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Tedford DNA project

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About us

We all know the surname TEDFORD, TELFORD, TILFORD is not common therefore it has for many years been believed that we of that name were relate.  

Genetic DNA testing is now proving not all of us are related with this surname and it's various spellings. We are for the first time in history finding answers in Y-DNA genetic genealogy testing.

With the use of our YDNA and atDNA surname project we now have the means to prove connections.   Many genealogist run into brick walls from public records being lost or destroyed by fire or some other calamity.

Are we related to Tedford, Tilford, Telford,Telfer, Thetford, Thedfdord families in Scotland, Ireland and England or Europe?  We are searching for  males residing in Scotland, North Ireland, Ireland or the UK to Y-DNA test and represent your family line to participate in the project.  Please contact Administrators Janet Burks and Ted Tedford for details.

Our surname project is participating in the Family Finder autosomal DNA test.  Both males and females can take the test.  If you have a male or female Tedford-Tilford-Telford  ancestor in your lineage tree down to seven generations it will show you cousin matches both paternal and maternal.  You are welcome to join our Y DNA project!

We recommend the Y-37 marker test for best results in this project.

We now are including the surnames Telfer, Thedford, Thetford and those surnames are welcome to test in with this project.

Please contact us for more information. 

Project volunteer Administrators:

Janet Burks email:

Ted Tedford email: