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About us

This project is for anyone with mtDNA belonging to Haplogroup T2. Nearly 10% of Europeans can trace their maternal ancestor to Haplogroup T.

On 16 September 2010 a manuscript based on 450 full mitochondrial sequences for T haplogroup was submitted to a journal for possible publication. This paper on the T_FGS study was accepted for publication in December 2010 by the Journal of Genetic Genealogy, complete text can be found here: 

This paper has created a more detailed phylogenetic chart based on the full genetic scan results. The complete list of defining SNPs can be found here:
The authors have been able to identify and name many previously unnamed subgroups of mtDNA Haplogroup T. They have also been able to use genetic diversity within several of these subgroups to estimate their ages. Regarding possible geographical origins for these subgroups, despite the relatively large number of samples that were worked with, they think that it will take far more samples before reliable conclusions can be drawn.

If you are a T2 and you have also completed the Full Sequence (FMS) test, we would also like to have you as a member of the T_FGS Project. Please also keep your membership in this T2-group, for the benefit of exploring the T2-group.

Have you done the Full Mitochondrial Sequence (FMS)? Are you still “just” T, T2, T2b – or other undefined groups? In order to find new subclades, please also consider donating your sequence to research. Read more.

Subclades and Coding Region results
The T2-project will assign members to subclades according to these research results. However, without the full mitochondrial sequence (FMS) results it may not be possible to put your results into a subgrouping other than T2. If you have done a Full Sequence test (FMS) it is helpful for us if you open up your Coding Region results to be viewed by project administrators. It is your choice whether you permit us to look at your FMS results, but these are most often necessary to assign you to subclades. Only in very rare cases do these reveal any potential medical issues, and most testers choose to include these for mitochondrial DNA-project administrators. Your results, of course, will remain absolutely confidential. To open these:

  1. log in with your kit number and password
  2. go to Manage Personal Information and the tab called: Privacy & Sharing
  3. scroll down to the T2-project on the list
  4. tick/check the box to show CR-results for the T2-project
  5. click "save" at the bottom of the page

Ancestral Information
mtDNA is inherited strictly through the direct maternal line. To learn more about the origins of the various subclades of mt-haplogroup T, it is important that all T2-members fill in their ancestral information under Plot Ancestral Location. Enter full name, appr years of birth/death, place, county and country. If unknown because of adoptions or other, please explain under "maternal ancestor" in "User Preferences". Also note that your direct maternal ancestor is the name of your mother's mother's mother etc, through a female line only - it is always a woman. Please also plot the location of this direct maternal ancestor on the map.

We will be updating the "country of origin" if entered in your user information on the mtDNA results webpage. If you have questions, feel free to contact the group administrators.

Connecting to other mtDNA T members

There is a Facebook mtDNA T-discussion group where anyone can sign up and ask questions.