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About us

Welcome ! you have arrived here because maybe you have tested positive for our "RARE" Y Genetic Type. A Rare brother of two dominating and prolific Y-Gene types that dominate Western Northern Europe & The British Isles. The Big Question, everybody keeps asking "WHERE ARE WE FROM" The current "evidence" can be found on our "Results Page" Our Type is found in greatest concentrations In The British Isles, among the Dutch & in Germany with disseminated traces elsewhere. We are looking for members who have or may test positive for downstream subclades of CTS4528 & have an interest in related Family History. This project is open to males or those female representatives of carriers of our rare Y-Genetic type and have test results in our project. If you are unsure of your testing status "Please join" and we will check your results and subgroup them for recommended further testing. To make the Admins work more efficient please adhere to the following: 1. "Attach to Members" Correct Known Male Line Surname - keeping clear and conforming text (No Female names in place of males please). 2. Try to complete a Family Tree using only absolute documented facts, nothing more. 3. "Allow Admin, Project Joining to Relevant Projects". 4. To help Admins find all possible matches across the board - "Show all Levels of STR's" matches at FTDNA, 500, 111, 67, 37, 25, 12 "Manage Personal Information" (page) "Privacy & Sharing" - Select the Y-DNA Matching level in which you wish to participate - select "All Levels" 5. To help Admins check for matches and move members into newly created & updated gene sub sections please ensure - "Access Granted" Advanced or Limited - Minimum will NOT be accepted, at this level your sample is not accessible in any form and therefore will be removed until changed. 6. In Respect of Privacy - "Do Not Copy & Post project content elsewhere or online" limited private use is only acceptable. 7. Relatives & representatives of members are welcome to join here but must first contact admin and satisfy there validity with submission of proofs of testing where necessary. Please Join Our FACEBOOK page for members www.facebook.com/groups/cts4528