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When you request to join the Saami DNA group, please list your maternal and or paternal DNA haplogroup. The Saami people are one of the most ancient peoples of Europe and Scandinavia and are NOT as believed in popular myth of Asian origin, but are descendants of a narrow, distinctive subset of Europeans. The Saami Anonymous Project try to map Saami genetics in Scandinavia and in Europe, not only of people that today identify themselves as belonging to the Saami culture, but also linages of long ago assimulated Saami or pre-Saami populations. The Saami people of Scandinavia have an ancient history and are among few peoples that can be identified by specific genetic markers especially in the mtDNA. You may join if a) your a Saami b) suspect your Saami from family written or oral history c) DNA result strongly suggest your direct father or mother line was a Saami (Saami motif is satisfactory).