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Obviously, the spellings of this surname vary, and so do the Y-DNA test results. Not all of these families descend from the same most distant y-DNA ancestor. Acknowledging those realities, the goal of this project is to use Y-chromosome DNA test results to help Stephens, Stevens, etc., families trace their paternal lines as far back as possible to their actual biological (rather than imaginary) ancestors. We strongly recommend Family Tree DNA's Big Y-700 test as the best and most thorough, reasonably priced Y-chromosome DNA test available. The 37-marker "Y-37" test is a very economical way to begin, however, and is a good place to start. If you have questions about this project, please contact me at this email address: or

Bill Bailey, Coordinator Stephens-Stevens project, San Antonio, Texas, 78258 Richard Stevens, Co-Coordinator