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Hello and Welcome to SmithConnections Northeastern DNA Project,

You have made a substantial investment in your DNA test.  No matter what test you purchased, it will help you make cousin-connections if you enter several details to your FTDNA account page.  Please enter the following details:

  • ~Click the myFamilyTree button on your home Welcome page and enter the details of your family tree.  Do this by uploading a gedcom (click the little gear icon in the bottom right corner) or by entering your ancestors manually.  Keep it updated with new information. This is especially important for FamilyFinder tests. 
  • ~Manage your FTDNA Account Settings. Go to your home Welcome page, click Manage Personal Information orange color link and then, please do the following:
  • ~On the Personal Profile tab, click the Edit Contact Information and make sure there are at least two email addresses.
  • ~Go back to the Personal Profile page and click Edit Surnames.  Add all the surnames you know in your family tree. This is especially important for FamilyFinder tests.
  • ~Go back to the Personal Profile page and click Edit Most Distant Ancestors, yDNA will be a forefather on the test participant's paternal line (father to father to father) and mtDNA will be a foremother on the test participant's maternal line (mother to mother to mother). Click the Add Location button to put these two ancestors on the map.
  • ~Next, please click the Beneficiary Information tab.  Here, please list the name of someone to give your test results to in the event that you can no longer manage your FTDNA account page.  If you have no emergency contact, please enter the administrator for your favorite FTDNA project, such as Administrator for SmithConnections Northeastern
  • ~Finally, on the Privacy and Sharing tab, please set the privacy so your matches can view your information. 
I will be contacting you as your DNA test results are available, but I just wanted to let you know that you are now a member of our DNA Project. We are primarily interested in yDNA tests because we track many Smith families by their paternal lines of ancestry. Thank you for joining us!

I am the administrator for the project and I handle the website side of operations.  My co-administrator, and Smith Researcher Extraordinaire, is Kristina Turner.  Kristina is my communications liaison and she will be contacting you to learn about your Smith ancestry.

Please feel free to contact either Kristina or me if you have questions about our project, or if you would like to jump right in and share your Smith family ancestry so that we can help with your research. As I said, we primarily work with yDNA tests, so if you know your paternal line of ancestry, please send it to us with your kit number. Something like this, starting with your earliest known ancestor, would be very helpful.

1Lt. Samuel Smith (1602 ENG -1680 MA) m. Elizabeth Smith

-2Chileab Smith (1635 MA - 1731 MA) m. Hannah Hitchcock

--3Luke  Smith (1666 MA - 1747 MA) m. Mary Crow

---4Luke Smith (1697 MA -post 1740) m.Sarah?Williams & Sarah Hamilton

----5Eleazer Smith (pre 1745 MA/CT -post 1800 NY) m. Mary______

-----6Noahdiah  Smith (1772 CT - 1849 NY) m. Susannah Sibley

------7Eleazer Noahdiah Smith (1815 NY-1899 OH) m. Catherine Rawson

-------8William Noahdiah Smith (1849 OH -1924 OH) m. Lettitia Clarissa Cass

--------9Floyd Cass Smith (1877 OH - 1975 OH) m. Elizabeth Emilia Kopp

Kitty Cooper-1 Smith, Las Vegas, NV 

Kristina Turner, Northwestern Ohio