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News release dated May 2015:
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     For the detailed workbook, join the Yahoo TMRCA forum at Under files, see 'aaa CTS4466 paper and workbook 11252015 - not for public use'

The Sullivan project is drawing from our resources in base Haplogroup research which is being undertaken by the 4466& South Irish project and TMRCA Case Studies forum.  Those with Sullivan surnames and ancestry are represented in a wide variety of base Haplogroups.  The basic research being done is absolutely reusable for every one of these base Haplogroups for the Sullivans.

Based on the successful research of the CTS4466 (with my paper being due approximately in June 2015), a family's adoption of a surname may have been more related to the group with whom a family was associated rather than their yDNA connection.  We are conducting research on the surname TMRCA Case Study projects including the Sulllivan surname as one of the initial projects selecting those Sullivans who are Z253 and Z255.

The related TMRCA calculations and phylogenetic base haplotype relationships are based on work from Dr. Anatole Klyosov.

Papers in progress:

-Forensic yDNA research of the 4466 South Irish Base Haplotype - CTS4466 TMRCA Case Study (due approximately in June 2015)

-Forensic yDNA research of the Sullivan and other Eoganacht Chaisil surnames (including McCarty) - Eoganacht Chaisil Surname TMRCA Case Study (in progress)

-Forensic yDNA Case Studies - support for other base Haplogroups.

-Eoganacht sept name variants and base haplotypes

Also see related projects: FTDNA Eoganacht septsSullivan and TMRCA Case Study

Eoganacht septs website describes the relationship between Eoganacht surnames, 4466+ and the South Irish base haplotype

Related forum: TMRCA Case Study - you are welcome to join and ask questions

We also welcome all R-L21 members, as well as any other members who are serious about the research of their yDNA ancestry.  The TMRCA Case Study research group includes all FTDNA members.

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