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About us

        Taino Descendants of Puerto Rico is associated with Descendants of Puerto Rico's First Nation (DPRFN).  DPRFN only accepts Puerto Ricans or descendants of Puerto Ricans who can prove an indigenous heritage to Puerto Rico either through DNA or vital statistics.  Therefore, the goal of the Taino Descendants of Puerto Rico is to identify as many people of Puerto Rican ancestry who can prove they have indigenous roots from Puerto Rico.  The goal then expands to recruiting as many of these qualifying individuals into the DPRFN.  Moreover, the goal of DPRFN is to ultimately achieve federal recognition with the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs, in order to secure our Native American prosperity, identity and culture through the "Native American Repatriation Act of 1990" which only recognizes federally recognized tribes.  Additionally, to also secure federal funds for housing, education, and medical benefits for the poor and elderly Taino descendants from Puerto Rico.  Other goals of DPRFN is to revitalize our native culture through seminars that teach how to make Taino pottery, bead work, bow making and the Taino language. DPRFN is not subversive to the United States or Puerto Rico, it does not support any political party, nor does it discriminate against one's religion.  Find DPRFN on Facebook by typing Descendants of Puerto Rico.