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About us

Welcome to our Reddick / r320 surname project webpage. We hope that you will find some of our information to be useful in trying to understand your family background. R320 is the Soundex coding for the general spelling (R*D*K) of most of the surnames appearing in this project.

Readdick, Reddick, Reddicks, Reddig, Redditt, Reddoch, Redick, Rettig, Riddick, Riddoch, Ruddick, and Ruddock are spellings amongst the surnames that we are testing. Historically, some of these modern surnames connect back to folks with spellings like Radick and Readick (known from Georgia). Census and other records also carry other spellings - e.g., Ready and Reddy. This can make working back through a paper trail a very difficult and sometimes quite confusing task.

The new field of investigation now known to us as Genetic Genealogy offers those of us with minimal paper trails or else confusing hints as to our ancestry a way out of the confusion and frustration of traditional genealogy. With DNA testing we can confirm relatedness or otherwise demonstrate that people of the same surname are not related.

Since a Surname Project in essence traces members of a family that share a common surname, and females (a) don't carry their father's Y-DNA, and (b) acquire a new surname by the way of marriage, in order to be relevant to the Reddick / r320 Surname Project, the tested individual must be a male that wants to check his paternal line (father's father's father's...). Females wishing to participate should look for a brother or cousin with that surname to be tested.