downstream subclade (SNP) of CTS4528+ / DF100+
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R1b- S14328 aka R1b1a2a1a3a - (13647616 C>A) - Y-DNA Genetic Genealogy Project. SNP's S14328, S1211 & S6868 Please join and we will check your results and advise on any further testing. S14328 - A downstream subclade of SNP's < CTS4528 / DF100 < S1194 < P311 < L11/P310 < L151 < L23 < M269. We are looking for members who have or may test positive for CTS4528 & downstream subclades and have an interest in related Family History and are willing at least in the future to test further downstream SNP's / subclade’s as they develop to substantiate your most downstream SNP/(up to date), bringing our members y-DNA samples within the scope & timescale of fixed & recent recorded surname history, In turn helping us to discover recent family histories and cultural ethnicities.