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About us

We are looking for male Stephens, Stevens, and Stephin
descendants in America. Each Stephens or Stevens male that takes this DNA test must be Stephens or Stevens father, grandfather,great grandfather back to the oldest known Stephens or Stevens great grandfather. We also would like to include Stephens from other worldwide sites.

We are recommending that if you join this Stephens
mens DNA project that you take the 25 marker test
that has been reduced to $148 for our project.

All men's DNA results will be posted by test kit number at our website above and the results will be
correlated and matched by myself with the help of FTDNA.

If you have questions about this project, please contact me at this email address: or

Bill Bailey, Coordinator Stephens-Stevens project, San Antonio, Texas, 78258 Richard Stevens, Co-Coordinator