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Schoenberg is a toponymic, meaning that the name identifies some town called Schoenberg (=beautiful mountain) where your ancestor lived and which was then used as his surname when he moved somewhere else. Because there are many towns in central Europe with the name Schoenberg, we would expect to find many unrelated families with the Schoenberg surname.

You should join this project if your paternal y-dna surname is Schoenberg, Schönberg, Schoenberger, Schönberger, Schonberg, Schenberg, Scheinberg, or Schainberg.

Famous Schoenbergs include:

NOTE: If you are a member with evident Jewish heritage, unless you indicate otherwise by contacting us, once you join this project we will  join your kit to the FTDNA Avotaynu project, a private* clearinghouse of Jewish genetic data that both assists administrators of Jewish FTDNA projects in comparative analysis and also provides data for scientific research projects.   (*no data is visible to general public or members--only to connected project administrators and researchers).  You are welcome to leave the Avotaynu project at any time.