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About us

RussiaDNA Project is organized for studying haplotypes of Slavic, Finnic, Baltic and any other people, whose ancestors lived in the territory of ancient: Rus', Rus' Khaganate, Kievan Rus', Golden Horde, Muscovy, Novgorod Republic, Lithuania; after it: Russian Empire, Soviet Union; and nowadays Russian Federation. By joining the project you'll get the possibility to find your genetic cousins, see their test results and compare them with yours. If you'd like to get acquainted with your genetic cousins, you can send a message to them. Also the project provides a map, on which you can watch the distribution of close to you haplotypes and visually conceive their distribution vector. What makes RussiaDNA Project different from other similar projects is that it is supported by phylogenetic specialists of the Molgen forum. Much work has been carried out by them in finding subcaldes in male haplogroups. A lot of branches are already backed by SNPs. Work on finding new and refining already found subclades is still in progress. If you join the project, our forum specialists in Y-DNA phylogeny can help you in studying your haplotype. Welcome to Russia! And our: From Russia with love!