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About us

The surnames in this Y-DNA Project are researched as part of the Sabey one-name study. Holders of the surname Sabey, Saby, Sabie, Seaby, Sabby, Sabb, Sabbe, Sabye, Saban, Sabin, Sabine, Saabye, Sobey, Sabee Seaboy and all variant spellings are welcome to join wherever in the world you may live or originate from. If your name isn’t listed, we will be pleased to add it.
The main aim in setting up the project is to try to determine common heritage through DNA testing. Also, as the meaning of the surname is uncertain, Y-DNA results may confirm the suggested geographic origin or offer an alternative source and could demonstrate how the surname has evolved.
One branch of the surname which began in Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire has documentary evidence to support the birth of an unnamed illegitimate child to Mary Sabey in 1767. The named father was Francis Elms and the child could be Francis Sabey c1760-1833, who now has multiple descendants. We therefore welcome holders of the surname Elms or Elmes to join the project to test whether Francis Sabey was the illegitimate son of Francis Elms.
The Sabey DNA Project welcomes all participants. We encourage you to join today.
You can learn more about the Sabey surname project by visiting the one-name study web site, or contacting the Group Administrator.