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ED Robinson ED Robinson
November 6 @ 6:46pm
As I stumble through history I come across all of these famous Robinson or Robertson I may or may not be related to. Since this waiting on Y DNA is such a slow process I was thinking it would help if those who are related to people like James Robertson Father of Tennessee or Edward G Robinson Movie Star etc would drop a name here or there so we could use that information in our search. Doesn't have to be super famous. Maybe Wikipedia famous. What do you think?
Roy Robertson
6 hours ago
yes i am related to James Robertson
Tony Robinson Tony Robinson
November 8 @ 3:09pm
Any Robinson's with R-Z49 that have a heritage going back to Bristol in the UK, love to hear from you.
Don Robinson Don Robinson
October 29 @ 2:52pm
I am attempting to trace back my Robinson branch of the family beyond the earliest known certain ancestor - William Graham Robinson, born the youngest of 12 in 1808 in Pettigo, Donegal, Ireland and emigrated eventually to Rush, Jo Daviess, Illinois, USA. One brother (Adam) went with him, another brother (Christopher) went to Mersea, Essex, Ontario, Canada (and some of his descendants to New Brunswick, Canada perhaps) and apparently another brother (Andrew) went to New South Wales, Australia. It looks like a couple brothers (John and Thomas) stayed in Northern Ireland. It looks like their father was probably John Robinson, born 1776 in Fermanagh, Ireland and died 1820 in Donegal, ireland and his spouse's name was Ruth Graham. It appears his father was also named John Robinson, born 1749 in Tead, Fermanagh, Ireland and died 1823 in Castlepollard, Westmeath, Ireland and his spouse's name was Jane Armstrong. It appears these Robinsons intermarried with a number of Northern Ireland families with surnames listed as Border families and also Plantation families. Beyond the info on William Graham and a couple of his brothers, not much of the above is certain as far as I know. The results of my Y-DNA testing (R-M269) and MtDNA testing (T-2) and my Family Finder testing is posted on FamilyTree DNA and Geni. I see very few Robinson surname matches on Y-DNA and very little help. I don't really understand much about the Y-DNA and MtDNA testing. I have just joined this project and several others. Any help would be appreciated.
ED Robinson
November 3 @ 10:14am
My Robinson roadblock was born abt 1810. The research to find the family line before that is speculative at best. Even though it is backed up with DNA connections I am still unsure. YDNA could confirm the theory or blow it up. But there are less than 1000 in this project so the pool is small and so far I only have a single match but that single match gives me another thread to follow and more history to learn so that is a plus. More people who can trace their lines with a paper trail to the European origins are a great help.
ED Robinson ED Robinson
October 5 @ 10:14am
If I upgrade my Y test do they send me another kit or will they use the last sample I sent in?
Lisa Franklin
October 7 @ 12:14pm
Good question. They have stated that they would prefer a fresh sample for Big Y 700. It may depend on how old your sample on file is. Either way, if they require a new/fresh sample, they will mail you out one at no additional charge so you can reswab.
ED Robinson
October 7 @ 5:13pm
Thanks, it helps to know what to expect. I plan on slowly upgrading as needed.
ED Robinson
October 7 @ 8:35pm
Analyzing data, I don't have to wait for snail mail. Yeah me
ED Robinson
October 25 @ 6:22pm
Got results back today. Seemed like forever
Roxie Callegari Roxie Callegari has a question!
March 26, 2017 @ 5:51pm
I"m lookig for black Robison, robertSon, robertson, robinson ANY VARITION FROM SOUTH CAROLINA
Dwayne Robinson
April 2, 2017 @ 9:20pm
My Dads people are heavy in South Carolina...Charleston, Summerville, Johns Island and Wadmalaw
Cynthia Pickett
October 21 @ 6:17pm
I have a lot of distant relatives in the Carolinas.
Nicholas Hyde Nicholas Hyde
November 10, 2017 @ 2:40am
Col. William ROBINSON Royal Engineers. and Ellen Martyr (Nee' NUTTING)
Nicholas Hyde
November 10, 2017 @ 2:41am
Col. William ROBINSON Born in Ireland - Colonel in the Royal Engineers. A book written about Col. Robinson's work in Canada details his work, on the railway between Quebec and Halifax called: "Built for War: Canada’s Intercolonial Railway", by Jay Underwood
Nicholas Hyde
November 10, 2017 @ 2:55am
Ellen Martyr ROBINSON ( nee'Nutting) Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. b. 1816 D. 1902. Col Robinson Died 1863. St. Heliers, Jersey
Nicholas Hyde
February 22, 2018 @ 5:55am
Earliest known ROBINSON, I have is Isaac ROBINSON 1700s, Cumwhinton, Wetheral, Cumberland, UK.
Cynthia Pickett
October 21 @ 6:06pm
Lovely photo!
Roger Robison Roger Robison
December 13, 2017 @ 9:08am
I doubt that there will ever be a match with my Robison surname. I am the last of a spindly branch of the line. For several generations before me, there were single offspring of fathers who died young. I never knew any of my paternal relatives. I joined the group to add my data to the collection in the hope that someone else may benefit from it. My kit number is 161255, and my haplogroup is I-L38. Here is the URL for my webpage for my known Robison lineage:
Patricia "Patt" Fancher - LaMonica
March 5, 2018 @ 11:39pm
Wonderfully written and easily followed. My second grt grandfather on my maternal side was James Robison, b. abt 1800 in New York, married Ann Jane Baird, b. abt. 1805 in New York. Their daughter, Christie Ann Robison b. 1838 in New York, married Thomas Beattie Fawcett, b. 27 Feb. 1833 in Eskdale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland. They married in Hagaman's Mills, Montgomery, NY and lived a few years in Wabash, IN having at least 3 children b. & d. there. Also had 3 children who survived. They moved on to Howard Co., IA in abt. 1866 where 3 more children were born and survived.
Cynthia Pickett
October 21 @ 6:04pm
More distant relatives!
Tony Robinson Tony Robinson
December 6, 2018 @ 4:51pm
Have just joined group and I am looking forward to getting my results in January 2019. My gg-grandfather, John Robinson (Paternal) was convicted in the Kent Assizes in 1819 and shipped to VDL (Tasmania). Whilst I know a lot about John after his arrival, I know nothing about his life or family up until his conviction. I am hopping that the test results will provide a lead to Johns heritage.
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Tony Robinson
December 11, 2018 @ 4:52pm
Thank you Lisa
Tony Robinson
October 20 @ 5:25pm
Hi Lisa
Tony Robinson
October 20 @ 5:26pm
Starting to feel a bit disappointed and frustrated as I so far not found any definite links back to my paternal gg-grandfather John Robinson, despite sending a number of emails to possible matches, get no responses. Objective is to find out details on Johns parents. What is interesting is that across 3 different DNA tests to date I have come up with only 3 direct links back to John. Any suggestions on how I can break-though. Regards Tony Robinson - IN45159/R-Z49
Cynthia Pickett
October 21 @ 5:58pm
Hello Smith family member!
Margaret Gentry Margaret Gentry has a question!
October 17 @ 7:30pm
So, i had my direct male decent of a supposed Robinson finally take the Y37 test. He is in haplogroup M269. is this prevalent for Robinsons? Personally i do not believe that he truly is a Robinson which is why he tested. Thanks for any help here.
ED Robinson
October 18 @ 10:18am
You should take a look at the DNA results on this page. M269 is quite popular. For recent ancestry the family finder test will be more helpful.
Lisa Franklin
October 18 @ 5:58pm
Margaret, is his kit in the project and if so what is his kit number please? Once I have that information I can take a look and provide input. Thank you.
Phil Robinson Jr
October 19 @ 12:46pm
Keep in mind that surnames have only been truly 'fixed' for a couple hundred years and Y-DNA goes back much further than that. Y-DNA doesn't preclude that a Robinson will only match other Robinsons. Since the test goes back so much further, it's more likely you'll match many other surnames, but you all descend from the same ancient ancestor. My haplogroup is I-M223 and there aren't many Robinsons there so far
Lisa Franklin
October 19 @ 7:17pm
Phil, actually that is not typically the case in my experience of 10 years now in any of the projects I am now or have managed in the past. Of course you can use validation on your own line to determine if there is an NPE in your branch causing mismatch to your surname of interest.
Robert 'Bob" Smith Robert 'Bob" Smith
October 18 @ 6:13pm
Any Robinsons in this group have Robinson/Roberson connections to Ticonderoga, Essex, New York. My kit#304533 Thanks
Phil Robinson Jr
October 19 @ 12:34pm
Well, not Ticonderoga but New York. Specifically Long Island for me.