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R-Y19847: Merging Paper Trail

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About us

R-Y19847: Merging Paper Trail & DNA is a focused project aimed at tying together the family trees of men with primarily Jewish or Hispanic heritage in the R-M269 > R-L23 > Z2103 > Y4362 > Y4364 > Y4366 > BY3293 > BY13830 > Y19860> Y19847 haplogroup using Y-DNA test results. At the start in March 2017 there were nine men who have had undergone BigY testing. Two of the men have well documented family trees back to 1200 and 1600 C.E. The project has evolved since then to include over 100 members with over 40 having undergone BigY testing and their close STR matches, into multiple distinct Ashkenazi branches and Sephardi/Hispanic branches which diverged from a common ancestor some 1600 years ago. In order to place the origins of our Y19847 haplogroup into a broader historical context, we've also looked at our closest "upstream" (more distant) matches - an Armenian, from whom we split some 3300 years ago, and one step beyond that, Lebanese Druze, Iraqi Arab, and Chuvash men, from whom we split around 3500 years ago. DO NOT JOIN unless you have AT LEAST ONE MATCH with terminal SNP assignment within haplogroup Y19847, and/or if some of our members are on your Y-DNA match list. There are many R1b sub-haplogroup projects, so just because you have a terminal SNP assignment of M269, does not mean that you belong in this project. We will remove anyone who does not fit this profile. The pathway to our SNP is as follows: R-M269 > R-L23 > Z2103 > Y4362 > Y4364 > Y4366 > BY3293 > BY13830 > Y19847