Celtic U152/L2/FGC22501 and subclades
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About us

Welcome to the R-U152-FGC22501 Group

We are Celtic L2/FGC22501 who settled in Gaul; ancient Roman province of Belgica. And then broadly dispersed from there. Please see our results page for updates.

The path is R1b > M269 > L11 > P312 (S116) > U152 (S28) > L2 > FGC22501
The path by location "may" be the Eurasian Steppes> Bohemia>and then broadly scattered from there.

All members of this group
must test positive for FGC22501 or any of its subclades . U152 is the parent clade of L2 and FGC22501.

Both L2 and FGC22501 are tested in the current
BigY-700 test---if in your Y-DNA you have value 13 for the 37th marker DYS438 we highly recommend testing with this panel.

This group is open to any man who has tested positive for
FGC22501 OR L2 with value 13 or 14 for DYS438 . Some L2 with DYS438=13 have turned out to be DF103+ which is a brother clade of FGC22501.

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