Tate YDNA Project

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About us

This project has three specific goals:

1. To distinguish between the various Y-DNA family lines in all haplogroups and all reasonable spelling variants of the surname (Tate, Tait, Taitson, Teate, Tayte, etc).

2. To help members locate Y-DNA matches sharing the same or similar surname.

3. To help members learn more about their family's origin and history.

To do this, we need to know not only your Y-DNA information, but also information about your lineage from your oldest known male-line ancestor. This can be done through a lineage chart, family group sheets, or a gedcom (.ged) file generated by a genealogy program.

To see family lineages with members' FTDNA ID numbers, click on "About" on the left side of the page, then "Results".

If your Tate family is not listed, please provide information about them, along with your email address and kit number, to the project administrator (Les Tate, LRTATE@LIVE.COM).