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26/08/2016 - A8467 and S6863 are ambiguous ( R1b - L51xP312xU106 SNP Pack ) and should not be relied upon.

02/01.2016 - FTDNA launch - R1b - L51xP312xU106 SNP Pack -
Includes the following SNPs
L51, P310, P311, P312, U106, CTS4528, PF7589, CTS6889, A8055, A8056, A8057, A8058, A8059, A8060, A8053, FGC37100, FGC37082, FGC37097, FGC37115, FGC37112, FGC37107, FGC37093, A8041, A8043, A8045, A8046, A8050, A8040, A8039, S1194, Y16484, Y16485, Y16742, Y16743, A8467, FGC23894, FGC23892, S23564, CTS1195, CTS7354, CTS8326, CTS10694, F4036, CTS7141, S17181, S18017, S23097, S6868, FGC23877, S15363, S24014, A8490, A8530, S1211, S1199, S1187, A8500, S1196, A8463, A8471, A8474, A8475, S14328, S11481, A8472, DF100, BY11990, Z2113, CTS5981, BY11998, FGC24107, A5922, BY11999, BY12000, BY12001, BY12004, BY12007, FGC24158, FGC24138, Y16631, Y16633, Y16634, Y16635, Y16636, Y16632, A605, A607, A610, A611, A614, A626, A636, CTS6192, CTS7416, CTS8679, BY11300, Y23483, Y23488, CTS11824, A613, P15, BY12053, BY12054, BY12055, BY12057, BY12058, A8051, A8052, FGC12521, BY11306, BY11307, BY11782 PF6714, CTS1276, PH1203, M10071, PF1806, Z3512, Z29844, Z29843, Z29841, Z29840, Z29839, Z29838, S8933, S819, S6863, PF7590, S1186, S1192, S1195, S1197, F1200, FGC31995, SK1562, FGC38687, CTS2484, CTS5940, Y5141, Y5142, Y5144, Y5145, Y5146, Y5149, Y5150, E207

24/08/2016 - AM01878 was added on the ISOGG tree (aka DF100 aka S1203)

24/08/2016 - AM01877 was added on the ISOGG tree (aka CTS4528 aka S1200)

20/05/2016 - Stanley Shannon joining the R1b-S14328 Project as Co Administrator to further study the Ulster/Scots branch.

03/05/2016 - "HT35 Project" transition into "R1b Basal Subclades, R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106) Project".

06/01/2016 - S11481 was added on the ISOGG tree

02/08/2015 - Applied to FTDNA to add the following individual SNP for testing. S6868. (no response from last request - 06/03/2015)

02/08/2015 - S14328 was added on the ISOGG tree as R1b1a2a1a3a

17/05/2015 - CTS1276 found in kit 276726 - Hinkel under R-S14328 Is not a unique mutation it is also found in Branch "N"

08/05/2015 - After correspondence with BDNA, they now agree to discontinue test S1203 / DF100 /  (16775613 - C.T) after finding negative results showing on their current test array, for those who have tested positive in tests elsewhere.

01/05/2015 - Applied to FTDNA to add the following 2 SNP's for testing - S1199 - 15472176 C.T & S17868 - 16054926 C.T

12/04/2015 - The combined results of Morrison, Schlegal, Meyer, show that SNP, S1187-14054143 - Under R-S1211, is a random mutation and should not be listed as a terminal SNP. Reported to BDNA. S1187 & S1199 are showing negative in BDNA results. thanks HT35.

06/03/2015 - Applied to FTDNA to add the following individual SNP for testing. S6868.

06/03/2015 - NEW SNP's added to FTDNA test chip S1211 & S11481

29/01/2015 - Applied to FTDNA to add the following individual SNP's for testing. S1211 & S11481.

24/01/2015 - CTS7141 disproved as being one of our S14328 subclades, CTS7141 also found in P312. Ht35 Project have been informed.

06/01/2014 - R1b-S1194, Investigation complete and shows to be the brother clade to P312 and U106 and father clade to CTS4528 / DF100.

28/12/2014 - BIG Y results confirm the relatedness of R1b-S11481+ to DYS392=14 in CTS4528 / DF100 testers.

05/12/2014 - R1b-S1194 “Under Investigation”

04/12/2014 - Added to myGroups BETA at FTDNA.

02/12/2014 - Added Sergey Malyshev, as Group Co-Administrator from the HT35 project, sample analyst & y-Haplotree Builder.

11/12/2014 - S14328, Group started, transitioned from FTDNA L11*& CTS4528 / DF100 Private project 2013.

21/11/2014 - Request to join myGroups at FTDNA BETA.

18/11/2004 - Request to FTDNA and YSEQ to develop a custom panel SNP test for CTS4528 / DF100

26/10/2014 - CTS4528 / S1200, DF100 / S1203 requested & added to ISOOG Tree.

05/09/2014 - P312+"Williams - N4846" anomaly returned negative for P312 from FTDNA, CTS4528 Investigation complete.

25/07/2014 - ISOGG "CTS4528- Under Investigation" P312+ "Williams - N4846" anomaly reported to FTDNA and retest ordered.

2014 - P312 positive results may be ambiguous in early FTDNA subclade testing (Prior to 2008?).

2014 - BIG Y does not always show positive for DF100 / S1203 For no shows an individual SNP test is recommended as in the cases of Walker-211617, Foster, 16296 - Wilson, Struve N116591.

2014 March - Applied to FTDNA to have SNP CTS4528 added for testing.

2013 - Britain’s DNA Cromo2 - 2000 People tested results released 569-1944 under R1b-S1194 (only 570 and 1944 are negative for S1200).

2013 - Britain’s DNA Cromo2 - SNP DF100 / S1203 test results a no show on Cromo2 test.

for update and inclusion contact Adrian Ballard. Admin.