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About us

The goal of the RUSSELL Project is to distinguish between the various Russell ancestral lines through the use of y-DNA testing.  Using the tool of genetic genealogy, we hope to learn more about the similarities and differences between the different Russell lineages, so that ultimately we may better understand our own ancestry.

We also hope that with the genetic genealogy information that is gained, our members will be able to break through their own "brick walls" and delve more deeply into their own personal ancestry.  If you have not yet had an opportunity to post your family tree, please click on "myFamilyTree" on your kit's "Dashboard" to begin.  Reviewing and comparing family trees and genetic markers with our matches is our best hope for learning how we connect.

Russell Project goals can only be achieved if male Russells take the y-DNA test.  To learn about the roots of our various Russell lineages, we must trace back from the individual branches.  If you are a Russell male, please consider taking a y-DNA test.  The Russell Project sponsors many free and reduced tests.  To learn more about our Sponsorships, please visit our News page.

Note:  The man in the graphic above is an imaginary depiction painted by Sir William le Neve in 1626 of a Norman knight representing "Hugo de Rosel."  It was commissioned by Edward Russell, 3rd Earl of Bedford (1572-1627).  It is from the pedigree, much of which is questioned, of the family of Russell, Earls and Dukes of Bedford.  Collection: Duke of Bedford, Woburn Abbey.  Source: Wikipedia.