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Sam Roach Sam Roach has a question!
March 3 @ 8:53pm
Hi, I'm fairly new to genetic family research and was hoping one of you could help me understand why my grandpa (Sam Roach) isn't matched to the Littleberry Roach line on the DNA group results. On paper and through Family Finder cousins, I've matched him to John Surratt Roach (through his son William and his son Simon and his son Abner). I've seen people say that John S. Roach is a son of Littleberry. Is this just hearsay? Also, is it common to have NO surname matches on the Y-DNA matches? My grandpa has a few matches at the 37 level (and hundreds at the 25 and 12 levels) but only 2 of these are Roach. None of his 37 level matches are Roachs. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Thanks! Abigail
John Brackett John Brackett
February 12 @ 11:57am
Hello everyone, I compared my y-67 results to the chart and found that I have a strong link to the Littleberry Roach line. My issue is that I show no familial connection to this family as my family name has been Brackett since at least 1886. if anyone has any infromation on the Roach family being near Toccoa, Habersham COunty, Georgia in the mid 1880's, that would be awesome.
Mitchell Roach Mitchell Roach
January 20 @ 7:07pm
Greetings, It’s been just over 5 years since I received my results putting me in Lineage 3. According to Peter, the DNA results were very clear for me, being a member of the Littleberry lineage. I still have not gotten past my David to find that connection to Littleberry and thought I would reach out to see if anyone else in the group sees a connection with me that can help out. Here is my line, starting with me: • Mitchell John ROACH (B 4/1/1965)  Robert Lee ROACH (B 2/21/1933 D 4/25/2000) • Arthur Lee ROACH (B 8/30/1901 D 5/8/1971) o John Jefferson ROACH (B 10/10/1877 D 2/7/1954) and Minnie Rosaline HINMAN (B 9/28/1880 D 9/7/1945)  James Morton ROACH (B 5/29/1851 D 1/4/1900) and Alwilda A. HORTON (B 9/10/1858 D 7/25/1909) • John J. ROACH (B 1822 D 1864) and Elizabeth TURNER (B12/26/1809 D 3/20/1896) o David ROACH (B abt 1784-1794 D abt 1860) and Jane HAMPTON (B abt 1794 D 5/2/1854)
Jonathan Goodwin Jonathan Goodwin
January 4 @ 10:04am
Hey There, just joined the project as I finally have my raw DNA data (and subsequently updated) I am a descendant of Roach on my mother's side (maiden name Roache) in Nova Scotia. We are waiting for her results as well, as she would have inherited an X chromosome from my Grandfather, who is a Roache. We're trying to trace our tree, but we've hit a complete roadblock in the mid 1600's in Cork. The farthest back we can find is Captain Charles Roche, married an Elizabeth McNab (Or some think Tilly) but no one has any parental information for Charles and has NO hints whatsoever! :) Hoping our data can enhance the project, even by a little.
Michael Stubley
January 4 @ 5:34pm
@Jonathan...Like you I am Roach from mothers side. Have you done Family Finder My 1st Cousin Terence Roach’s results from Ancestry show a Cork connection way back when ! Unfortunately we know nothing about our family before they arrived Manchester UK circa 1860’s His results are on FF along with mine
Jonathan Goodwin
January 16 @ 6:08pm
A problem I run into is that one of my ancestors is supposedly the son of another roche however that particular persons will mentions only 3 children which he is not one of the names. Frustrating.
Elizabeth Blair Elizabeth Blair
May 25, 2016 @ 3:02am
Hi, I am descended from Johanna Roche who met her husband/partner William Jackson Parker in Fermoy in County Cork in the early 1800s. There is some confusion in the family about her place of birth. Some believe she was born in Cork and others believe she was born in County Clare. Is there anyone out there with any information about this?
Michael Hawkes (Ryan)
June 1, 2016 @ 4:00pm
My husband has a Roche 2nd Great grandmother from County Cork. Do you match any people with the Family finder with the Roche surname?
Lisa Fondelius
January 5 @ 9:41am
My Patrick Roach. b 1824 in Ireland is supposed to be from Tubber Killkeady, county Clair, but I don't have much info. His parents may have been Michael Roach and Bridget Brayton.
Kellie Roche Kellie Roche
January 30, 2017 @ 10:24pm
I just joined and am awaiting my DNA results. My connection is my 3x great grandfather, John Roche who was born 29 Sept 1818. All that my family knows is that he married a lady named Bridget. Together, they had a son named Dennis E. Roche who settled in Upstate New York. Looking forward to collaborating with the group!
Lisa Fondelius
January 5 @ 9:31am
Hi Kellie. You can see if you are a match with me. My Roaches are from upstate NY (Granvile) and Vermont. My second great grandfather Patrick Roach 1824-1904 also married a Bridget (brereton), AND it seems his father who may have been Michael Roach from Ireland, married a Bridget Brayton! How strange. I am on Ancestry and Gedmatch also. But this Roach is spelled differently from yours. I know the spelling has changed, but all of my records show it as Roach.
Daniel Roach Daniel Roach
November 25, 2016 @ 11:31pm
Any Patrick Roach b.1861 d. 1915 clan out of New York here? I have FTDNA, AncestryDNA and on GEDMatch (A698291)
Daniel Roach
December 2, 2016 @ 7:51pm
I wish I understood DNA, looks all Greek to me, a bunch of numbers...LMAO
Tommy Thuvesson
January 31, 2017 @ 4:21am
Gary Egan ,Yes i saw now our match Comparing Kit F395471 (Tommy Thuvesson (SWE)) and A666796 (*A389006 Maternal 1C) Largest segment = 9.3 cM Total of segments > 3 cM = 36.1 cM 8 matching segments I am living in sweden , and most of my matches on my fathers side (Y.dna) came from Scotland,ireland , Norway (Norse,Viking) Most of my matches on my mothers side mtdna) came from scotland,England,Ireland,Finland.
Lisa Fondelius
January 5 @ 9:14am
I have four small 4 cm long matches with you, Daniel on chromosomes 3, 7, 15 and 19 if I do a one-to-one match on Gedmatch. My kit is A173088 (Lisa Fondelius). I come from a Patrick Roach of Vermont (who lived in NYC when he first immigrated here from Ireland), but different than yours. Mine is born 1824-1904). His daughter Anna Roach who married a Dalton was my great grandmother. I tried to find you on ancestry but I could not. I am on Ancestry also
Lisa Fondelius
January 5 @ 9:16am
I also show four short matches with kit number A666796 Who matches with Tommy Thuvesson on Chrom 2, 10, 14, and 22. I live in Sweden now also!
Lisa Fondelius Lisa Fondelius
January 5 @ 8:57am
Hi, My second great grandfather was Patrick Roach who died in Wells, Vermont in 1904. He supposedly was born in Tubber Killkeady, Claire ireland in 1824. His father may have been Michael Roach, but I am stuck there. Patrick seemed to have an interesting life: he was a steeplechase jockey in Ireland, and got a bad leg, but was also a tailor. When he moved to NYC, he was a tailor for Brooks Brothers. After moving to an Irish area in Vermont, he became a slate quarry owner!
Scott Ramer Scott Ramer
March 20, 2018 @ 6:10pm
Has anyone used and/or can recommend a Genealogist. I am adopted, trying to find my birth parents so I did 3 Family Tree DNA test, Family Finder, mtFull Sequence and Y-DNA111. I have no idea what it all means and just go cross eyed looking at it all. It appears there were not really any significant matches, but I just don't know. All I know is my adoption papers name me Infant Roche.
John Roche
December 27 @ 9:04am
Scott, you can consider any cousin up to or including 5th as of some significance. Surnames will rarely match your birth name. If you have had no luck yet, you can download your test details to Gedmatch & more cousins will show up. Email as many as you can without explaining your situation yet (your birth have been a well kept secret). I am assuming that you live elsewhere as here in the UK adoption files are generally, legally available to the adopted person. On this site I may show as 'John Roche' but he's my male cousin who took the Y test for me with no matches at all on Y-DNA111- but since then I have done Familyfinder here & with Ancestry for myself & found a large number of cousins with matching DNA & with corresponding trees.( I found a friend's father a while back through Familyfinder.) Obviously all depends upon who else of one's relatives (known or unknown) testing for DNA. Don't give up...I just found my Roche ancestors after 40 years of a brick wall! Adrienne Roche (for John Roche)
Clint Dark Clint Dark
October 28 @ 3:31pm
Still researching any Lineage 1 Roach family who immigrated in to the states and settled in TN prior to 1795 and to OH by 1850 and then TX in the 70's. James Roach b1795 d1871 on the 1850 Census lists he was born in Tennessee and Married Margery (Mary) Gray b in Virginia... Not sure who James' father is... I have tested YDNA and confirmed Lineage 1 and to this Roach family... James b 1795 TN Alvin b 1830 OH George Wesley b 1860 OH Charles Franklin b 1882 OH Harold Milford b 1912 OH Harold William b 1932 OH (Adopted by stepfather Schweitzer) Harold William b 1953 MT Harold William b 1970 TX (Adopted by stepfather Dark)
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Clint Dark
October 29 @ 9:23am
MIchael, I just ran the comparison and it doesn't appear your cousin and I have a DNA Match.
Clint Dark
October 29 @ 9:44am
However the only data I have on the GEDmatch website is my Ancestry and 23andMe data. I don't know how to load my yDNA test form this ftDNA onto the
Terence Roach
October 30 @ 11:01am
Like you only downloaded to GEDmatch from Ancestry & 23andMe also downloaded same to FamilyFinder here on FTDNA
Clint Dark
November 4 @ 8:19am
I did a y-DNA test here on FTDNA...I also did a mTDNA test on Ancestry and 23andME...I uploaded my Ancestry and 23&me data to gedmatch...but can't figure out how to upload my y-DNA data to the GedMatch.