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About us

TainoDescendantsofPR is searching for those Puerto Ricans or Puerto Rican descendants of parents or grandparents from Puerto Rico having American Indian origins. Affiliated with "Descendants of Puerto Rico's First Nation" who are also accepting Puerto Ricans who can prove Amerindian ancestry from Puerto Rico. DPRFN has a Facebook page that can be visited by searching "Descendants of Puerto Rico." DPRFN offers free seminars in pottery, bow making, and Taino language lessons to members towards revitalizing our indigenous culture. Contact info is www.dprfn@gmail.com. DPRFN is the only Taino group who's members can prove indigenous ancestry from Puerto Rico whether through DNA or vital statistics. DPRFN is non-subversive to the United States/Puerto Rico, and supports no political party and does not discriminate against one's religious beliefs. The goal is to acquire federal recognition with Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to protect our cultural identity. We're against establishing gambling facilities but in favor of acquiring our ancestral prosperity through the "Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990" to have ancestral remains and artifacts return to us by museums, including re-acquiring public lands to establish timber and fishing industries to improve quality of life and the economy of Puerto Rico. DPRFN favors federal funds for housing, education, and medical care to assist our poor but we must first receive federal recognition. We hope you'll join us in this historic endeavor as Taino descendants who's ancestors first encountered Columbus.