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y-DNA Surname Project
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About us

25 Sep 2004 - the STEVENSON Surname Project was announced.

1 May 2014 - Curry Walker assumed co Administrator role
20 Oct 2014 - Karen Carlini assumed co Administrator role

1 Nov 2014 - revised Patriarchs page released

22 Aug 2015 - the FTDNA MyGroups format was activated.

25 Aug 2015 -view STR Results activated.

1 Sep 2015 - Paul Stone assumed co Administrator role for I1-Z63+ SNP group

1 Apr 2016 - If a member does NOT list an email address in the FTDNA account Personal profile information, we will delete your membership in the Stevenson WF Surname Project as the Administrator and FTDNA must have a way to contact you.

24 May 2016 -  The Patriarchs Page from the World Families Stevenson DNA site has been added to the GOALS tab in About Us on MyGroups.  Updates will be noted as members submit new information.  

8 June 2016 - removed the Patriarchs tab on the WF Stevenson site

29 Apr 2017 - revised the profile to list requirements to join first.

27 Apr 2018 -  revised the Goal tab with members Patriarchs to remove email and kit owner names from the Pedigree.  This is in response to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  effective 25 May 2018.  

21 May 2018 - revised the Information on how to join the project, removing references to World Families association.rem

22 May 2018 - World Families STR Results turned off and STR and SNP Result displayed from FTDNA on Results tab.
        World Families Results xl spreadsheet with Lineages may be obtained by request to

25 May 2018 -  Bulk email on how to access and set Privacy and Security as well as Group Access settings in the FTDNA account.

13 June 2018 - began sending personal emails to members who still have not updated the Group Access.

7 July 2018 - reminder to the Group Access only members to update or be removed from the project.  

7 July 2018 -  edited the Patriarchs information under the GOALS tab to reflect the change in format on the Results pages.  Lineages groups that had been assigned by the World Families groupings are no longer visible in the Result, only Haplogroups with SNP groups done by co administrator Paul Stone. 

1 Aug 2018 - deleted 5 members who had not updated Administrator access to Limited or Full. 

15 Aug 2018 - dated 1 Aug 2018, received announcement from FTDNA concerning re-naming of Access levels to Project Administrators in the members Personal Information option.  Under Genealogy Tab, the following have been changed but the access level remain the same: Minimal Required (formerly Group Project Access Only); Limited (Recommended) and Advanced (formerly Full Access) 

15 Aug 2018- Background tab was revised to indicated to join under Join Request, must first sign into FTDNA account and order test.