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About us

Surnames: Stark, Starke, Starkes, Starks. The Stark Family Project seeks to find common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. Variant spellings are also welcome. Those who have participated in the Stark Family Y-DNA Project have come from many different lines of descent and nine unrelated groups of project participants have evolved. The Stark Family Y-DNA Project has clearly verified descendants of Aaron Stark [1608-1685] of Connecticut are not related to descendants of Archibald Stark of New Hampshire (father of General John Stark of Revolutionary War Fame); James Stark of Stafford County, Virginia; nor Dr. Richard Starke of York County, Virginia. However, descendants of Archibald, James and Richard are related to each other; although the identity of their common ancestor is not known. These are examples of the benefits of combining genealogical research with Y-DNA testing. Even if a male with the surname Stark doesn’t know their ancestry, a Y-DNA test may reveal their relatedness to one or more of the participants in this project. Click on "Background" for more information