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About us

Welcome to Russia!
RussiaDNA Project is organized for studying haplotypes of Slavic,
and any other people, whose ancestors lived in the territory of medieval: Rus',
Rus Khaganate,
Kievan Rus',
Golden Horde,
Muscovy Kingdom,
Novgorod Republic,
Kingdom of Lithuania;
after it: Russian Empire,
Soviet Union;
and nowadays:
Russian Federation.

But with the course of time the project has grown out of its initial purpose. And all this thanks to MolGen forum support(Russian as common language for any ex-USSR people, English as language for international conversations).MolGen is a forum uniting specialists in DNA genealogy, phylogeneticists, pop geneticists, professional historians andlinguists, and also all the people who are interested in their past in thewidest sense (DNA testing and study, genealogy and history)