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About us

This international project is primarily a Y-DNA Sutton (and variants) surname project. Sutton descendants regardless of the numerous spellings (e.g., Sitton, Sitten, Sutten, Setton, Seuton, Seuten, Settune, Suttune, de Suttone etc), are welcomed. This includes the Sutton-DeSotto-Dudley lines.(Note: There is also a separate Dudley DNA Project. a separate Montague DNA project, and a Sitton's of North Carolina DNA Project.) Our aim is to identify all the various family lines in this project, link those that match, and prove/disprove our genealogy theories. We encourage all Sutton etc. researchers to join this most valuable and proven project. The study requires submission of your known Sutton etc. lineage that is essential to pair with ones DNA results.. Also, please ensure your DNA has been processed by the FTDNA laboratory; this includes those persons uploading autosomal DNA from other companies to FTDNA. Please join our growing Sutton family in making this Project a tremendous success!