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Today there have not been done proper regional research for the mtDNA haplogroup distributions in all the regions within Norway, Sweden and Finland. This project aims to change that by simply establishing the mtDNA haplogroup frequencies at regional level revealing possible substructures within regions and between regions both within the country and to neightbouring regions between countries. There is no active participation requirement for this project, however you should know at least the county where your lineage originated according to your own geneological research. Participant names will not be revealed. All participants with mtDNA originating from Norway, Sweden and Finland most welcome! Danes please join the Danish Demes Project.

If you fullfill the geneological requirement but have not yet tested you may order a test kit directly from FTDNA trough this webpage (USD 129) or directly from the Genographic Project (USD 99) and then transfer instantly for free the result to FTDNA. Europeans may order from FTDNA in USA or FTDNA's European branch iGENEA. Your mtDNA geneology MUST originate in one of these countries and you must also know unambigiously what country and county the your ancestor came from, ambigious connections like last names and looks is NOT satisfactory for project participation, else the quality of this project will degrade seriously.

How to join if you have already tested?
1. You can first login normally to your FTDNA account. 2. Click the little blue "Join" button up the right. 3. In the search box "Search for Surname" write "Scandin" and click "Search". 4. In the search result click "ScandinaviamtDNA" 5. Click the "Join" button down to the left and you have joined the project.

What is mtDNA or Mitochondrial DNA?
The mtDNA is herritaged in a strict maternal line (mothers mothers mother and so on) and consists of 16569 base pairs from 1 to 16569. The FTDNA mtDNA low resultion test the hypervariable region 1 (HVR1) from 16001 to 16569 and the high resolution test mtDNAplus tests in addition the hypervariable region 2 (HVR2) from 1 to 580. The full mtDNA test shows all the mutations in the full coding region from 1 to 16569. Your mtDNA test is compared to the CRS - the Cambridge Reference Sequence, the full mtDNA from a british women in 1981 that happend to belong to haplogroup H. If there is a difference between the CRS and your mtDNA it will show as a mutation in your report. If you have no mutation your mtDNA is equal to the CRS.