Settlers of the 13 A

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About us

To allow people who have taken a Family Finder DNA test a forum where they can perhaps, more easily, compare their results. This will, admittedly, be a complex forum. Any suggestions as to how to organize the data will be welcomed, as will any co-administrators.

Note that there is a Family Finder comparison tool on this site but for some reason it is not visible on the public site. Hopefully it will become visible to members, in the future. Meanwhile we will keep members posted of any criss cross matches in an anonymous fashion. So please note that though you cannot see your FF matches here, you may have some here and we will let you know. For now, this is obviously a "beta" site.

Please also, list all the surnames you know of in your tree, in your FF profile, and upload gedcoms if you have gedcoms.

Also, consider sharing data at hosted by John Olson, where results can also be compared.
Due to the limitations of the FTDNA site in exchanging results, we have also created a Yahoo Group which is only open for members of this group. When you join the Setllers group you can request an invite to the Yahoo group.