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Steven Robinson Steven Robinson
January 10 @ 3:54pm
I started my genealogy 25 years ago, and felt alone in doing it. All I could do was work the paper trail upwards, and sift through the massive surname data downwards. Then, FTDNA came along. I progressively tested up to BigY and saw the matches that clearly indicated a family migration from nearly a single parent. It even matched the "story" of the immigration compiled by someone in the late 19th century, although, I was unable to exactly match the related people into a tree since no one had definite data going back far enough. However, now, by combining the matches in FTDNA with the clustering tool on, I was able to build a rough tree that approximates the relationships of all my matches in the project table. I think it's accurate +- 3 generations. Very excited and can't wait to research ancestry for matching trees to fill in the blanks!
Lisa Franklin
January 14 @ 7:10am
If only ancestry trees online weren't 80% erroneous and thereby leading people up avenues of wasted hours of time. Sigh
Steven Robinson
January 14 @ 12:45pm
Yes. For this new tree I am building, I am only including official documentation and screening input. But it is still fraught in this tree, I thought based on my calculations and a self reported try that I have found the correct connection there for George Robinson. And, I may have. But I have three different sources, all of which are based on human recollection, and they are all slightly different. With no other info to go on, I have to try to choose.
Steven Robinson
January 14 @ 12:48pm
One thing I wish was more available are family trees and family bibles from the nineteeth century. Just as we rely on interviewing our grandparents to get our trees started, that information is still based on living memory. I have a great letter in my family from 1900 that outlines a torturous hairball of marriages where widows would married their spouses siblings later in life, and everyone names their kids the same names. It was funny, one guy ended up being his own grandfather through marriage or something.
John Robison John Robison
December 28 @ 4:17pm
I am John Robison, kit 62885 My most distant known ancestor is Manoah Dixon Robison, Robinson, or Robertson who died in Carroll County, GA and supposedly came from the Carolinas.
John Robison
December 28 @ 4:20pm
He died shortly after the Civil War. Three more generations of Robison remained in Carroll County (some are there today) My great grandfather moved to Gwinnett County, GA in 1918. He died there in 1971, leaving two children, my father John Robison who died in Shelburne MA and my uncle Bob Robison who died in Dothan, AL. I have a bunch of matches here but none seem to connect to this line.
ED Robinson
December 29 @ 10:12am
I only had one meaningful connection at Y25. I found 5 more at Y 111. But ruling out family lines is important too and since my family seems to have come from the Carolinas also every bit helps. I do wish they would add a column to help with this. Robinson ancestor between 1750 to 1850 would be just as helpful or more helpful than oldest known.
Don Robinson Don Robinson
December 3 @ 11:41am
Just got my Big Y-700 results which are R-FGC14715. I would appreciate any observations that would help a novice. My kit # is B83706.
Don Robinson
December 18 @ 11:28am
My kit # is B83706
Lisa Franklin
December 27 @ 6:48am
Don, you are part of the (R-M269) Group 10 in haplogroup R. You have several Robinson matches and it looks like at least one group member has multiple participants so I would start by contacting your matches. I always validate their trees myself and in the case of the fellow managing multiple kits, I would look to see what his testing has validated in his particular Robinson lineage. I would also ask the matches to consider doing Big Y upgrades as that will tell all of you in the group so much more about where you connect. And as you are M269, you can see examples of how Big Y can literally build a family tree for you by looking at the Big Y tree for this branch at I would also suggest you upload your data to ytree and look at what haplogroup projects you can join here at FTDNA as those guys really know their stuff and can be a GREAT resource for you! :) Hope this helps and if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email. Sincerely, Lisa
Don Robinson
December 27 @ 11:38pm
Hi Lisa: I sent you an email as you suggested I could. Thanks, Don
David Robinson David Robinson
December 20 @ 9:44am
I am kit number B578831 and my results just posted to the project. Thank! But I'm listed under "ungrouped". The two matches I got are in J - (J-M172) Group 2, so I assume I belong there too. How does this happen?
Lisa Franklin
December 27 @ 6:26am
Holidays, so I'm a bit behind David. Sorry, I will try to get you grouped this week. Sincerely, Lisa
Lisa Franklin
December 27 @ 6:36am
Yes, you are part of J-M172 Group 2, and I added you this morning as I had a minute to take a look. In your match list you have 1 match at 111 markers, and 1 with no data, meaning it is someone who tested to a higher level who has turned off matching at 37 markers or less. So my recommendation would be to upgrade at some point, during a sale perhaps, to 111 markers, or if you can swing it Big Y as that will tell you a LOT since you have a Robinson match who has already upgraded to Big Y,
David Robinson
December 27 @ 1:36pm
Thank you, Lisa. I thought it was an algorithm or something, I didn't realize grouping required human intervention! I have been in touch with my two matches and we have exchanged information. But there is another person in my group who didn't show as a specific match but has an interesting earliest known paternal ancestor. Is there any way to contact them knowing only their kit number?
D Isaacs D Isaacs
December 4 @ 4:36pm
hi, would like to join the group. managed to find a half brother which happens to be on our fathers side assumed name is robinson. we are both unsure who exactly he is but we have narrowed the surname to robinson. hope i can make use of this group and help. also looking to build a fund for myself if possible not sure how it works but looking to do y700 when i can sort my finances out. not sure how to go about it.
Lisa Franklin
December 18 @ 10:53am
Mr Isaacs, you didn't say if you joined the group and if so your kit number please? When I click your name the system is telling me you last logged in 3 years ago! LOL
Lisa Franklin
December 18 @ 11:02am
Found you in the member list as 537381 D. P. Isaacs. Results indicate Wheeler is the likely surname. No Y matching to any Robinson project member at 37 markers or above, who has tested to that level. The only Robinson match is a 12 marker kit that is a likely deceased member never tested to a higher level and 12 markers is entirely too low and vague to determine as a match. Your next step, if you are not a known adoptee is to test other Isaacs men in your known family tree. I would start with a 2d cousin male Isaacs man..if he matches you then you have validated your line and STR markers to your common Isaacs ancestor with that participant. If you don't match your NPE will occur somewhere downstream of that common ancestor. Hope this helps.
Lisa Franklin
December 18 @ 11:07am
PS-No half siblings noted in your atDNA match list, so not sure where you found that information. If at gedmatch (what kit number there), keep in mind someone coming back as a half anything has numerous potential kinships, including Aunt/Uncle, neice/nephew, etc. half kinships are not so straighforward. Also, to determine if an atDNA male match is specifically a paternal lineage specific match, you need to ask that fellow to do a Y DNA test (offer to pay for it if you can to encourage participation) to see if they match, as a match male or female can be to any part of your atDNA tree on your paternal side, not necesarily the paternal Y specific branch. All of this assuming you are trianulgating matches and have ruled out scientifically the connection being on your mother's side.
D Isaacs D Isaacs
December 8 @ 4:19pm
Does this group have an external source of communication? This seems pretty dead for trying to find help
ED Robinson
December 11 @ 12:33pm
I don't know of any external communication. There just isn't much activity.
Danell Robinson
December 13 @ 9:50pm
If you want specific help, it might be best to send messages to your matches. At least there you can show your connection to specific people and see if they can help you sort that out. If you haven't already, also try GedMatch. Good luck!
Lisa Franklin
December 18 @ 10:55am
No, and this is not a very good forum, I suggest like Danell, you contact your specific matches for information or if you have a question for a project admin, you email them directly using the email as noted. I work full time and manage a few other projects after the big shift a couple of years ago where Terry Barton bailed as admin leaving over 1000 projects with no one to assist with them, so my time is limited and I seldom ever log into this forum as the other projects are not using this as we have private facebook groups setup for those to allow better communication with much more funcationality. James Green project admin is retired and probably has more time to reply if you have specific questions you want to direct to him. I don't know that he has ever checked this forum, although he no doubt selected the option to turn it on. :(
Tony Robinson Tony Robinson
December 12 @ 9:02pm
After a period of great frustration in identifying my Robinson heritage beyond my gg-grandfather (John Robinson DoB 10/1799 Bristol) I transferred my FTDNA to Geni and to my surprise have been able to identify 6 exact 12/12 point matches.Initial contact with some of these matches, indicates I may be making headway. The FTDNA - Geni is a positive step.
John Robinson (T832245) John Robinson (T832245)
May 4 @ 8:00pm
My Gedmatch is T832245. My Grandfather is Russell Robinson born February/6/1925 in Cabell, West Virginia and his parents are George Robinson and Effie Jane Flora her maiden name from West Virginia.And My Great Grandfather George Robinson parents are Jacob Blackburn Robinson and Malinda Scarberry . My 2nd Great Grandfather Jacob Blackburn Robinson parents are John Robinson and Margaret Cox from Virginia. My parents are John Craig Robinson Sr and Linda Kay Gainer of Columbus, Ohio..
Donna Robinson
November 30 @ 7:08am
There's no data for that kit #
Don Robinson
December 1 @ 6:23pm
I have a match with Y-DNA Tip report indicating 90% within 12 generations with a John Craig Robinson (same relative?). We appear to have a Robinson branch that ended up in Virginia after a split around the mid 1600s. My direct branch came to PA later (1830s) from Ireland.
ED Robinson ED Robinson
December 1 @ 2:58pm
My updated test seems to match two groups. R-M269 22 and 45 which I am in. How often do the groups get updated? Or do you think the matches are still distant? B559107
Dean Robinson Dean Robinson
May 20 @ 9:05am
For anyone interested, my website just went 'Live', This is devoted to my 'Robinson' MDKA', cracking the mystery of our brick-wall, and how our Y-DNA research has revealed our Campbell connection. The search continues for our common Campbell ancestor! Any suggestions on how to proceed further would greatly be appreciated. At present, my thought is we need more close Robinson and Campbell men for SNP testing. Enjoy, Cheers & Regards! :-)
Donna Robinson
November 30 @ 6:55am
There you are, tried to comment on one of your other posts but the comment box wasn't there. I grabbed yours and your cousin's Gedmatch kits and matched them to some of my family members. You don't match my brother, my paternal aunt, my son or myself, however, your cousin did come up as a match on chr. 15 to my son, 7.3 cM, it's not a big match. Interesting to note is that both yours and your cousin's have many common DNA matches with the kit numbers I manage at Gedmatch. Tests were taken at Ancestry, and I manage 8 of them. My paternal line is Robinson, but it's interesting to note that my maternal line also have Robinson DNA matches. I have a huge brick wall as well, my 4th gr-grandfather, James Robinson, but my ancestor went north into Canada and he was African, perhaps a black Loyalist. His wife was Marie Trottier. There's an historical book that states he was freed at Sorel, Quebec in 1797 by Edward Jessup, and likely came from NY but I haven't found any supporting documentation to substantiate that. I don't have anything on his birth, the best I have is a very rough estimate of about 1765. He was granted a parcel of land in 1804 by then governor Patrick Murray. Not much is known about this ancestor at all, and he's been the source of much frustration!
Dean Robinson
December 1 @ 6:19am
Hi Donna, Thanks for your comment and interest. I too have a Robinson line on the maternal side of the all too common surname, right? :-) As to your 4th GGF, have you considered a Y-DNA study of this paternal line? This could shed some light which may help you with that brick-wall. For an example of this, please visit my website shown above. In my case, we have not yet made a breakthrough with my 4th GGF, but we have discovered a surname change occurred, and that we actually descend from a Scottish Campbell wit, we are drawing down on ancestral locations in Glen Lyon, specific common ancestors, and a Campbell pedigree which looks like it goes all the way back to the original clan chiefs of the House of Argyll. Anyhow, if you would like me to have a look at the autosomal-DNA matches you are referring, I will need a bit more information. Feel free to contact me through GEDmatch, my website, or Ancestry. Cheers & Regards! :-)