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Stark Families DNA Project
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Most of Stark men who have been Y DNA tested in this project and match others have shared their Stark line. 

These are displayed in group charts on another website: http://homepage.usask.ca/~schmutz/StarkLines.html

The information below on groups 1-4 was provided by the previous Stark project administrator, Clovis LaFleur.

Group 1: Descendants of Aaron Stark [1608-1685] of New London County, Connecticut

Aaron Stark arrived in New England between 1630 and 1637 —  most likely from Scotland or England. He was born about 1608 and died in 1685 in New London County, Connecticut. His service in the Pequot War under Captain John Mason in May of 1637, is the first record we have of him in Connecticut. He eventually settled in New London County, Connecticut in a region that later became Groton Township. Many of the early Stark family researchers had claimed the Aaron Stark family was related to later arrivals to America named Dr. Richard Starke, James Stark of Stafford County, Virginia, and Archibald Stark of New Hampshire. Y-DNA comparisons of members of Group 1 to members of Group 2 — descendants of the later arrivals — have revealed Aaron Stark was not related to these three later arrivals to America.

    Genealogical research suggests all the members of Group 1 are descendants of Aaron Stark [1608-1685]. Aaron Stark had three sons named Aaron Stark (Junior), John Stark, and William Stark (Senior). John Stark had no sons; therefore, there were no known male descendants with the surname Stark to whom he could have passed his Y-DNA.

Group 2: Stark/Starke Families; Descendants of Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland (Killermont Stark Families), also called Des Muirhead

About 75 to 100 years after the arrival of Aaron Stark [1608-1685] in Connecticut, three men with the surnames Stark and Starke arrived in New Hampshire and Virginia. Their names were Dr. Richard Starke of Virginia, James Stark of Stafford County, Virginia, and Archibald Stark of New Hampshire (father of General John Stark of Revolutionary War fame). Earlier genealogical research has not been able to determine if these three men were related. However, independent research of each of these men has suggested the ancestral home of each could have been in or near Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.

    Analysis of the Y-DNA of Descendants of Archibald, James, and Richard has proven their descendants are related and proven all three men were related. It now remains for further genealogical research to determine the identity of their common ancestor.

Group 3: Descendants of Zerubabel Starks [1760-1800] of Robertson County,  Tennessee

Zerubabel Starks was born ca. 1760 and died in 1800. He lived in Virginia and died in Robertson County, Tennessee. His descendants had always thought they were not related to the other Stark families and the Y-DNA results of his descendants clearly confirm this to be a fact. 

Group 4.

These Stark men are descendants of Thomas Stark [1616-1664] who was born and died in England.  He had at least two sons who left Stark descendants:  John Starke (1664-1695) and Thomas Starke (1649-1705).  John immigrated to Virginia and Thomas remained in England.

    The genealogy of #149455 has been confirmed to John Wyatt Starke [1796-?1860?] but the genealogical connection to Col. John Starke has not been found. There is some evidence Col. John Starke is a descendent of Thomas Starke [b. 1689 in Queen & King Co., VA]  and Wilmouthe Williams. The Jorgenson and Harris publication reports some of his descendants moved to Hanover Co., VA and others moved to Fairfield Co., SC.

Group 5:

These Stark men have ancestors from Scotland, but not the same ancestors as those men in other groups

Group 6:

These Stark men are descendants of Thomas Starke (1740-1794) who immigrated to Georgia.

Group 7:

 The Stark men who match each other in this group have ancestors who hail from Germany.  They have not yet identified their common ancestor.


Group 8:

 Heinrich Stark of Germany is the common ancestor of the Stark men who match each other in this group.  His son, Johannes Stark was born in the Pallatinate region of Germany about 1750 and then moved to Pennsylvania.

Stark Men Who Have Been Y DNA Tested and Do Not Match Another Stark Participant

 These Stark men do not yet have another man with the Stark or similar surname that they match by the definitions used by FTDNA for a "close match".  Their lineages are not shown.

Men Who Have Been Y DNA Tested, and Joined this Stark Surname Project but Do Not Match Another Stark Participant

 These men may have a Stark ancestor via a female in their family tree.  The popularity of the Family Finder autosomal test has lead to many people, both men and women, joining the Stark Surname project.  If these men also do a Y test, then their Y DNA results are displayed.  However, they would not be expected to match the Y results of a Stark male or to match each other.