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Alan Robinson (R-M222/S568) Alan Robinson (R-M222/S568)
May 2 @ 1:07pm
Cousins, I am curious if your Robinson line was originally from Robertson/Roberson (Donnachaidh clan) and if so, is your Y-DNA in M222? To add, I took the 23andMe test and it told me that under R-M269 R-M222 I am in R-S568 branch that is predominately Irish. Previously I had upgraded FTDNA to Y-111 and I wasn't told about the R-S568 branch. I then got my raw data file from 23andMe and uploaded to FTDNA (free) and then it gave me the cousins list. However, my kit result is still not properly tagged with R-S568. Reference;name=R-S568 I am starting to think that my ancient ancestors were Irish, ended up in Scotland as Robertsons, then came to states only to change their name back to Robinson in mid 1800's.
Edwin Robinson
May 3 @ 11:13am
Hello Alan, The R-S568 was a mutation before last names were adopted. The Big Y would hopefully reveals SNPs after last names were used. The Y-111 is for finding the most recent relatives that will put us in range of immigrants to America. What is your kit number?
Edwin Robinson
May 3 @ 11:14am
I used the Ytree for reference. Linked here
Alan Robinson (R-M222/S568)
May 29 @ 4:34pm
Ed, my kit # is 262944. I am on the Robertson group under OGAP08. My R-S568 branch doesn't show up under any of the other Robertson's. Question- what is the most common or proper haplogroup for the Robinson's of England?
David Isaacs David Isaacs
May 29 @ 12:10pm
just an update, someone advised me to use the family finder advanced matches and look for close ish matches 1-3 cousin basis roughly. i have found i am related to these matches within this group.
Garald Robinson Garald Robinson has a question!
May 8 @ 9:03pm
To Edwin or Lisa: I have a very distant cousin by the name of Sterling Robinson; our MRCA is the Dr Moses Robinson I mentioned earlier, our 6th GGF. Sterling is a descendant of Dr Robinson's youngest son; I am from a middle son. Would a Y-DNA test for Sterling be of any help in determining where Dr Robinson originated from?
Edwin Robinson
May 9 @ 6:06pm
The test that has the best potential of revealing your origins is the Big Y-700 . And I would suggest both of you getting the Big Y test because it takes two to reveal the greatest details of your most recent SNPs. This will also reveal all of the SNPs for the last 2000 years which will help find your origins.
Garald Robinson
May 11 @ 12:23pm
Thanks for the reply. I will contact Sterling to see what he thinks. Assuming no NPEs on either side for Sterling and me, should we expect exact matches of Y-DNA, or some variations in the STR numbers? While knowing our origins from 2000 years ago is of general interest, we are much more interested in knowing whether Dr Robinson came from Ireland, Scotland, or even England in the early 1700s. We know he is buried in a Presbyterian graveyard in Maine where many of his neighbors were Ulster Scots, but we do not know what part of Ulster or when he arrived. Right now I am of the mindset his ancestors came from Scotland as part of the Ulster Plantation in the early 1600s but we have no clue where in Ulster they settled or where in Scotland before that. That is our focus right now.
Lisa Franklin
May 20 @ 3:46pm
I concur with Edwin. First by having two Robinson men from two different sons, you will be validating your Y DNA back to the MRCA, Moses Robinson and Big Y will likely provide you with private SNPs that will identify your group. You can see this at work in the Franklin project which happens to be R-M269 and part of that haplogroup project and appears on the Big Y tree maintained by that project. The far left group is the one to which I refer, the A7794 and A7795 SNPs are private SNPs proven to belong to all male Franklin descendants of Wilson Franklin b.c1794 in GA. We have had a lot of participation in that project, but as a result Big Y tells us our line is from the borderlands area of northern England/southern Scotland.
Garald Robinson
May 23 @ 8:51pm
Lisa, your comment about the borderline between Scotland and England matches historical information regarding the region of Scotland where the first settlers to Ulster came from. The aristocracy related to King James came from lower Scotland. Besides them, the others who received land grants from King James for the plantation of Ulster came only from lower Scotland (nobody from the highlands participated as a grantee of lands), and they were the ones who therefore recruited people from their lands in Scotland to help settle in the northern regions of Ireland starting in the early 1600s.
Garald Robinson Garald Robinson has a question!
May 4 @ 3:44pm
Greetings. I am Garald Robinson, kit #930679. I am trying to get information on my 6th great grandfather, Dr Moses Robinson, who supposedly came from somewhere in Northern Ireland. He is documented to have settled in Cushing, Maine in the 1730s, and his descendants have lived in that area ever since. I have solid documentation back to his son, Maj Hanse Robinson, who was in the Revolutionary War. But, I cannot find any linkage to the timeline for Dr Robinson's arrival other than statements that he was "Scots-Irish" and settled with several other people of the same ethnic background in Warren, Maine (he had earlier lived in the nearby town of Cushing before the well documented move to Warren.).
Garald Robinson
May 4 @ 3:58pm
I recently posted my Y-111 results to this Project; I presume someone will put me into one of the subgroups of R-M269; my lower Haplogroups should be R-U152 and R-Z367. So far, pin maps of these groups have shown connections to Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England. My assumption is that Dr Moses Robinson came to America in the early 1700s along with a large migration of Scots-Irish from the Ulster region of Ireland at that time. His ancestors may have been part of the initial King James Plantation efforts of the early 1600s, or the informal plantation of Counties Down and Antrim in 1607. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
David Robinson
May 22 @ 8:43am
Gerald R. My Ydna RM269 Robinson early 1800 in Otsego co NY-Steuben co NY
James Morin James Morin
April 21 @ 8:56pm
Hi Robinsons! I am interested in learning about a John Robinson (1818-1870) who lived in Morgan County OH from about 1840-1869 with his wife Cordelia Lewis Robinson. He appears to have been born in Virginia, but I have had no luck identifying him there. Descendants of this John Robinson are plentiful in Rock Island County IL.
Lisa Franklin
April 28 @ 11:21am
Steven Robinson Steven Robinson
April 26 @ 9:43pm
Hello Robinsons! Posting this information hoping it will be of help to someone and perhaps they will be able to help me.
Lisa Franklin
April 28 @ 9:18am
Not seeing the aforementioned information ??
Pamela Porterfield Pamela Porterfield
April 8 @ 6:52am
Hi my fellow Robinsons! My robinson line that’s is signed sealed and research by registrars of several lineage societies including DAR and as it appears in ADventurers of purse and person also pioneers and cavaliers is :
Pamela Porterfield
April 8 @ 6:53am
Oops gen 2. Lewis Joseph Robinson 1920-1994 (daddy)
Pamela Porterfield
April 8 @ 7:20am
gen 3: Hugh Jay ROBINSON b. Birmingham, AL 1873 - 1945. Gen 4 Samuel Martin Robinson b.Harris Co, Ga 1848 d. Shelby Co, AL AL 1878. Gen 5 Milas Jay Robinson b. Mecklenburg 1810- Died in Shelby Co, AL 1889 Gen 6 Thomas Robinson b. Mecklenburg, 1774 d. Shelby County, AL after 1870 census, Gen 7 John Robinson b. Va ca 1749 m. Jane Downs (daughter of Henry Downs Jr and a Frances Chew ) in 1771 In Mecklenburg. John appears in numerous deeds with a James Robinson selling land to sons Thomas and henry Downs Robinson. His parents are a mystery and I have no idea whether James is his father or a sibling. John and Jane won a land lotto in GA and the Robinsons began selling off their land and relocating to what is now Morgan County, GA. Here they appear in tax records and sales of property to sons, named as such, and land. With sons Joseph, Samuel, Henry, my Thomas and John Jr Also several daughters. Shortly before Johns’ death ca 1822 he sells several parcels of his land to Joseph, John and Samuel , Thomas sells his land and moves with his family (my Milas Jay) to Harris County, Ga where Milas Jay marries and my Samuel and siblings are born. In 1857-58 they land in Shelby/Chilton County, AL area where they put down roots where descendants still reside. My kit #784940 and Gedmatch is #586209..... I sure would like to discover John Robinson’s parents in NC/VA........
Pamela Porterfield
April 8 @ 7:27am
John and Jane are buried in Morgan County near Madison, GA. I believe Willow Oak Farm to be their original land grant. Somehow their name was changed to Robertson/Robenson on some docs. Anyone recognize John and Jane?
Marianne M.-D.
April 18 @ 9:24pm
Hi, my Robinsons are different from yours but I find it interesting that they were all in Morgan County. Mine weren't there long, they came from Long Island (via Illinois) and only appear in the 1870 census there but it was a pretty big group of Robinsons and other relatives with surnames Penny, Squires, Buck etc. Some of my Robinsons married Downs family members in New York too, weird coincidence :-)
Donald Robinson Donald Robinson has a question!
April 3 @ 11:50pm
Donna Robinson for Donald Robinson #161127. A history of our Robinsons connected us to a George Robinson who married Mary Bushnell in 1657. Newer research indicates that may have been an error. Is there a way to change the Paternal Ancestor Name information listed in the Project Chart?
Don Robinson Don Robinson has a question!
March 8 @ 12:15am
My name is Don Robinson. My kit # B83706. My YDNA Haplogroup is R-FGC14715. I have 6 Private Variants. I have completed the Big Y 700 testing and as expected have a number of Robinson/Robison/Robertson matches. However unexpectedly I also have a number of Reed/Reid YDNA matches. The 2 questions for me at the moment are: 1) very roughly when did the Reid/Robinson common ancestor happen ? 2) before the common ancestor, were my direct ancestors likely named Robinsons or Reids?
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Alan Robinson (R-M222/S568)
March 13 @ 10:07am
Don, I sent you a note on the Donnachaidh feed.
Lisa Franklin
March 18 @ 6:12am
You can more accurately determine this by validating your own Y line backwards in time Don. Start with a 3d-4th cousin with your Robinson surname from your line. Where you match a cousin, you have validated your lineage back to the common ancestor the two of you share. Where you don't is indicative of a starting point for seeking out an NPE connection. Keeping in mind of course, that with such limited testing at this point, the Reed line could just as easily be the NPE lineage. Looking at your Big Y matches, no Robinson, a mix of names including two Reeds and I would also reach out to your 2 Robinson Y111 matching kits and suggest/ask them to consider an upgrade to Big Y at the next sale in order to have more data on your Robinson lineage to work with in comparison.
Don Robinson
March 18 @ 10:50am
Thanks Lisa!
Don Robinson
March 18 @ 11:06am
Lisa: When I looked at the YDNA Haplogroup for my Reid and Robinson Advanced Matches that tested to 67 and 111, I noticed that 8 were R-M269 as I am. Of those, 5 were Reids and 3 Robinsons. I also noticed that there were 2 others that show as R-FGC14715 as I am and both of those were Reids. Does that tell anything helpful?
Doris Reed Doris Reed
March 12 @ 4:48pm
We have Brewer, Campbell and Robison(Robinson) in our family ancestry