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Celtic L2 FGC22501 and subclades
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About us

We are Celtic L2's who test positive for FGC22501. The path is R1b > M269 > L11 > P312 (S116) > U152 (S28) > L2 > FGC22501. Old style R1b1a2a1a2b1d The path by location "may" be the Eurasian Steppes > Austrian Alps > Gaul > Lorraine >and then broadly scattered from there. All members of this group must test positive for L2. We suggest joining the U152 group before or in addition to joining this one. U152 is the parent clade of L2 and FGC22501. Both L2 and FGC22501 are tested in the current R1b Backbone Panel---if you have DYS438=13 we highly recommend testing with this panel. A stand alone FGC22501 can be found for $39 via your Haplotree &SNPS page. It is the last SNP listed under L2. This group is open to any man who is tested positive for L2 & FGC22501 OR L2 AND has DYS438=13 AND is from anywhere West of the Rhine river including the UK or Romania (of Flemish/German descent). Those from the US, Canada, Australia or NZ who believe their line is from the UK or West of the Rhine are included. We recently have a new result from Sweden! Currently FGC22501 includes men from the US, Canada, England, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, and Romania. We expect there will be others from France, Germany, and Luxembourg. To date all that are from Ireland with DYS438=13 have turned out to be DF103 or L21 Kelly Wheaton Frederic Verbeeck Jan Tripp