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Ronald Howie Ronald Howie
20 hours ago
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Kevin Sullivan Kevin Sullivan
June 20 @ 3:22pm
There sure are a lot of unconfirmed haplogroup results in our results spreadsheet. Is being an R-M269 even helpful at this point?
Ronald Howie
June 22 @ 12:17pm
Sometimes a person can show a match to a SNP down the tree and some are like my step dad who took quite some time with the Y111 and the Big Y Test to see one match. Ronnie
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June 22 @ 7:48am
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Jim Cobbs
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June 18 @ 9:40pm
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William OSullivan
June 11 @ 5:25pm
Hi, I am new to the group. Unfortunately, my dna is through my maternal Grandfather so I have no mtdna or ydna to upload here. I have uploaded my Mother's autosomal dna to Her kit is T627097. I am curious as to why her (and my) dna never shows any Irish dna. Unless there has been a nonpaternal event. My tree matches up to some others that show Sullivan lineage, but they could be from the branch that shows no Irish. Or maybe I am using the wrong admixture on gedmatch. Thanks so much.
Ronald Howie
June 15 @ 1:02pm
If you are looking at the different pie charts then you can adjust the percentage and sometimes change from one group to another. I have one sister who would be part eastern Europe and another one that is part middle eastern while another is all western Europe. Yet two got American Indian scholarships. The smaller pieces of the pie can be computer noise according to one paper that I have read. My best use of the testing is figuring out which one is matching certain kinfolks that I might not match. Ronnie
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June 15 @ 12:21am
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Douglas Keefauver
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June 11 @ 5:15pm
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Helen Atton Helen Atton
June 10 @ 5:30pm
Hi! I have traced my father's direct paternal Sullivan line back to John Sullivan born in Kinsale, Cork around 1787. John Sullivan joined the British army in 1803, and had children born in Woolwich, Sydney Australia, Belfast and Manchester. My kit number on GedMatch is A717241. I would be interested to hear from anyone who thinks they may be related.
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June 6 @ 2:59pm
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John McCrohan
John Sullivan John Sullivan
May 31 @ 4:55pm
My cousin and I have been trying to find information about our grandfather, John David Sullivan, who "appeared" in Utah in the mid-1920s. He said his mother died when he was eight, which would have been approx 1894, and his father later remarried a "horrible" woman. He then ran away and was on his own for the rest of his life. He married and had a son, but left them. He then met my great aunt and uncle while they were traveling the US Northwest (criminal activity), and they introduced him to my grandmother. Eventually, they left Utah and came to southern California where they had my two aunts and my dad. That is all we know about his past. My Kit # is available upon request.
Colonel (Ret.) Joseph Sullivan
June 1 @ 4:52pm
Hi John, have you uploaded your DNA to Free to do and lets you match with relatives who tested with other companies.
Colonel (Ret.) Joseph Sullivan
June 4 @ 11:14pm
Is your kit number A823194 on