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About us

* Simply establish mtDNA regional haplogroup distribution for Norway, Sweden and Finland.

To reach this goal we...

* Need to know county or city/village your mtDNA originate to reach the primary goal of haplogroup distribution for each county in each country we need the location. A map plot of all participants also easily show the sample distribution.

* Need to know what timeframe the haplogroup distribution represent, therefore birthyear of your most distant mtDNA ancestor is needed but this is a secondary goal and it will not be pushed. To know the age of the shown haplogroup distribution will give a an idea of what timeframe the haplogroup distribution represent.

Thats all what is needed.

Sample methods used.

1. Naturally joining participants without any advertising effort. Assumed to be unbiased.
2. Equal advertising efforts on all participants in Mitosearch. Assumed to be unbiased.
3. All Mitosearch profiles that has stated city, town, village or county is included into the samples. Duplicate checks is beeing done for all samples.