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Michael Sullivan Michael Sullivan has a question!
April 30 @ 10:28pm
Kit number283806 (M269. It says needs lower level SNP testing. How do I determine which SNPs I need? Thank you
Russell Sullivan
May 9 @ 7:07pm
Be patient, Michael, I've not forgotten you. But, as you've already deduced, yours is a particularly interesting result. So, I've enlisted some more experienced expertise to help me.
Russell Sullivan
May 19 @ 7:10pm
Still looking.
Michael Sullivan
10 hours ago
Kit 283806. Most of my father's family history is centered around the area where Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia connect. I did have communication from a lady living in Florida whose mother's DNA connected to mine but she has no more info other than that Sullivan branch was mostly located in the Bergen, New Jersey, and some in the New York area. She has since cancelled her membership in Ancestry so I am at a dead end. There was a John in her line that might have been my great grandfather, but no verification
Michael Sullivan
10 hours ago
Thank you
John Sullivan John Sullivan
May 28 @ 9:41pm
I manage my brother's kit number 931297. We are hoping to solve our brick wall. Jesse Sullivan, born 1780 Baltimore, Md, died 1842 in Reading, Hamilton County, Ohio. Family story is that his family were Scotts-Irish. The one match with him is with a John Thornton Sullivan, born 1820 in Virginia. We cannot figure out the connection. Would appreciate any help and suggestion including any further testing we may need to do. Thank you in advance.
Ronald Howie
May 28 @ 11:28pm
His closest match is DF19 which is an area that I know nothing about it. I moved his Y-DNA Results to the DF19 section. Contacting his DF19 match might be helpful. Also adding the family finder test to his and or your own DNA could maybe come up with some other folks who might match. The family finder test is most helpful for the last few hundred years or so. Getting both of you tested could identify some folks who might match only one of you. I have noticed that happening among the test results of my relatives. Joining the R1b-P312 group or the R1b and Subclades group could get the aid of somebody like Mike Walsh who knows more that I do about the DF19 section. The family finder test might be going on sale again for father's day and on the next holiday.
John Sullivan
May 29 @ 10:40am
Thank you so much for your input. We have both been tested on other sites, but my atDNA is also on FtDNA. I will definitely check into the R1b-P-312 group. This is all new to me!
Deborah Gellerson Deborah Gellerson
October 24 @ 6:31am
Anyone here know if they are a relation to this baseball player, Big Mike Sullivan? The article indicates that he is a cousin to my Great Grandfather, John W. Sullivan of Portland, Maine. If so, perhaps you could check to see for any matches to me or to my brother who Ydna tested, Rick Sullivan. Thanks! This is a little more information: Below is a sketch of Michael Joseph "Big Mike" Sullivan (1870-1906), a Major League baseball pitcher who played at least one season for the semi-pro or New England League Portland team. This is from the Daily Eastern Argus (Portland) 29 June 1895. Mike was a pitcher for the Washington Nationals (1889), Chicago Colts (1890), Philadelphia Athletics (1891), New York Giants (1891, 1896-97), Cleveland Spiders (1894-95), and Boston Beaneaters (1899). He led the National League in win-loss percentage (.750) in 1892. Mike was a cousin to John W. Sullivan, a prominent grocer and city councilor in Portland and great-grandfather of our member Deb Sullivan Gellerson. Mike was born in Boston, son of Galway immigrants Patrick Sullivan (1839-1916) and Winnifred Joyce Sullivan, and the grandson of Lawrence J. Sullivan (1799-1904) and Barbara O'Malley (1820-1892) who died in Boston. Played for the Nationals! He later became a Boston attorney. Lawrence Sullivan died in 1904 in Boston, aged 104 years, 4 months, 9 days! His parents were Michael Sullivan and Anastasia O'Malia, according to his death record. The Portland Sullivans were said to have been from the Parish of Ross, County Galway...
Gary Sullivan (O'Sullivan MhicRaith)
October 24 @ 9:15pm
Deborah, may I share this on the O'Sullivan Clan of Munster Facebook page?
Deborah Gellerson
November 12 @ 11:45am
Yes, Gary, of course!
Paul Sullivan
April 16 @ 10:10pm
He is my first cousin three times removed. Lawrence Sullivan was my Greatgreat Grandfather and was from Derryrush, County Galway in Ireland. Barbara (O'Melia) O'Malley was from Rosmuc, County Galway which was 9 miles south of the Derryrush farmland.
Paul Sullivan
April 16 @ 10:31pm
Question, who was John W. Sullivan's father? John W. is not coming up on my records. If you have info (Birth death etc) please send along. My Great Grandfather was Michael Sullivan (Uncle to Big Mike).
Angela Gawthorpe Angela Gawthorpe
February 13 @ 1:02am
Are any of you in the Sullivan/O'Sullivan descendants of the Beara Peninsula of Ireland Facebook group?
Ann Marie Kennedy
February 17 @ 7:44am
My Kit Number is MI21820 on Family TreeDNA
Mark Dunham
February 20 @ 11:19am
Hello Beara Sullivans, I am an A6508 proven member of West Beara, per Big Y and the CTS4466 project. I won't show as such on FTDNA since I tested with YSeq, and don't like paying for loads of STR tests. I am a 1952 NPE in America due to donation, and can trace back to emigrants from Ireland during the potato famine via Autosomal results. I will visit Cork and Beara for the first time ever on April 25 -29, so hoping to meet up with a few cousins there. Checing Facebook now. RSVP
Mark Dunham
February 20 @ 11:21am
My minimal STR-25 results are posted under B73814 in a Y search
Ann Cush
February 24 @ 7:34pm
Yes my mothers mother was Catherine Sullivan-Harrington. Catherine aka Katie was born 1852 . Her parents Mark and Anna Sullivan were in USA 3 children Eugene and Mortimer and Catherine in USA. Around 1857 returned to Dursey Island and had 2 more kids. You are on my mother’s Mtdna. Ann Cush
Richard Sullivan Richard Sullivan
December 2 @ 6:12pm
My Sullivan brother's Y 67 dna test shows 3 matches at the 67 level. One genetic distance 2, one 5, one 6. I don't know how to go any further with the research, but if there is a genetic distance of 2 and the charts say this is tightly related.. then to the chart that says distance of 2 is probably around the 1700 time frame. So, if this person that tested says they have a relative Patrick O'Sullivan b.1794 d.1849, then (assuming this is a researched line), this Patrick Sullivan or his father, should conceivably be my connection? I can only prove back to 1823 with my line. So, what's the next step here?!
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Deborah Gellerson
December 14 @ 12:34pm
Thanks, Ronald. It's kit 302315
Deborah Gellerson
January 15 @ 5:54pm
Hi Ronald Howie... did you get a chance to look at the Y results on my brother, Richard Sullivan? Thanks!!
Ronald Howie
February 9 @ 4:00am
Looking at his STRs, I would guess that he will be in the S5488 section of DF21.
Ronald Howie
February 10 @ 11:47am
I moved his kit to be next to the DF21 folks.
Andrew Sullivan Andrew Sullivan has a question!
January 9 @ 3:29pm
Dear Admins, I see my Kit B441279 is the very first one listed on the DNA results chart. Guess I can brag about being first at something :-) Actually my question is that the category is listed in the "Greg Hocking Ancestral Project" What does this mean? Is there anything additional that I can do to support the project? I know that I share a lot of Autosomal DNA with folks from the Sheepshead Peninsula, I'm working on understanding my Beara roots and know that I have connections on my paternal grandmothers side to Dublin and environs. I have 17 Big Y matches. Thanks for listening
Russell Sullivan
February 8 @ 10:55pm
Andrew, are you a member of the Hocking Project here on FTDNA?
Andrew Sullivan
February 9 @ 7:55pm
Russel, No I have not signed up for that group. My BigY700 matches for R-S15280 has grown from 17 to 18 recently. Most are Ireland, a couple England and 1 Scotland, which is not a surprise. What is a bit of a surprise is that none of them share a surname with me, nor any surname from my direct tree. I would like to gain a better understanding of my DNA cousins. I will be going to the Sheepshead peninsula in my for a Sheepshead cousins DNA reunion with a Sullivan focus. It would be nice to have a better understanding of my Y DNA before showing up. Thank you.
Kevin Sullivan
February 10 @ 10:17am
Have you clicked on the "Block Tree" button on your home page? - That will create a tree for you (that will include R-S15280) - you may find that useful.
Shawn Alladio Shawn Alladio
February 8 @ 1:20pm
Thank you for allowing me into the group! My Kit No. B253700 This is the O'Sullivan line I come from. Thank you to the Admins!
John Sullivan                10/5/1935 John Sullivan 10/5/1935 has a question!
December 13 @ 6:53pm
Joe Sullivan Joe Sullivan
December 2 @ 2:20pm
Another question: on the chart, my results are in the "Ungrouped" group. Is this because my results don't match any other group in the Sullivan/O'Sullivan group, or only because my results haven't been grouped yet? (Still learning!)
Ronald Howie
December 12 @ 3:29am
You can be ungrouped whenever you join a group, or you need to be moved to a an existing sub branch. In your case, I had to create a special branch just for you upstream from my branch as we belong to a brother of L270 where a lot of the Sullivans are located.
Joe Sullivan Joe Sullivan
November 29 @ 6:52pm
On the DNA classic results chart, my number is listed with the "paternal ancestor name" and "origin" columns blank. I know both of those, and had thought they were added when I added the GEDcom for my tree. How do I add them now? Thanks
Russell Sullivan
December 2 @ 8:45am
From the menu options at the top of your home page, select "myPROJECTS." This will give you a list of the projects you've joined. At the top of that list, select "genealogy." This will put you on the page that will allow you to update your ancestor's name/location by selecting "Earliest Known Ancestors" from the two choices at the top of that page. Your path is MyPROJECTS> manage myPROJECTS> GENEALOGY> Earliest Known Ancestors -----> then, make your selections.
Joe Sullivan
December 2 @ 2:15pm
Thank you!