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About us

HAVE YOU ORDERED A yDNA TEST KIT FROM FTDNA? Is the test kit on a MALE with the surname of Stevenson or some variant? If the answer is not YES to both questions, contact me at before requesting to JOIN. We are are NOT a site for the Family Finder atdna test. If you are male and your surname is STEVENSON, STEPHENSON, STEVENSEN, STEPHENSEN, STEPHENSSON, STEPHANSEN, STAPHANSON, STAPHENSON, STAFFANSSON, STEFFENSEN, STEVENSE, STEEVENSE, STIVINSON, STINSON, STINSEN, STENSON, STENSEN, STEMSON, STEMPSON, STEINSON, STENSSON, STEENSSON, STANSON, we invite you to join our project. Our member results are ONLY on male swabbers testing y-DNA. If you have tested at Family Finder without also testing y-DNA, please DO NOT request to JOIN this project. If you are female, you can have a male STEVENSON/etc. relative submit a sample for your line. ********To participate, testers will need to share their direct male line ancestry back to the earliest known STEVENSON/etc, living excluded. To view the Patriarchs page of testers who have chosen to share their pedigrees, select the GOALS option in the tabs list above.