Celtic U152/L2/FGC22501 and subclades
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About us

We are U152/L2/FGC22501Celtic who tested positive for FGC22501 and its subclades. The path is R1b > M269 > L11 > P312 (S116) > U152 (S28) > L2 > FGC22501 (old style R1b1a2a1a2b1d) This group is open to any male DNA sample which either tested positive for U152/L2/FGC22501 or any FGC22501 subclade and has value 13 occasionally 14 for Y-DNA STR-marker DYS438 or whose Y-67 or Y-111 indicated FGC22501+ in the Nevgen haplogroup predictor : https://www.nevgen.org/ Currently, the historical path by location appears to be the Eurasian (Pontic-Caspian) Steppes > Eastern Hallstatt (Austrian Alps) > Western Hallstatt (West of river Rhine) > Gaul > Lorraine (larger historical Celtic capital of Trier region) > and then broadly scattered from there. All members of this group must test positive for FGC22501 or its subclades. If you have only Y-DNA results with value 13 occasionally 14 for your STR-marker DYS438 and believe your ancestry could be from anywhere West of the Rhine river -- including those from eastern or northern Europe, the UK, US, Canada, Australia or NZ who believe their line is from the UK or West of the Rhine -- we highly recommend further testing taking a BigY 700 to find your personal SNP, position in our FGC22501 tree and time framing. To date all that are from Ireland with DYS438=13 have turned out to be from different clades such as DF103 or L21 Kelly Wheaton Vanessa van der Beke Jan Tripp †