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                                        Sutton, Sutton-Dudley, etc DNA Project

This global DNA project is primarily a Y-DNA surname project for males with the surname SUTTON and its various spellings (e.g  SITTON, SITTEN, SUTTEN, SEUTON, SEUTEN, SETTUNE, SUTTUNE, de SUTTONE etc). This Project also includes SUTTON-DE SOTTO-DUDLEY lines including the additional surnames: de NEUVILLE, DUDLEY, MANNERS, MONTAGUE, NEVILLE and TEUTON.  Maternal mtDNA Sutton etc lines and autosomal DNA Sutton etc lines are also welcomed.  To enjoy the benefits of this project, including its built-in discount, we require your Sutton etc. lineage data.  These data are crucial for pairing with DNA results.  For new donors please be sure your DNA sample is in the hands of FTDNA.  For DNA uploads from other companies major benefit is gleaned by unlocking the Chromosome Browser that also includes Ancient Origins and MyOrigins.  

Note:  There is also a separate DUDLEY DNA project for those Dudleys that don't fit with the Sutton-Dudley Castle group.  There is also a new "Sittons of North Carolina" project. Those persons with a Sitton lineage should join both the Sutton and Sittons of NC projects.

The Sutton name derives from Balderich Le Teuton (Baldericus Teutonicus). 



The three primary tests for genealogy are:  Y-DNA for your paternal line; mtDNA for your maternal line; and, Family Finder autosomal DNA test for distant relatives:

**Y-DNA is for your direct paternal line - your father, his father, his father's father etc straight up the male line. Only a male can Y-DNA test. Y-DNA12 markers is more for anthropology; DNA matches can be long before surnames came into existence.  With all the inroads made in the DNA field in recent years, Y-37 is now considered  bare minimum; Y-67 markers is now regarded as entry level and Y-111 even better.  We have now advanced past Y-111 markers with BigY500 markers top notch for drilling down to deep ancestry. 
**mtDNA is for your direct maternal line - your mother, her mother, her mother's mother etc on up the female line. Both a female and male can test for this line. mtDNA is for low-resolution; mtDNAPlus is for the better high-resolution. Full Gnome (aka mtDNA Mega) is the "whole enchilada"--any match at this level is a relative. 

**Family Finder tests 563,800 autosomal SNPs and 15,789 X chromosome SNPs. Both males and females can take this test. It is invaluable in identifying distant relatives, helping adoptees and breaking through brick-walls.  It does not provide your genetic paternal or genetic maternal line ancestry

DNA testing for genealogy is nothing more than a couple good swabs of saliva from inside the cheek in the privacy of your own home. To see a sample DNA kit visit:  .  Also, be sure to visit: 


 NOTE: If you submitted your DNA to the Genographic Project PLEASE remember to download your results to FamilyTreeDNA and join the appropriate Surname Project. There are many additional benefits to enjoy with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), particularly genealogy related. (Geno2 helix is not compatible.)

For those of you who have tested your autosomal DNA at  23&Me, MyHeritage &or Ancestry you are encouraged to upload those results to FTDNA at:  familytreednacom.  This will afford genetic matches and new relatives from FTDNA's entirely independent, large database. 

In 2007, FTDNA opened a multi-lingual office, iGENEA, in Zurich that offers customer support and news in Spanish, French, Italian, German and English, while providing local shipping and payment in common European currencies.

This is an interesting and fun site to learn about DNA for genealogy:


Note: FTDNA Project Administrators are volunteers who welcome the opportunity to help advance project genealogy and DNA.