Settlers of the 13 A

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About us

The purpose of this site is to give those who have taken the Family Finder test or another autosomal DNA test, and whose ancestors are known or presumed to have been early settlers of the 13 American Colonies, a forum where they can compare their Family Finder results. People who have not taken an autosomal DNA test, but who have taken a Y-or Mt-DNA test are also welcome to join the group but because this is an autosomal DNA group, Y- and Mt-DNA results will not be shown on the public page. Settlers/natives prior to the 13 American Colonies are also welcome to share their results here. This is essentially a test site to see if we can beter compare results in such a forum. See also project goals.

Members of this group can request access to our Yahoo group, which is for members only. At the Yahoo group, we can more easily share data and in privacy and share data that the FTDNA public site is not geared to as to sharing.