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About us

The goals of the Talley-Tally Y-DNA Project are to:

(1.) To test descendants with the surname Talley (and variant spellings) to help determine relationships among the various family groups.

(2.) To test all descendants who suspect they have descended from a male Talley on their all male line. This includes those persons who descend from male Talley slave masters as well as persons whose surnames may have been changed with an adoption or who were given a different surname due to an illegitimate birth or for any other reason. As long as a person has Talley (and variant spellings) genes along their all male line (top line of a pedigree chart), they are welcome to join this project.

(3.) To provide another method of breaking down our genealogical brick walls.

(4.) To assist researchers in finding genealogical cousins with whom they can join forces to further their lineage. To date, the Talley-Tally DNA project participants represents many ancestral lineages. The oldest known ancestor of these participants can be found beside the kit # on the Y-DNA results tab page. Many Talley-Tally lineages still need representation in the Project. The following lineages may be pieces of the puzzle DNA is helping to solve. I

If these ancestors are or could be yours please join our Project.  We welcome any other lines of Talley (and variant spelling) as well.

Descendents of William Talley 1693, Delaware
Descendents of Edward & Elizabeth Talley 1696, Gosport, Hampshire, England
Descendents of William & Mary Townsend Tally 1719, St. John's Parish, Barbados
Descendents of Alexander Talley 1735, British Land Grant Holder in Queensborough Township, Craven Co., SC
Descendents of John & Sarah Edghill Talley 1747, St. John's Parish, Barbados
Descendents of John & Christian Guy Talley 1773, St. John's Parish, Barbados
Descendents of Thos: & Mary Ann Axham Talley 1786, St. John's Parish, Barbados

We are interested in testing Talleys living outside of the U.S., as well, and especially those who descend from Talleys (and variant surnames) who currently or once lived in the U.K., the Republic of Ireland and other Western European countries.  Please know that I adhere to the GDPR law (General Data Protection Regulations).