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Harry Stevens c/o Deb Stange Harry Stevens c/o Deb Stange has a question!
March 7 @ 6:46pm
My Dad has done a DNA in this group and only closely matches ONE other person. I have gone through the DNA names and have Eliminated many of the Stevens family that Could Possible have been my fathers family. NOW, I am looking to see if anyone has had their DNA done, from the Joseph Lawrence Stephens family from Bourbon County, Kentucky. This Joseph Lawrence Stephens family is one of the families I have NOT been able to eliminate as a possible family relative. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. sandy
Steve Stevens Steve Stevens has a question!
February 23 @ 11:55am
Can anyone assist me? Looking for the person associated with Kit 41863 that lists Hugh Stevens of Horry County, South Carolina as a paternal ancestor and is classified as R-P25. There is a common surname of Stevens and the locality of Horry County, SC.
Mike Stevens Mike Stevens has a question!
February 16 @ 5:39pm
When I check matches at the 37 marker level of the YNDA test, I see that 5 of the 8 men listed do not have the Stevens surname. How can that be if it is a YDNA test?
Eric Stephens
February 23 @ 9:24am
There are two reasons you may have a Y-DNA match with someone with a different surname. It may be that your connection is from a time before surnames were in common use. This is especially likely for groups where surnames were often not adopted until the most recent 100 to 200 years, for example, Scandinavians and Jewish populations. Another reason for surnames not to match is that there has been a surname change in genealogical times. That could be in either your match’s or your own line. The main place that you will see matches with many different surnames is the Y-DNA12 Marker Matches section. The time to a common ancestor for these matches may extend beyond genealogical records and the adoption of surnames. If you continue to match others outside your surname at the Y-DNA37, Y-DNA67, and Y-DNA111 marker level, then there is likely to have been a surname change within the genealogical time-frame. Common causes for this include deliberate name changes and adoptions. For those matches at a higher number of markers (Y-DNA37, Y-DNA67, and Y-DNA111), contacting your matches is the best way to learn more.
Mike Stevens Mike Stevens
February 16 @ 5:36pm
I need help. Not too long ago, I submitted my brother's DNA for the YDNA test. I'm trying to break down my Stevens brickwall. I can verify our line back to Arnold H. Stevens b. 1806 in VT and died 1873 in Knox Co, OH, having lived in Youngstown, Niagara Co, NY in between. I have a great deal of documentary (but circumstantial) evidence that he is the son of Arnold Stevens b. 1767 in Haddam, CT, died 1843 in Chittenden Co, VT. Arnold was son of James Stevens and Lydia Hazelton who were married in Haddam, CT but later moved to Vermont. This James Stevens (1738-1836) can be traced back to John Steevens (sic) of Guilford, CT...the immigrant. In addition to Arnold (Sr), James had 3 additional sons: James, Uzziel, and John. Uzziel and John also went to Knox Co, Ohio and lived in the same neighborhood as my Arnold H. Stevens.
Eric Stephens Eric Stephens
February 2 @ 11:02am
Hi! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Eric Stephens and I have just completed the Y-111 test. I have been researching my Stephens line for over three years now and I have a comprehensive tree on I am attempting to verify through DNA my line going through John Stephens ( BIRTH 1722 • Isle of Wight, England - DEATH 1792 • Rockingham County, North Carolina) . I am fairly confident my line goes through his first wife with the surname of Peyton with one son named William Stephens (BIRTH 1745 • Rockingham County, North Carolina - DEATH OCT 1829 • Garrard County, Kentucky).If this is true, the line can be taken back to Richard Stephens who died about 1588 in England with the help of the book "The Castle-builders: Or, The History of William Stephens, of the Isle of Wight" published by Thomas Stephens in 1759. I have used two other books to get my line to John Stephens, "Russell Co, KY - Hist & Families" and "History of Missouri Baptists". I look forward to any comments, questions or suggestions on verifying my information. I can be reached at
David Stevens David Stevens has a question!
January 31 @ 7:43pm
Looking for a David Stevens who posted on this site. Anybody know him?
David Stevens David Stevens has a question!
January 27 @ 10:00pm
I'm trying to connect with DAVID STEVENS. DAVID and I have all the same surnames, so I assume we are related. Please contact at Linda Stevens.
David Stevens David Stevens
February 9, 2017 @ 5:29pm
Jerry Stevens
February 11, 2017 @ 9:59am
Typewriters invented in the1860's.
David Stevens
January 26 @ 11:37am
That of course is true, but much of the old documents have been typed because of deterioration of of the original form.
Bruce Stevens Bruce Stevens has a question!
January 21 @ 11:46am
Looking for parents of Thomas K. Steven's b 1809 d1887
Steve Stevens Steve Stevens
December 15 @ 9:55am
Kay Stevens Beasock here again.... could any of these matches to my father share a paternal line?
Timothy Stevens
December 17 @ 7:25pm
is john stevens and Isaac stevens brothers? 1795 and 1796
Steve Stevens
December 26 @ 9:56am
No, unfortunately not - trying to make the connection.
Steve Stevens
December 26 @ 9:57am
Bill Bailey and Richard Stevens, what is the likelyhood of these people sharing a paternal line?