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Don Robinson Don Robinson has a question!
March 8 @ 12:15am
My name is Don Robinson. My kit # B83706. My YDNA Haplogroup is R-FGC14715. I have 6 Private Variants. I have completed the Big Y 700 testing and as expected have a number of Robinson/Robison/Robertson matches. However unexpectedly I also have a number of Reed/Reid YDNA matches. The 2 questions for me at the moment are: 1) very roughly when did the Reid/Robinson common ancestor happen ? 2) before the common ancestor, were my direct ancestors likely named Robinsons or Reids?
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Alan Robinson (S568)
March 13 @ 10:07am
Don, I sent you a note on the Donnachaidh feed.
Lisa Franklin
March 18 @ 6:12am
You can more accurately determine this by validating your own Y line backwards in time Don. Start with a 3d-4th cousin with your Robinson surname from your line. Where you match a cousin, you have validated your lineage back to the common ancestor the two of you share. Where you don't is indicative of a starting point for seeking out an NPE connection. Keeping in mind of course, that with such limited testing at this point, the Reed line could just as easily be the NPE lineage. Looking at your Big Y matches, no Robinson, a mix of names including two Reeds and I would also reach out to your 2 Robinson Y111 matching kits and suggest/ask them to consider an upgrade to Big Y at the next sale in order to have more data on your Robinson lineage to work with in comparison.
Don Robinson
March 18 @ 10:50am
Thanks Lisa!
Don Robinson
March 18 @ 11:06am
Lisa: When I looked at the YDNA Haplogroup for my Reid and Robinson Advanced Matches that tested to 67 and 111, I noticed that 8 were R-M269 as I am. Of those, 5 were Reids and 3 Robinsons. I also noticed that there were 2 others that show as R-FGC14715 as I am and both of those were Reids. Does that tell anything helpful?
Doris Reed Doris Reed
March 12 @ 4:48pm
We have Brewer, Campbell and Robison(Robinson) in our family ancestry
Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell
March 3 @ 10:42pm
Lynn Campbell on behalf of Bruce Campbell -Big Y came in with a name changer from Brewer to Robinson. A6543 - Robinson is also on the maternal line. Are there any Scots Irish Campbell, Robinson, Pennington, Billingtons in this group that may have some inkling as to a connection. All of these surnames have a Scots Irish link with County Armagh Ireland and Scotland. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Edwin Robinson
March 6 @ 12:06pm
The Bruce Campbell?? There was a Campbell Robinson discussion in this group sometime last year or further back.
Bruce Campbell
March 11 @ 10:43pm
Thanks, I'll check back.
Aaron Robinson Aaron Robinson
March 7 @ 11:32pm
Hey guys. Been awhile since I've been on here. I'm just gonna start from scratch. Do any of you Robinson men have haplogroup E-M35 or E3b? If so, have you been able to trace your ancestry very well? Back to England, Ireland, Scotland?
Jeremy Robinson Jeremy Robinson
February 17 @ 1:40am
Would a SNP test to identify subgroup help determine if no matching surname is due to convergence?
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Lisa Franklin
February 20 @ 6:53am
Big Y 700 could prove helpful as your brother is R-M269 and that particular subclade group is VERY active and would mean you could submit your data to the Big Y tree which happens to be for that subclade and be placed on the tree and see what kits you fall in with on the tree.
Lisa Franklin
February 20 @ 6:54am
As an example see the DF63 subclade of the tree on the website..the Franklin project that I have administered for a decade now depicts how this can be of great help. The Franklin project was the first to use SNP testing to identify a specific, non living ancestor. :) Someday Y DNA testing will be able to 'hand' a male a paternal family tree. :)
Jeremy Robinson
February 21 @ 6:03am
I might save the Big Y 700 until there is a sale! But it sounds very interesting. Thanks.
Lisa Franklin
February 23 @ 4:49pm
You're welcome
Jeremy Robinson Jeremy Robinson has a question!
February 16 @ 3:05am
Hi. I recently had my brother’s y-37 results. No Robinson surname in the match list except at 12 markers and that person has zero information provided. Any advice on what now? His Haplogroup is R-M269. I’ve looked at the y-str results but don’t know how to interpret them. Can I learn about about subclades from these? I can’t find any advice in the Learning Centre that takes me any further. A banner pops up suggesting upgrading to y-67. But I don’t want to do that that until I can understand what I’ve got so far, which appears to me to be nothing much. So I predicted the Haplogroup based on our paper research. It’s the most common for for Western Europe. What else should I be able to deduce from these results? Apologies if this is the wrong question in the wrong place. I’ve read everything I can find and am no wiser!
Lisa Franklin
February 20 @ 6:46am
As to upgrading to more markers, of your brother's 14 matches at Y37 only 5 have tested to a higher level. While it is possible to pick up a non match at 37 tested to a higher level, it is rare, and your closest GD (genetic distance) matches are not tested beyond 37 markers themselves. So my suggestion would be to focus on the above recommendation for now and at the next Y upgrade sale you might consider upgrading and let your closest matches know you are and ask them to also consider upgrading to assist you all. Hope this helps!
Jeremy Robinson
February 21 @ 5:59am
Hi Lisa, thanks for that. Yes, I agree with tracing the forward lineage. I've been doing that for a while. One of the sons did have sons going forward. I think he emigrated to USA. It is taking a while to verify this as there are a lot of inconsistencies in the US records. With so many same name individuals it is hard to work out if I have the right person. But that is ongoing.
Jeremy Robinson
February 21 @ 6:02am
Thanks do for your advice re y67. I will wait until the sales as you suggest. Also, I have had replies from some of the matches I have contacted. From the history I have gleaned so far it may well be that there was an npe before 1700. Not that anyone knows that, but the surnames are are linked and there are Robinsons in the same area. So I am now going to do build a tree for some of those surnames and see where it gets me. Thanks again. Jane
Jeremy Robinson
February 21 @ 6:04am
PS Lisa, I do have a better tree. I don't know why but the ftdna trees don't seem to load very well. I can email a link if you don't mind taking a look?
John High-Robinson John High-Robinson
April 4, 2016 @ 5:05pm
This is me (Johnny High) with my mother Dasha (Dana) Timoshenko High. I believe it to be a passport picture taken in either Oct or Nov 1948.
John High-Robinson
April 4, 2016 @ 5:09pm
I will be posting a few pics over time showing me aging through the years. I have noticed that most sons tend to resemble their father fairly closely so I will do this in hopes that maybe somewhere along the line someone will see them and maybe point out that I look a lot like "so & so". I know it sounds silly, but I'm reaching for any straw that might help me in finding out who my biological (Robinson) father/family is.
John High-Robinson
February 10 @ 1:31pm
FOLLOW-UP: Folks, my search came to an end in May 2018 (after 11 years) when I was contacted by an individual who had done the Ancestry DNA test as I had also done. After much discussion with him and his uncle and Ancestry it was determined that I was half brother to his uncle and late mother. I was provided with the name of my biological father. Unfortunately he had passed away in 1956. However I did get to meet my half brother and nephew as well as other nieces and nephews in early 2019. My "new Robinson family welcomed me with with open arms, and what a great bunch of folks they are.
Lisa Franklin
February 20 @ 6:49am
How wonderful! Congrats John!
Jeremy Robinson Jeremy Robinson
January 31 @ 3:55am
H, I hope it's OK for to have joined this group? I am managing the Y-DNA test for my brother Jeremy Robinson. I am Jane Lucas (born Robinson.) We were born in south west Lancashire. I have traced my father's Robinson surname back to a burial in 1750. All bmds are in the sale small Parish. I have been unable to determine with certainty the birth place or parents of that 1750 burial. However, on the maternal side there I have documented the line back to c1530 where the surnames for that family are all patronymic. I have been working on that theory as well as trying to trace Robinson. For example we have John son of Robt. Robtson baptised 1618. Ellin Robertson bap. 1677 dau. Robert Johnson. There are other Robinsons in the same Parish.
Jeremy Robinson
January 31 @ 3:56am
Apologies for the typos.. whilst trying to edit I inadvertently managed to post.
Edwin Robinson
February 3 @ 11:13am
Not a lot of activity in the Robinson group but there are plenty of people managing third party YDNA kits. It is good you are able to do it.
Kevin Robinson Kevin Robinson
January 24 @ 4:04am
Kevin Robinson matches 2 persons at 111 markers; both surnamed Cash, both with Earliest Known Ancestor William Cash born about 1653 died about 1707 America ) QUESTIONs ??? 1) Is the surname Robinson more English in style, than Scots ? 2) Does surname Robinson imply a Son of Robin ? If so; Where is Robin ??? THEORY; please challenge our thinking,,, 3) is it possible that the Robinson family split from the Cash family about 1600. (more likely to us, than the Cash (Caigh ?) splitting from a Robinson line, based upon assumptions of Scots/Irish origin, & the more gutteral tones possible with the name Cash. 4) MIGHT there be a Robin Caish born late 1500's ??? Thanks, Kevin & sister Renee
D Isaacs
January 28 @ 12:35pm
Keving Robinson, Y37 shown up as clarke hull as well. which i took another test didnt see point in a little y snp so i took the y111 and it shown y67 being closer wheeler. however, im chasing all the leads again through clarke, wheeler hull etc. because i have recently discovered robinson my half brother. again may prove false that we are robinson family but from the unknown group it does seem to show im closely number matching the above and below numbers. i did have a big gap on a set of numbers in the wheeler group which couldnt confirm wheeler was my surname. and isaacs group didnt resemble anything for me.
D Isaacs
January 28 @ 12:37pm
my genetic distance of 7 told to me meant that it was such a huge jump because it could mean 500 years or even 5000 years or more. which in genetic terms was too much of a gap to say that it was closely related to the last 250 years maybe able to trace. but now it is difficult to trace over 500 years as not everything is documented for the proof
D Isaacs
January 28 @ 12:38pm
your distance of 10 may mean 100000 years or more
Lisa Franklin
January 29 @ 4:01pm
Kevin, Have you sought out validators for your Robinson line? My suggestion is to start with a 2d or 3d cousin, male Robinson and ask, or offer to pay for, a Y 37 test kit for them. That will tell you if your line is validated to the common ancestor you share. With no other Robinson matches that is always the next step..determining where the break occurs if there is one. hope this helps
D Isaacs D Isaacs has a question!
January 26 @ 3:54pm
Any news on when the dna results are going to get updated? seems a very slow progress in this particular group compared to other groups
Lisa Franklin
January 29 @ 3:59pm
I'm sorry, Not sure why you are asking this? Your matches are Wheelers. I suggest joining the Wheeler project where there will be kits you can be grouped with.