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About us

Last updated: October 2018

There are only a handful of STOKESBURY lines (and variant spellings such as Stokesberry, Stokesbary, Stretchberry, Stottsberry, Stotesbury, Stuchbury, Stutchbury, Strichbury, Stooksbury, Stookesberry, and others) in the United States. Some of the branches directly from England, some came through Ireland, and some spread clear to Australia. We have been able to tie many of the U.S. branches together, and have begun to figure out where they fit in the larger scope of the family structure, and equally important, we have determined who is not related to whom.

It has been gratifying to make some progress on these issues. For some lines, DNA testing has helped validate research that is already supported by solid documentation. For other lines, it has provided the much-needed scientific proof of a common ancestor, which cannot otherwise be proven due to the lack of extant paper records. For all of us, it may prove to be the only way to tie the far-flung families together.

While we long suspected the origin of the family name was England, it has been the breakthroughs achieved through this DNA project that had confirmed that assumption. So far, we have identified four distinct, unrelated family groups that most likely originated in and around the lost village of Stuchbury, in Northamptonshire, England.

If you descend from a male STOKESBURY (or any variant spelling), or think you might, or wish you did, participating in this DNA project could help your research considerably and provide some much needed proof and direction for further research.

We invite any males with any variation of the surname to participate. The tests are done on the Y-chromosome that is passed from father to son, and he to his son, etc., thus participants must be male and must have the STOKESBURY (or variant) surname all the way up the line. If you are a female and wish to have your line participate in the project--a male cousin, uncle, brother, etc., with the family name, can provide the DNA for your line.

You may also contribute funds to help others who may not be able to afford to participate (click on the "General Fund Donation" link at the left to donate). The general fund is used only for DNA testing of members of our project. No administrative expenses are paid from this fund.

In addition to the participants who have paid for their own tests, I'd like to thank the following people for their donations to the Stokesbury DNA general fund:

Nick Stuchberry, Canada
Liz Stookesberry Myers, CA in memory of Earl Stookesberry
Linda Stokesbury Brennan, MI & LA in honor of J. C. Stokesbury, grandfather
Nancy Offield, MO, in honor of William Harvey Stokesberry, grandfather
Dale L. Lawrence, Sr., OH
Jack Babcock, IA in honor of Ralph, Marguerite & Arvid Stokesbary
Cintra E. Wilcox, TX
Tonia Bolinger Brock, TN
Aaron Palmer, Knoxville, TN
Teri Stokesberry Williams, CA
John A. Stotesbury, Finland
John T. Stokesbury, CN
Geoffrey James Stutchbury, Australia
Jack Stokesberry, IA
Robin E. Stutchbury, Australia
Barbara Stotesbury Dabroski, FL
Clint & Ada Stokesbary, IA
Richard Stotesbury, England
Michael Stooksberry, TN
The Stokesbary Reunion, IA

If you are interested in joining our DNA study, click on the black "Join this group" button at the right top of the page (in the landscape photo). Or contact the project administrator for additional information. No vital body parts are required -- just a simple swab of the inside of the cheek and there is no discomfort at all. We have obtained a discounted group rate that is less than if you ordered your test without joining the group. Plus you get all the benefits of being a member of the group.

We highly recommend that you order a 37-marker or a 67-marker test. If you order the 25-marker test, you can always upgrade later on, but it costs a bit more to do it that way.

When you order your DNA test--you will receive a test kit through the mail. You then follow the simple instructions, and mail the test kit back to Family Tree DNA. It is as simple as that. Results are available in about six weeks, and the project administrator will interpret the results and consult with you. You will be able to contact all of your matches and together, you can continue to work on your family history.

Contact the project administrator for further information or if you have any questions:
Please note that the project administrator is a volunteer who initiated the project and coordinates, interprets and reports findings to the group participants. The project administrator is not an employee of Family Tree DNA and receives no compensation or incentives for her time.