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Jeremy  Robinson Jeremy Robinson
June 19 @ 2:55am
Hi. I’ve just received my brother’s BigY results. Confirmed haplogroup is R-ZP276. The branch is apparently Ireland and one other unknown country. I am now more confused than ever. I have confirmed Robinson DNA matches from autosomal results back to 1750 or so in England. How do I interpret these results? There is one match comes through from y37 with surname Wilson. But he is the only other person to have done BigY. He does not match my brother at y111 though. What should I do next?
Jeremy Robinson
June 22 @ 1:47am
Lisa. I meant to ask, now that BigY results are in, can you see any matches in the Robinson groupings? Apologies if that is a daft question. I’m not sure if the Jordan match rules out a Robinson match. My theory at the moment is that Robinson and Jordan (who is actually a Fothergill) are the same at some point in the past.
Lisa Franklin
July 12 @ 12:02pm
Backtracking as I'm just seeing this Jane, what you need is a documented second tester in your Robinson line as a validator. Do you know of any 2d or 3d cousin Robinson males in your line you might ask to do a Y test to assist you?
Jeremy Robinson
Yesterday at 3:13am
Hi Lisa, Sorry. I’ve only just seen this. I do understand what you are saying regarding target testing. But unfortunately there are no 2nd or 3rd male cousins that I’m aware of. My grandfather’s brothers left no male descendents. My gt. grandfather did - there are three brothers from that line who have tested descendents. There are several matches from them but the testers themselves are female. So the dna obviously might be through their mother’s side. I’ve messaged re male relative but no response. So all we can do is hope a male tester appears one day. In the meantime could you tell me if Jeremy’s Big Y results fit anywhere at all in the Robinson Surname Project? I have looked at it myself but find it very difficult to cross reference. I’ve no idea if his results are close or completely different. His Haplogroup has updated to R-FT226666, downstream of R-ZP276.
Jeremy Robinson
Yesterday at 3:21am
PS.. Jeremy has also done an FF test where there are 95 Robinson matches. Obviously autosomal is not surname necessarily, or even side. However, the results certainly don’t rule anything out and the paper trail appears to be supported. Thanks, Jane
Alan Robinson Alan Robinson
August 4 @ 7:51am
Have any descendants of Rowland Robinson (1654-1716) of ENG>RI tested? Increase Robinson (1642-1699) of Mass? Anthony Robinson (1775-1848) b. Johnstown NY?
David Isaacs David Isaacs
August 2 @ 12:15pm
I have received my big y700 i am now I-A15703 i have followed my so called fathers link with cousins and 1/2 brother (fathers side) matching as far as Mathias or Matthew Robinson about 1752-1817 marrying Frances Martin about 1753-1805 this is the furthest back i can manage to find. so far have been unsuccessful to find ancestral relatives to the Robinson line after this. i have not added to the Family Finder or the Ancestors yet due to the fact i am not 100% certain on the name. i know they were born and raised around Durham, England.
Alan Robinson (R-M222/S568) Alan Robinson (R-M222/S568)
May 2 @ 1:07pm
Cousins, I am curious if your Robinson line was originally from Robertson/Roberson (Donnachaidh clan) and if so, is your Y-DNA in M222? To add, I took the 23andMe test and it told me that under R-M269 R-M222 I am in R-S568 branch that is predominately Irish. Previously I had upgraded FTDNA to Y-111 and I wasn't told about the R-S568 branch. I then got my raw data file from 23andMe and uploaded to FTDNA (free) and then it gave me the cousins list. However, my kit result is still not properly tagged with R-S568. Reference;name=R-S568 I am starting to think that my ancient ancestors were Irish, ended up in Scotland as Robertsons, then came to states only to change their name back to Robinson in mid 1800's.
Edwin Robinson
June 3 @ 1:04am
The link below shows some of the known snp's more recent than R-S568
Edwin Robinson
June 3 @ 7:59am
Unfortunately, none of your close relatives has done the Big Y test yet.
Brian Robinson
June 14 @ 1:53am
Alan, I had my brother do the Y-DNA test (his name will likely pop up here) and was a bit surprised because the names that came back as matches were McDonald, O'Brien, Kirby, McAvoy, and a couple others. Perhaps you are related to my ancestors who are my brick wall. My English (maybe not?) ancestor is John Robertson who was probably born around 1818. Will it be helpful if I upgrade my brother's kit to try and sort it out? Cheers! Brenda.
Cheri Robertson
August 1 @ 6:52pm
Hi - my dad us R-M269 (more recent the R-M167) and our surname going back as far as I can is Robertson. However he matches surnames on the Y DNA to Robertson, Robinson, and Roberson. I've done genealogy and DNA for years but just learning about the Y-DNA even though I had him do this kit 2 years ago!
David Isaacs David Isaacs
August 1 @ 12:48pm
i have got my big y700 come in with no matches
David Robison David Robison
July 12 @ 12:50am
Hiya folks, Just joined, my dad sent in the DNA kit and we are awaiting the results. My line is: David Warren Robison b. 1965 David Wilbur Robison b. 1941 Frank Wilbur Robison b. 1906 Shasta County, California m. Virginia Adelaide Vanderburgh Frank Sylvanus Robison b. 1876 Marysville, Seward County, NE m. Jessie Laura Thornton Sylvanus Bradfield Robison b. 1836 Newton Falls, Trumbull County, Ohio m. Margaret Jane Reisinger Joseph B. Robison Jr. b. 1811 b. Tuscarora Township, Perry County, Pennsylvania m. Nancy Cook Joseph B. Robison Sr. b. 1777, Perry County, Pennsylvania m. Elizabeth Hammel William Robinson (Note surname change to Robinson) b. 1735 Little Britain Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania m. Sarah Roseberry Michael Robinson Birth unknown, abt 1714 m. Margaret McGummery Died May 1785, Little Britain Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Ahip or Skip or Ship? Robinson m. Margrett Pryer 28 AUG 1697, St. Stephens North Sassafras Parish, Sassafras, Kent County, Maryland This is a very brief overview, I have much more extensive information and notes.
Lisa Franklin
July 12 @ 12:00pm
Welcome David and thanks for posting! Can you add some locations please? Thank you
David Robison
July 12 @ 12:41pm
I have expanded it a bit to show birth info where possible.
Roscoe Robison
July 17 @ 4:55pm
Hi David, my name is Kathryn. I manage my family’s DNA profiles and this is my maternal grandfather’s profile. His yDNA results just came in today. He has many distant autosomal results to this Robison family, as well as several yDNA results to them, so I expect you’ll match. His grandfather William Bruce Robison was born in 1858 in Belmont County, Ohio. William Bruce’s father was Benjamin Robison, born in 1820 in Pennsylvania to parents he said were born in Maryland. Benjamin was in Belmont County, Ohio by 1844 when he married there. Benjamin’s mother Sarah (born ~1782 in Maryland) was widowed by the 1850 census, but family lore says her husband’s name was James. That’s as far back as we know on our line unfortunately. There were other Robison families in Belmont County, but DNA has not proven a connection to any of them. With the autosomal and yDNA matches, I know we must connect to your Pennsylvania bunch, and I’ve tried digging through records in the PA counties where your Robison/Robinson family settled, but haven’t yet seen anywhere my line may fit in.
David Robison
July 19 @ 11:40pm
Kathryn, I don't see any Benjamin in my family tree. I also checked Jean Mosher Robison's "Books of Robison" which starts in the 1830's or so in Ohio, but I don't see any Benjamin. Of course, back then families tended to recycle names, so I thought perhaps a possible family link could be established. What I do know is that I descend from Michael Robinson who was married in Maryland, and then moved to Pennsylvania. I descend from his son William Robinson. As you can see by my brief post, the name changed with his son Joseph Robison. I am doubtful that this is a connection, since I only know of Joseph changing his name to Robinson, but who is to say that some cousin or brother didn't also change the surname? Can you see my family tree here on this site? If so, look for Michael, son of Ahip or whatever his name was. I only know of my ancestor Michael, but no doubt he was not the only son of Ahip. If you can't see my tree here, I will drop an external link for my genealogy.
Roscoe Robison Roscoe Robison
July 17 @ 5:23pm
Hi all, my name is Kathryn. I manage my family’s DNA profiles and this is my maternal grandfather’s profile. His yDNA results just came in today. His grandfather William Bruce Robison was born in 1858 in Belmont County, Ohio. William Bruce’s father was Benjamin Robison, born in 1820 in Pennsylvania to parents he said were born in Maryland. Benjamin was in Belmont County, Ohio by 1844 when he married there. Benjamin’s mother Sarah (born ~1782 in Maryland) was widowed by the 1850 census, but family lore says her husband’s name was James. There was a girl named Sarah living with the older Sarah, Benjamin, and his wife and child in 1850. She is presumed to be Benjamin’s sister but may be a niece instead. There are DNA matches to her descendants on Ancestry but they are small. Her family seems to think her father’s name was John. So, either she and Benjamin were siblings and one of our families is incorrect about their father’s name, or she was Benjamin’s niece. That’s as far back as we know on our line unfortunately. There were other Robison families in Belmont County, Ohio at the time that Benjamin arrived in the 1840s, but DNA has not proven a connection to any of them. Distant autosomal and yDNA matches connect to Robison/Robinson families in the Pennsylvania counties of Lancaster and Perry, and I’ve tried digging through records there, but haven’t yet seen anywhere my line may fit in. There are also a few autosomal matches to descendants of a John Robinson, born about 1811 in Pennsylvania, who was in Monroe County, Ohio in 1850-1870 and then Wood County, West Virginia in 1880.
David Isaacs David Isaacs
June 17 @ 3:31pm
so i am confused i am looking at the dna results, but ive now been from the ungrouped to the unmatched. how is this possible now it seems i do not belong to any group. is this because of the Big Y700? or is this because the groups have moved me? so very confused as evidence is providing me dna cousin links on ancestry that i am a robinson.
Garald Robinson
June 19 @ 9:17pm
David, I would not be concerned about not being grouped right now. Since you said you have DNA cousins on Ancestry, I would suggest focusing on several Ancestry DNA matches by looking at all your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousins and looking at their trees when possible. Do not be confused if their last names are not Robinson since they could be married names or even people from your mother's side (either of her parents--who are your grandparents). By looking at several family trees, you should start to see a pattern of recurring names and hopefully, you should find a common name from some of the trees. Even more hopefully, it will be a Robinson. It does not matter if it is a person who lived 100 years ago. After you have that name, you should be able to start working forward by looking at that person's children on Ancestry, then their children, etc. It will take some time, to be sure, but in the end, you should see some recurring names that will point to your grandparents and even your real parents.
Edwin Robinson
June 20 @ 11:45am
When looking at groups I really like the small groups. To keep the groups small I believe it is important to match people who have a most recent common ancestor after last names are adopted.
Lisa Franklin
June 20 @ 11:49am
David, your kit matches show you are most likely a Wheeler, so you don't have any matches in the Robinson and variant groupings and therefore won't be grouped with anyone in the project. I am not sure how the unmatched group appeared, but there was a recent upgrade to the display system and I noticed a couple of other glitchy things, I will have to contact FTDNA about but was able to correct the umatched so that is no longer showing up and creating confusion. As you have no matches tested higher and 67 markers your best options will be to find another male Isaacs to validate your lineage...for example, a 2d cousin from a brother of your direct ancestor will validate your line back to that point--if the two match you confirm the Y signature of the common ancestor, if they don't then you are looking at a recent NPE that occurred since that time. Alternately, and something I'd do anyway, is contact your Wheeler matches and ask them to consider upgrading.. to Y111 or Big Y. You have Big Y results still in analysis, so should see those results in a week or two more now.
David Isaacs
June 21 @ 4:24am
so my whole tree ive done is incorrect then i assume since your now telling me im a wheeler even though im genetic distance of 7 at y67 but clarke hull at y37 genetic distance 4? this is so confusing as my brother is supposedly robinson his dads marriage cert was also validated as robinson which we have tried tracing.
David Isaacs David Isaacs
May 29 @ 12:10pm
just an update, someone advised me to use the family finder advanced matches and look for close ish matches 1-3 cousin basis roughly. i have found i am related to these matches within this group.
Adam Robinson
June 11 @ 2:01pm
I just checked my family finder advanced matches and I also see Thomas Laverne Robinson Jr. I looked into their tree, but it doesn't go very far back. I have a Hazel Laverne Robinson B. 1896 D. 1984. She was my Grandfather's Sister.
David Isaacs
June 12 @ 5:05pm
i havent a clue where to start to be very honest adam with all my learning difficulties i can read and write but taking things in or understanding has been extremely difficult.
David Isaacs
June 12 @ 5:05pm
i have upgraded to a big y700 so that should be available come mid august
Garald Robinson Garald Robinson has a question!
May 8 @ 9:03pm
To Edwin or Lisa: I have a very distant cousin by the name of Sterling Robinson; our MRCA is the Dr Moses Robinson I mentioned earlier, our 6th GGF. Sterling is a descendant of Dr Robinson's youngest son; I am from a middle son. Would a Y-DNA test for Sterling be of any help in determining where Dr Robinson originated from?
Edwin Robinson
May 9 @ 6:06pm
The test that has the best potential of revealing your origins is the Big Y-700 . And I would suggest both of you getting the Big Y test because it takes two to reveal the greatest details of your most recent SNPs. This will also reveal all of the SNPs for the last 2000 years which will help find your origins.
Garald Robinson
May 11 @ 12:23pm
Thanks for the reply. I will contact Sterling to see what he thinks. Assuming no NPEs on either side for Sterling and me, should we expect exact matches of Y-DNA, or some variations in the STR numbers? While knowing our origins from 2000 years ago is of general interest, we are much more interested in knowing whether Dr Robinson came from Ireland, Scotland, or even England in the early 1700s. We know he is buried in a Presbyterian graveyard in Maine where many of his neighbors were Ulster Scots, but we do not know what part of Ulster or when he arrived. Right now I am of the mindset his ancestors came from Scotland as part of the Ulster Plantation in the early 1600s but we have no clue where in Ulster they settled or where in Scotland before that. That is our focus right now.
Lisa Franklin
May 20 @ 3:46pm
I concur with Edwin. First by having two Robinson men from two different sons, you will be validating your Y DNA back to the MRCA, Moses Robinson and Big Y will likely provide you with private SNPs that will identify your group. You can see this at work in the Franklin project which happens to be R-M269 and part of that haplogroup project and appears on the Big Y tree maintained by that project. The far left group is the one to which I refer, the A7794 and A7795 SNPs are private SNPs proven to belong to all male Franklin descendants of Wilson Franklin b.c1794 in GA. We have had a lot of participation in that project, but as a result Big Y tells us our line is from the borderlands area of northern England/southern Scotland.
Garald Robinson
May 23 @ 8:51pm
Lisa, your comment about the borderline between Scotland and England matches historical information regarding the region of Scotland where the first settlers to Ulster came from. The aristocracy related to King James came from lower Scotland. Besides them, the others who received land grants from King James for the plantation of Ulster came only from lower Scotland (nobody from the highlands participated as a grantee of lands), and they were the ones who therefore recruited people from their lands in Scotland to help settle in the northern regions of Ireland starting in the early 1600s.