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About us

The Roache DNA Project, which includes all variant spellings, is for people who are interested in extending their family history beyond the traditional genealogical paper trail. Since surnames came into existence, diverse spellings have evolved (Roche / Roach / Roache, etc). For the most part, and contrary to popular opinion, these variations are of little significance. The Y chromosome (Y-DNA) provides a powerful tool for discovering ancestral male lineages because, unlike other chromosomes, this DNA molecule is passed down directly from father to son. Only males inherit the Y chromosome, therefore surname analysis can only be performed on male DNA. Females who would like to check their direct paternal line can have a male relative with the Roche /Roach surname order a Y-DNA test. By comparing the Y chromosome from different Roche /Roach families, it is possible to judge how closely they are related. If their genetic codes are very similar, we can say that they share a common male ancestor in the recent past. The more differences in their genetic code, the more generations have passed since their last common ancestor.