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Tate YDNA Project

  • 164 members

About us

The spreadsheet of Y-DNA STR results separated into the various haplogroups and subgroups (lineages) is the main part of this project. Under the Y-DNA Results tab, scroll down to the item labeled "Colorized". Note that variations between individuals are shown relative to the average value within the group. If an individual's value is above the average, it will be colored a shade of red (hotter) and if below it will be colored a shade of blue (colder). The more intense the color, the greater the variation from the average.

The table of members' SNP markers may be seen by scrolling down the Results pull-down menu to "SNP".

Since FTDNA doesn't provide a specific page for displaying family lineages, these are shown under Results for those who have submitted such information.
Information exchange and cooperative research between project members is now provided on this site using the Activity Feed link to post messages.