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Silas Burton Silas Burton
September 30 @ 12:28pm
Searching for Project members that share autosomal DNA. If anyone has a GEDmatch Kit # or have other known relatives with kit #s please send me a private message with that info. I have mapped all of my chromosomes so if we share autosomal DNA I'm hoping to verify it with paternal segments.
Garald Robinson
Yesterday at 8:49pm
Silas, I cannot determine your email address. I have two kits on Gedmatch and have made some matches with other distant cousins. Can you share your kit number?
Aaron Robinson Aaron Robinson
October 24 @ 9:40pm
Hey Robinsons! It's been a long time since I was on here. I probably asked this question a long time ago, but oh well. Are there any Robinsons here who belong to the E3b or EM35, who have been able to trace their ancestry back to country or even county of origin? If so, what did you get? English? Scottish? Scots-Irish? Anglo-Irish? Let me know.
Garald Robinson Garald Robinson has a question!
September 30 @ 5:15pm
To Edwin or Lisa: I recently took a full DNA test (from a different company-Nebula Genomics) and now have the test results. There were several different type of files, to include a CRAM, CRAI, FASTQ (part 1 and 2), VCF, and TBI. Which file would be best for the Robinson project? I have also taken the Family Tree Y-111 test, which is kit #930679. Hopefully, this other test can get me out of the undetermined haplogroup for R-M269 and down to a terminal grouping.
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Lisa Franklin
September 30 @ 6:33pm
PS-Did we discuss validation Gerald? With your matches on Y111 looking like they do, that would be the step I would be looking at at this point. Curious also, why you went with another company rather than do the Big Y upgrade at FTDNA?
Garald Robinson
September 30 @ 7:33pm
Lisa, thanks for the replies. To answer your questions: No, I do not believe I ever heard anything about validation. What is that? Glad to do anything that would help out. As for the reason I went with Nebula--that was recommended to me by someone else, I believe in another project; I think it was someone in the Scots-Irish project group. He thought I could get my full SNP test results instead of just some of them with Family Tree. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I have contacted Nebula about getting my terminal SNP results and they suggested that I contact YFull, which I am trying to do. And, as an aside, I also sent Alex an email asking how to get my results to him. Hope to hear from him soon. So, as to the validation--how do we do that? And, finally, my first name is actually Garald, not Gerald. Common mistake; I normally go by Robbie :>)
Lisa Franklin
October 20 @ 5:26am
eMail sent, but for the benefit of is the information on validation:
Lisa Franklin
October 20 @ 5:30am
Validation allows you to prove your lineage to a specific point/person on your paternal lineage Y tree, in this case your Robinson line.  To do this you find a Robinson male cousin who descends from another branch or your paternal lineage or Y DNA line. For example. Say you want to validate your lineage as correct back to your great grandfather who we will call Louis Robinson. And you descend from his son Henry Robinson, you would seek out a Robinson surnamed male who was a direct descendant of a brother of Henry and ask them to do a Y 37 test (just to start and compare) at FTDNA.  By testing direct Robinson male descendants of two sons of Louis Robinson you are validating or proving the Y STR numbers, if they match, are indeed correct for Louis.  If they do not match then you know you have an NPE or Non Paternal Event somewhere in the line downstream of that point.  Same thing if you were to validate to Henry by finding a male Robinson from a brother of his son that is your direct Robinson ancestor.  I say this because sometimes you have to go forward or back a generation if you have a generation of mostly daughters.  This process can be done at any generation, but I usually opt to start at the 3d or 4th generation out, but it can be done at any generation it's just often it can be harder and more work to verify the other person's tree back to a point more distant in time and I always try to verify the lineage, particularly if I offer to pay for the test if someone agrees to test, but doesn't have the funds to pay for it.
Alan Robinson Alan Robinson
August 4 @ 7:51am
Have any descendants of Rowland Robinson (1654-1716) of ENG>RI tested? Increase Robinson (1642-1699) of Mass? Anthony Robinson (1775-1848) b. Johnstown NY?
Charles Robinson
September 12 @ 12:27pm
I am a descendant of Increase Robinson and have done a lot of research on the family. Unfortunately I'm not a Y chromosome descendant. I'd be interested to know which line you are descended on. I do know of some Y descendants of Increase but I haven't corresponded with them about getting tested.
Alan Robinson
September 22 @ 4:13am
Charles, I am not sure if my Robinson line connects. I speculate that my 4th great-grandfather, Daniel Robinson (1770's-18??), might have been the son of Zebulon Robinson (1747-1824) who descended from Increase. Since Daniel Robinsons born in the 1770's are a dime a dozen, I didn't give it serious consideration until I realized my aunt matched a fair number of John Bonney's descendants at AncestryDNA. Lydia Bonney (who married Zebulon) and Margaret Bonney (who married Zebulon's father, Increase) were descendants of John Bonney (1664-1745). At this point, I need some Y-DNA to confirm or refute.
John Robinson
September 30 @ 1:50pm
Alan, I am a Y chromosome descendant of William Robinson (1615-1668) of Dorchester, Mass. thru his eldest son Samuel (1640-1718). Increase (1642-1699) was the second son of William and Margaret Beach (1615- 1664)) and Samuel's younger brother. My kit is #N46014. Y-111 tested and confirmed I-FGC36962. Let me know if you need add'l info. I'll spare you details of my line to Samuel (1640-1718), but edited to add the info. I have indicates my Samuel (1640-1718) and your Increase (1642-1699) were brothers. The info. I have shows, with Sarah Penniman (1641- 1700), your Increase had Increase (1673- 1736) of Taunton. Increase of Taunton with Mehitable Williams (1676- 1781) had Increase (1717-1767). He and Margaret Bonney (1716-1767) had Zebulon Robinson (1747-1824). Zebulon, with Lydia Sears (1747-1824) had Daniel Robinson (1773- 1840). That's as far as my info. goes. I have not myself verified, so it is possible (if not likely) some dates could be off. Regards, John Robinson
Alan Robinson
October 2 @ 4:45am
Thanks, John! As much as I would like to verify a line, it is extremely beneficial to rule one out. I shall move on!
Michael Robinson Michael Robinson
September 28 @ 5:22pm
My 4th great grandfather was a Daniel W Robinson who lived in Maine and said he was from Scotland born ~1800, died 1868 but that’s as far back as we can find anything on him. Found a Scottish war registers document from 1822 that lists a Daniel Robinson born in Dumfries Scotland that we are thinking got stationed in Quebec in 1824 and then went awol into Maine. First mention of him is his marriage announcement to an Emma Chase is 1829. Anyone have a Robinson tree that goes back to the Dumfries area of Scotland?
James Robbins James Robbins
September 14 @ 7:15pm
Any Robinson descendants of the Stag Shipping Line in North Shields, England? I (James' daughter, Laura) have an autosomal DNA match with someone who is a descendant of that line. I've hypothesized that we could be related through a common Scottish ancestor (my Robbins ancestor was a Robinson in the mid-1600s) and comparing Y DNA with one of those descendants would be interesting! (or my hypothesis is wrong!).
James Robbins James Robbins
September 5 @ 7:55am
Back in the mid-1600s, there were two ships with Scottish Prisoners of War (SPOW) that brought men to the colonies and sold as indentured servants. My ancestor was brought over on the second ship but the list of SPOW from that ship indicates there were at least five other, if not six, Robinsons (relatives of his/same clan?). A new website just went live that lists the SPOW and I was surprised to see that there is no information yet on the other 5-6, who were likely sent to New England. Maybe some of you here hold the key to that information! My SPOW was Daniel Robinson (later shortened to Robins/Robbins; sorry, I'm Laura writing from my dad's account) and my dad's Y DNA (and those of Daniel's descendants) are listed here under group R-RM269 #21. Here's the webpage that lists the other Robinson SPOW from that ship: (it's thought that "Robinson" may have been a translation from the Scottish Robertson). Are any of you here related to those Robinson SPOWs (and possibly, a generation or so more distantly, related to Daniel Robins(on))?
Jeremy  Robinson Jeremy Robinson
June 19 @ 2:55am
Hi. I’ve just received my brother’s BigY results. Confirmed haplogroup is R-ZP276. The branch is apparently Ireland and one other unknown country. I am now more confused than ever. I have confirmed Robinson DNA matches from autosomal results back to 1750 or so in England. How do I interpret these results? There is one match comes through from y37 with surname Wilson. But he is the only other person to have done BigY. He does not match my brother at y111 though. What should I do next?
Jeremy Robinson
June 22 @ 1:47am
Lisa. I meant to ask, now that BigY results are in, can you see any matches in the Robinson groupings? Apologies if that is a daft question. I’m not sure if the Jordan match rules out a Robinson match. My theory at the moment is that Robinson and Jordan (who is actually a Fothergill) are the same at some point in the past.
Lisa Franklin
July 12 @ 12:02pm
Backtracking as I'm just seeing this Jane, what you need is a documented second tester in your Robinson line as a validator. Do you know of any 2d or 3d cousin Robinson males in your line you might ask to do a Y test to assist you?
Jeremy Robinson
August 13 @ 3:13am
Hi Lisa, Sorry. I’ve only just seen this. I do understand what you are saying regarding target testing. But unfortunately there are no 2nd or 3rd male cousins that I’m aware of. My grandfather’s brothers left no male descendents. My gt. grandfather did - there are three brothers from that line who have tested descendents. There are several matches from them but the testers themselves are female. So the dna obviously might be through their mother’s side. I’ve messaged re male relative but no response. So all we can do is hope a male tester appears one day. In the meantime could you tell me if Jeremy’s Big Y results fit anywhere at all in the Robinson Surname Project? I have looked at it myself but find it very difficult to cross reference. I’ve no idea if his results are close or completely different. His Haplogroup has updated to R-FT226666, downstream of R-ZP276.
Jeremy Robinson
August 13 @ 3:21am
PS.. Jeremy has also done an FF test where there are 95 Robinson matches. Obviously autosomal is not surname necessarily, or even side. However, the results certainly don’t rule anything out and the paper trail appears to be supported. Thanks, Jane
David Isaacs David Isaacs
August 2 @ 12:15pm
I have received my big y700 i am now I-A15703 i have followed my so called fathers link with cousins and 1/2 brother (fathers side) matching as far as Mathias or Matthew Robinson about 1752-1817 marrying Frances Martin about 1753-1805 this is the furthest back i can manage to find. so far have been unsuccessful to find ancestral relatives to the Robinson line after this. i have not added to the Family Finder or the Ancestors yet due to the fact i am not 100% certain on the name. i know they were born and raised around Durham, England.
Alan Robinson (R-M222/S568) Alan Robinson (R-M222/S568)
May 2 @ 1:07pm
Cousins, I am curious if your Robinson line was originally from Robertson/Roberson (Donnachaidh clan) and if so, is your Y-DNA in M222? To add, I took the 23andMe test and it told me that under R-M269 R-M222 I am in R-S568 branch that is predominately Irish. Previously I had upgraded FTDNA to Y-111 and I wasn't told about the R-S568 branch. I then got my raw data file from 23andMe and uploaded to FTDNA (free) and then it gave me the cousins list. However, my kit result is still not properly tagged with R-S568. Reference;name=R-S568 I am starting to think that my ancient ancestors were Irish, ended up in Scotland as Robertsons, then came to states only to change their name back to Robinson in mid 1800's.
Edwin Robinson
June 3 @ 1:04am
The link below shows some of the known snp's more recent than R-S568
Edwin Robinson
June 3 @ 7:59am
Unfortunately, none of your close relatives has done the Big Y test yet.
Brian Robinson
June 14 @ 1:53am
Alan, I had my brother do the Y-DNA test (his name will likely pop up here) and was a bit surprised because the names that came back as matches were McDonald, O'Brien, Kirby, McAvoy, and a couple others. Perhaps you are related to my ancestors who are my brick wall. My English (maybe not?) ancestor is John Robertson who was probably born around 1818. Will it be helpful if I upgrade my brother's kit to try and sort it out? Cheers! Brenda.
Cheri Robertson
August 1 @ 6:52pm
Hi - my dad us R-M269 (more recent the R-M167) and our surname going back as far as I can is Robertson. However he matches surnames on the Y DNA to Robertson, Robinson, and Roberson. I've done genealogy and DNA for years but just learning about the Y-DNA even though I had him do this kit 2 years ago!