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R-ZZ37/ZZ38 Haplogroup Project
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What test should I order?  Answer:  That will depend on your goals.  Contact a project administrator for advice.

What is the Family Finder test, Y-DNA test, X chromosome test?  Answer:  Family Finder is an autosomal DNA test.  Autosomal means, **not gender specific;** not only female, and not only male.  All22 chromosomes are tested, plus X, because everyone has at least 1 X chromosome.  Y is a completely different and separate kind of DNA test, only for males.  It only tests a single chromosome, the Y chromosome.  No other chromosomes are tested.  It traces father - father - father - father, etc., back through time, for thousands of years.  

How do I order a test from YSeq?  When FTDNA does not offer single SNP tests that cover unique markers in your genetic tree, you can “wish” the SNPs and then test with a company called YSeq. YSeq is a reputable company that is run by Thomas Krahn, the Y Chromosome scientist that helped FTDNA build the precursor to their next generation y sequencing tests.  Go to and check if the SNP you want tested is offered at YSeq, if not then you will have to “wish” the SNP and wait for verification.  When the SNP isavailable, proceed with the following

  • 1)    Go to

  • 2)    Paste the names of the SNPs (one at a time) into the search field on the left of the screen on the YSeq page. Add each one to your cart. The cost is $18 per SNP plus about ~ $8 for the swab/test kit andthe cost of shipping the kit to you.

  • 3)    Once all are in your cart, select “Checkout”

  • 4)    The system will prompt you to login or create an account as a new customer.

  • 5)    “Continue” as a new customer.

  • 6)    Enter your contact info and create a password.

  • 7)    You may be required to confirm your email address.

  • 8)    Proceed with your order by confirming your“Delivery Information” such as shipping address.

  • 9)    Continue to the next page for “Payment Information”. Confirm the billing address is correct. Select Continue.

  • 10)  Verify the Order Information and “Confirm Order”.

  • 11)  You’ll be taken to Paypal where you can

  • a.     Pay with your paypal account

  • b.     Use a debit card

  • c.     Use a credit card

  • 12)  After this is complete, you’ll be returned to the YSeq page and should receive a confirmation by email from Astrid Krahn with details of your order.

  • 13)  Receive the swab kit in mail.

  • 14)  Swab your cheek and then air dry the swabs using their instructions.

  • 15)  Place the swabs in the plastic sleeves they have provided.

  • 16)  Return the kit via US postal service to YSeq. They are located in Germany so you’ll need at least $2.00 worth of US postage stamps. You can just use four standard “forever” first class stamps on a standard white business letter envelope. The kit has a sticker with their delivery address that you can just paste on the front of the envelope. It’s easiest to just drop the envelope into a USPS mail box. If you take it to a USPS postal counter, they’ll ask you all sorts of questions about contents, customs forms,etc. I’ve never had a problem with this package being delivered to YSeq from the United States and I have never included any of these postal forms.

  • 17)  Await results, which will be provided by email somewhere between 1 week and 4 weeks from when you mail the envelope with the swab brushes.

  • 18)  Forward the results email to your R-ZZ37 administrator.

  • 19)  You should add your youngest SNP to your “most distant known ancestor” field in your account at FTDNA so it will show up on project and match pages in the FTDNA system. Example: John Smiths b 1820 in Virginia (R-BY12345+)