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Phil Clark Phil Clark
November 2, 2017 @ 11:46am
I am Carolyn Clark Bowman and have been doing genealogical research on the Clark lines. I have just joined this group because I have found that my first cousin, Phil Clark's DNA matches are Robinsons. I had no idea about this. My Clark ancestors were from New Brunswick, Canada. I was unaware of anyone in the family being a Robinson. No wonder I hit a big roadblock after about 1813.
ED Robinson
Yesterday at 11:46pm
My grandmother was a Clark. And I am researching both names. Feel free to contact me about it.
Roger Gansauer Roger Gansauer
September 10, 2015 @ 2:22pm
Looking to connect with anyone with the name Robinson or Robertson or Robeson who is related to the following: 1. John and Susan Collier Robinson or . . .(b. 1668 Woodbridge, Middlesex County, NJ; m. ?; d. 1705 Woodbridge, Middlesex County, NJ) or his son 2. John and Mary Cory Robinson or . . . (b. 1690 Woodbridge, Middlesex County, NJ; m 1712 Monmouth County, NJ, d. 1740 Westfield, Essex (now Union) County, NJ or his son 3. Samuel and Hannah Crane Robinson . . . (b. 1721 Woodbridge, Middlesex County, NJ; m. 1745 Westfield, Essex (now Union) County, NJ; d. 1778 Westfield, Essex (now Union) County, NJ) or his sons or daughters 4. David, Samuel, John, Anna(h), Isaac, Daniel, Esther, Mary, Abigail and Sarah. I believe my 3rd great-grandfather, Ephrai(ia)m Robertson (b. 1781 NJ?; d. 1830 Preble County, OH) was the son of Samuel (4.) but I have no direct evidence of the connection. I have done DNA testing and have not been able to make a match with any John Robinson . . . (1.) descendants.
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Rick Robertson
March 30, 2018 @ 10:08am
Still looking, I'm very patient. A possible distant Robertson cousin (I believe his ancestor, David Robertson (4.) was the brother of my ancestor Samuel (4.)) take the Y-DNA37 test. His Y-DNA Haplogroup is R-M269. Kit #524538. Roger Gansauer (administrator of Rick Robertson's kit)
Roger Gansauer
July 10 @ 7:55pm
Still looking! I'm very patient.
Roger Gansauer
August 7 @ 10:27am
Any Robertsons/Robinsons/et. al. out there that match?
Roger Gansauer
Yesterday at 6:24pm
I was recently able to connect my 3rd great grandfather, Ephraim Robertson, to his grandfather, Samuel Robertson/Robinson (b. 1721; d. 1778) and his grandmother, Hannah Crane (b. 1728; d. 1803) using AncestryDNA ThruLines. It connected Ephraim's father, Samuel, Jr. to his sisters - Mary, Esther, Hannah - and one brother - John H or R. I used a half-first cousin's ThruLines, as well, as my brother's, a first cousin's and mine.
John High-Robinson John High-Robinson
August 18 @ 11:07am
Hello everyone... my last post on here was back on Oct 12, 2018 when I announced that after 11 years I had finally made my Robinson connection and found out who my biological father was. I provided my known lineage from him back to Joseph Robinson, (confirmed) but there was a spot between Jesse and Joseph filled by ASA and as shown Asa is believed to be the Thomas ASA listed going back to John Robinson of Henrico County, VA, born ca1688/1690 and died 15 Apr 1768 in VA. During the past year or so I have been doing research and with the help of one of my "cousins" I have been able to pretty much confirm that Jesse Robinson (1822-?) is the son of Thomas Asa Robinson and Thomas is the son of Joseph. So, here is my lineage (again) going back to John Robinson; 1. Me (John High): 1947, Mannheim, Germany 2. Clyde Melvin Robinson (b1917- OK-d1956 CA 3. Jake (Jesse)? Robinson (b. 1871 Caddo, TX - d. 1935 Beggs, OK). 4. James Robinson (b. 1842 Arkansas - d. 1887 Briartown, OK) 5. Jesse (?) Robinson (b. 1822 TN d. ?-?) 6. Thomas (Asa?) Robinson (b. ca 1778 VA - d. before 1878) ? 7. Joseph Robinson (b. 1732 Henrico, VA - d. 24 Feb 1809 Halifax County, VA 8. John Robinson (b. abt 1692, Henrico, VA - d. b. 15 Apr 1768 Cumberland County, VA
ellen robinson T989373
August 18 @ 6:31pm
So happy for you!!
John High-Robinson
August 23 @ 2:23pm
Thanks Ellen.
Eric Robinson Eric Robinson has a question!
June 23 @ 2:21pm
On my father's side of the family the Robinson name goes back to the birth of John Clark Robinson in September 1791. We can find no connections father back and the Y-DNA test comes back with Clarks, but no Robinsons. Can you suggest our next course of action?
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Ralph Robinson
June 30 @ 9:14am
If the Y comes back with Clark names and not Robinson names and you actually have an ancestor named Clark Robinson, I wonder if there was a known adoption or the death of a biological father. If the Y is saying Clark, I am thinking that is where your ancestors are.
Eric Robinson
June 30 @ 2:34pm
Thank you for your thoughts. The problem is that John Clark Robinson seems to have dropped out of the sky. The only birth record we have is a family bible account that starts with him. The bible is gone, my great uncle copied the data before it fell apart at least 75 to 100 years ago. The Bible said JCR was born near Bridgeport CT in Sept 1791. The 1850 census says he was born in Massachusetts. We know nothing past the bible record. I have not been able to find any birth records online that fit in CT or MA. I was hoping that the Y test would connect us with Robinsons further back.
Lisa Franklin
July 13 @ 8:18am
Much like my Findley ancestor who is validated to 1780s for his line via two sons but further back we are apparently Bradley rather than Findley, which explains why we've never been able to find any family connections prior to him. Have you upgraded to Big Y yet? That will ultimtately be your best bet for determining how you connect to the Clark line. Of course you have to hope the Clark matches will also do Big Y if they haven't, if some have, then you are up one already! Best of luck!
Lisa Franklin
July 13 @ 8:20am
I also have a kit in the Bridges project identical scenario. Wilson Bass, validated back to him, named a son Bennett Bridgers Bass. The only Bass martches are his direct descendants, all other matches are Bridgers and Bridges. I suspect he knew he was biologically from that surname. In his case, I suspect he was the son of a Bass female and a Bridgers male in GA where he was born.
Ralph Robinson Ralph Robinson has a question!
June 7 @ 9:38pm
Are you a descendant of Edward Robinson and Ann Meador? Especially interested in Josiah Jones robinson (their son) and Jennie Kuykendall descendants. Their children were placed with uncles after the parents death around 1840. Thanks!
June 14 @ 3:03am
Not to my knowledge. The only Edward Robinson in my line was born about 1950 in Baltimore, Maryland
Lisa Franklin
June 17 @ 8:00pm
What county/state were these Robinsons in please Ralph? Thx
Ralph Robinson
June 21 @ 12:13am
The Edward and Ann Meador group left Cumberland Virginia for Hardeman Tn, this is where Josiah Jones Robinson was born in 1805. Three children were raised by their uncle Walter N,(Jonas, Noah and Mary Ann )one went to their uncle Jonas (Peter), also in Tennessee. Another went to Mississippi to be with Uncle Horatio, (his name sake Rasha). I have autosomal matches with the uncles kids and Y matches with other Robinson's in the line including Edward R born 1730 and his brothers. This was tough to figure out, except for a researcher on Family Search who knew the fate of the 5 orphans. I thought I would post it here in case others are out there. the best proof I have is our high Kuykendall autosomal matches as well as Meador matches. Of course these families married into each other multiple times.
Don Van Fossen Don Van Fossen
June 6 @ 3:03pm
Did not find my kit among the DNA results B175156
Lisa Franklin
June 17 @ 8:10pm
Don, you are a Van Fossen, not a Robinson on your Y line, so you won't show up a the results page is only Y DNA tests for Robinson, Robertson, Robeson etc variants of this surname.
Dean Robinson Dean Robinson
May 20 @ 9:05am
For anyone interested, my website just went 'Live', This is devoted to my 'Robinson' MDKA', cracking the mystery of our brick-wall, and how our Y-DNA research has revealed our Campbell connection. The search continues for our common Campbell ancestor! Any suggestions on how to proceed further would greatly be appreciated. At present, my thought is we need more close Robinson and Campbell men for SNP testing. Enjoy, Cheers & Regards! :-)
John Robinson (T832245) John Robinson (T832245)
May 4 @ 8:00pm
My Gedmatch is T832245. My Grandfather is Russell Robinson born February/6/1925 in Cabell, West Virginia and his parents are George Robinson and Effie Jane Flora her maiden name from West Virginia.And My Great Grandfather George Robinson parents are Jacob Blackburn Robinson and Malinda Scarberry . My 2nd Great Grandfather Jacob Blackburn Robinson parents are John Robinson and Margaret Cox from Virginia. My parents are John Craig Robinson Sr and Linda Kay Gainer of Columbus, Ohio..
Aaron Robinson Aaron Robinson
March 6 @ 8:13pm
Are there any Robinsons on here who have an E haplogroup and have Irish ancestry? I was poking around online and found something from back in 2007 about an Irish DNA project. Among the names there was a Robinson whose haplogroup and markers were exactly the same as mine. No surprise, the region they had listed was Ulster.
Earl Robinson
May 4 @ 11:31am
Hi Aaron. My name is Victoria and manage my father Earl's kit. His haplogroup is an E: it has gone from E1b1a to E-M2 to CT-M168 to now E-Z16056 under BigY700. His paternal grandfather was a Robertson but his children started using Robinson about the time he died in the late 1920s.
Ralph Robinson Ralph Robinson
March 26 @ 10:31am
New to this and don't understand anything about it. Just got Y111 results, Haplogroup RM269 and wonder what that connects me to? seems like most of western Europe is RM269. I am trying to find Robinson in GA prior to 1830. My oldest know is Green Robinson, born in SW GA in 1830. He indicates in a later census that his parents were born in GA. ANyone have any info, thanks
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Lisa Franklin
March 26 @ 3:31pm
You are part of R - (R-M269) Group 26 Ralph
Ralph Robinson
April 5 @ 10:07am
I could not find a DNA Results page? What does the Group 26 tell me? And a big thanks
Lisa Franklin
April 8 @ 2:07pm
Ralph, you can view the project results page from this group posting page by clicking the DNA RESULTS link on the left menu. I typically select the colorized version as it highlights fast mutating results and helps in analysis. What this tells you is that the other men in Group 26 of the R-M269 subclade are Robinson lines kin to your own, so you can focus on those lines in your research to seek out the connection. At the same time if you see a line on the results page that is tested that you thought was kin to you but is not part of your group, but part of another group, you can save yourself time by knowing you do not need to research that line as it is unrelated to you. Hope that makes sense. :)
Lisa Franklin
April 8 @ 2:11pm
Also, looking at your matches Ralph with the Robinson/Roberson and variant surnames you are tested to the highest level at 111 markers and they are all tested on fewer markers, mostly 37 and one 67. If I were you, I would contact each of those matches and ask about their Robinson lineage and also at the next sale encourage them to upgrade to Y 111 or at least Y 67 to help you with your own research.