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The Talley-Tally DNA Project is an ongoing project open to any MALE DESCENDANT WITH THE TALLEY OR TALLY SURNAME (OR VARIANT SPELLINGS) Our primary objective is to try to identify and tie together the numerous Talley families to assist in proving our relationships. Current participants' results can be viewed on our website. Men having Y-DNA testing done should have a Talley or variant surname, or have reason to believe they are Talley by paternity. Both men and women who have taken the Family Finder test are welcome IF THEY MATCH A TALLEY/TALLY, ETC. LINEAGE, but tools are limited at the project level for Family Finder. If you do not carry the Talley-Tally (and variants) surname, but are related and are interested in researching the lineage, please email me directly at: aulicino@hevanet.com No less than 37 Y-DNA marker test is recommended for the project as this puts the matching within a good genealogical time frame. If money is not an issue, please consider the Y-67 or 111 tests. Please note it is imperative that you set your Most Distant Direct Paternal Ancestor with name, some time frame and some geography in your account. You can access this configuration setting from your My Account tab. **** When you submit your Join Request, please include your all-male Talley (variant spelling) lineage, your kit number, and the information on the Most Distant Ancestor you have proven in your Talley (and variant) line. **** Every member is to provide their all-male lineage from the oldest PROVEN all-male line (Talley or if there is a name change, use that all-male line) to themselves in the format below. Please include all the detail for dates, locations and spouses names as given names that appear in many Talley lineages are the same. 1. John Tally, d. ca 1740 in Amelia Co, VA; m. ca 1708 to Anne (Anna) b. ca 1691 VA. 2. Abraham Tally, b. 2 Sep 1721 Bristol Parish, Prince George Co, VA; d. ca 1784 Mecklenburg Co, VA; m. Sarah UNKNOWN, b. ca 1723 VA; d. bef 1783 Mecklenburg Co, VA 3. Peyton Tally, b. ca 1752 VA; d. 1800 Mecklenburg Co, VA; m. ca 1777 pos. Halifax Co, VA to Elizabeth Gresham, b. ca 1758 VA; d. bef 1801 Mecklenburg Co, VA 4. William Talley, b. ca 1779 VA; d. 19 or 20 Dec 1839 Monroe Co, MO; m. ca 1800 to Judith Wilson, b. ca 1775 Halifax Co, VA; d. Dec 1867 MO 5. etc.... Once this information is received, you will be able to join. I do NOT have the time to do your genealogy, but will check my database to see if I have additional information for you.. Please contact me for further information. aulicino@hevanet.com