12:39am
A published scientific paper estimated C1b being born around 15,000 years ago give or take a few thousands of years. It has only been found in the American continents. You may have Portuguese ancestors, but your maternal line must not have come from Portugal. That is unless it was born in the Americas first.
Ricardo de la Rosa
5 hours ago
highly unlikely..but probable. there is a Cisneros connection married to a Zuni woman in the 1600 in my tree..but not a direct ancestor..thank you for your input.i look forward to your results on my brothers Y test
Mary DeBerry Mary DeBerry has a question!
October 11 @ 4:09pm
My name is Mary De Berry, I am trying to find info about my biological father. The only thing I know about him is he would have been in the military in Germany in 1955. My twin and I were born in October 1955. My mother is deceased. Her name at the time was Ursula Machenheimer. She was born and raised in Germany. We have in in Florida since 1968. Any info at all is greatly appreciated.
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Mary DeBerry
November 11 @ 5:14pm
Ok thank you.
Mary DeBerry
November 12 @ 11:19am
My kit #t418421
Mary DeBerry
November 13 @ 7:17pm
Mary Cervantes can you contact me please. Thank you Mary E. DeBerry
Ricardo de la Rosa
Yesterday at 10:45pm
I have German roots ..sorry no match
Manuel Sosa Manuel Sosa has a question!
February 4 @ 2:32pm
If i did a ydna37 test and received very few results and none that really provided any closer relation than 12 (this one was someone who didn't have much history as his father changed names multiple times so he was not sure what his fathers birth name was) - 24 generations back would it be to my advantage to do additional y testing. Keep in mind i cannot produce any additional samples since my dad has passed away recently. So any testing would have to be done from the existing sample.
David Reta
February 10 @ 2:45pm
If you have no matches at Y37, usually you will have none at the higher levels. However, there are rare exceptions to this. I have seen a few rare cases where upgrading to Y67 will show you some distant matches. Distant because they had too many differences to appear on Y37 or below. If your lineage had a significant mutation at the lower testing levels, it can prevent you from seeing those true matches. If any of you are in such a case, is anyone's guess. As for SNP testing, that will not get you any matches. It will confirm if your positive or negative for specific SNPs and therefore update your predicted haplogroup to a confirmed haplogroup. The predicted haplogroups are very conservative so I have not see any of them be wrong at this point. If FTDNA had doubts, they would have you take a free haplogroup backbone SNP pack. The SNP packs will test for 100+ SNPs but are still limited to known SNPs. Once you take one, there may still be a second and rarely a third. Even then there will still be new SNPs unique to your line that are not in these SNP packs. Which is why taking the Big Y may be a better route it you want the most recent haplogroup with new SNPs waiting to become new haplogroup branches. If you are R-ZZ12_1, there is no need to take the DF27 SNP pack. DF27 is an ancestor of ZZ12_1. DF27 is tricky to test, but there is no need to test for it if you would to be positive for one of its descendants.
David Reta
February 10 @ 3:02pm
Also, for the kit manager of Manuel Sosa, the 12 and 24 generation estimates are likely from the TiP tool. I would disregard those as they are just based on the marker differences where some known to be more likely to change than others. In your case, I don't see that upgrading would help. Most of your few matches have not upgraded either. Trying to target other Sosa to test would be better or looking at your autosomal DNA matches (Family Finder) and see if there any candidates for YDNA testing. They can then match you. In my own YDNA test, I have zero matches at all levels. I recently got a half second cousin to test. In a few months I should have a match. While our connection is known, I can then use his autosomal DNA to triangulate other potential distant cousins down the road.
Raul Garza
February 14 @ 4:03pm
Let me see if you are one of my matches. We have the same haplogroup. Mine went from M-269 to ZZ12_1 also.
Raul Garza
February 14 @ 4:11pm
I have a Mr. Reynaldo Garza Sr. as a match.
Raul Garza Raul Garza has a question!
February 14 @ 3:43pm
Where does A2p1 originate. I only have 3 matches? It says Mexico, but from what group? Never mind, I checked Results.
Manuel Sosa Manuel Sosa has a question!
February 4 @ 2:26pm
ok what list is everyone looking at? I'm a bit confused as everyone keeps referring to their name in a list and i can't seem to find any list...
David Reta
February 10 @ 3:03pm
I'm not sure which list you are referring to. Perhaps the DNA Results page at the left side of this activity feed. Results for YDNA and mtDNA are grouped there. Or perhaps you mean some people were talking about their Gedmatch list of matches?
Clemencia (Marty) Torres Clemencia (Marty) Torres
February 5 @ 12:43pm
So when did GedMatch start charging for their use?
George Aguilar
February 5 @ 4:48pm
They all start to charge eventually. Internet companies start with the motto of Free love! Be Empowered! It changes in a year or so to; Pay or Die.
David Reta
February 10 @ 2:34pm
Gedmatch remains free. You must be looking at one of their Tier 1 tools which they charge for. Check again and you will see the free tools in there.
Ricardo de la Rosa Ricardo de la Rosa
February 10 @ 12:18am
marriage record of Agustin de la Rosa de Dunquerque nación flamenca with Juliana Rodriguez Montemayor
David Reta
February 10 @ 2:27pm
Interesting. I wonder why they stated "Nacion Flamenca" given that Dunkirk should be part of France at that point in 1755. In English Nacion Flamenca would be the Flemish Region. It is in Belgium which is near Dunkirk, France.
Ovidio Gonzalez Ovidio Gonzalez
January 27 @ 4:28pm
My brother is Ovidio Gonzalez, son of Nestor, grandson of Luis, greatgrandson of Nestor... I submitted his DNA for YDNA testing. He is Haplogroup T-M70.
January 23 @ 5:34pm
Hello! I just sent my request for the facebook group. My Gedmatch is H068865. Does anyone have any DNA in common? Thank you!
Sidronio Alejandro Sidronio Alejandro has a question!
January 23 @ 3:38pm
My last name is Alejandro. I do not see it listed in the Surnames Section . My Uncle and I are: Juan and Sidronio Alejandro. We have both joined this DNA Project