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Y-DNA Surname Project
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About us

Welcome to the Stevenson – Stephenson Y-DNA Project. Our project aims to help separate out the various Stevenson ancestral lineages, and to help members determine which lineage is theirs. If you are a Stevenson-surname male (any spelling variation), or a man who has reason to believe they descend from a Stevenson-surname male, we would love to have you and your Y-DNA test in our project. We also welcome project participants who are men and women who manage a Y test for a Stevenson-surname male. If you have not yet Y-DNA tested, we recommend the ultimate Big Y-700 if it is within your budget, as it provides the most genetic information of all of the existing FTDNA tests. That being said, many of us can meet our goals with a basic Y-37 STR test, or – if you aren’t at all interested in matches – even a simple Family Finder (FF) autosomal test that as a bonus gives men who test (not women) a predicted haplogroup. If you are unable to find a Stevenson-surname male relative to test but you yourself have an autosomal test, you are welcome to contribute to an emerging project we are developing at Wikitree (click to our Links page for a live link). Our public project pages are organized topically: Background - provides some basic information about the project Goals - where our member-supplied lineages appear, with some added notes News - features project updates along with a bit of history Results - explains our public results pages Project Statistics - updates frequently as we add new members, haplogroups, and tests You are welcome to browse our results and goals (lineages) pages to see if you might recognize your own Stevenson family group. Our detailed STR results charts can be reached by selecting DNA Results from the menu on the left. The spreadsheets are provided in two forms: classic and colorized. The colorized results are more detailed, featuring minimum, maximum, and modal values for each STR marker, with color coding for all markers that differ from the mode. Selecting Map allows us to see where the earliest known ancestors (EKA) of each sub-group concentrate geographically, as well as to pinpoint specific member-provided locations for each individual earliest ancestor. The SNPs section displays very granular SNP results for each of our member tests, and is a favorite of our geekier members. Lastly, the Time Tree is a fabulous new tool for everyone. It allows us to select various subgroups/haplogroups and see at what point they might have diverged in the past, based on current time estimates. For someone who once presumed that two Stevenson men are surely more closely related to each other than they are to, say, a Miller, this tool can be a real eye opener. Many of our Stevenson subgroups, even those with roots in the same country, separated thousands of years ago! Switching back to the menu on the left we find Surnames, a list of surname variations included in our project. If we have missed any variations, please let us know! We also have an Activity Feed and Photos for members, as well as a list of helpful Links and FAQs for everyone. Thanks for paying us a visit. We hope you are motivated to take or manage a Y-DNA test that will help you meet your genealogical goals, and help all of our members further their Stevenson – Stephenson research.