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About us

This project is for anybody who has tested positive for the Y-DNA SNP called L554.

L554 is a SNP at position 13532171 on the Y-chromosome. The ancestral allele at this position is A, whereas the L554 allele is G.

L554 was discovered in March 2011 during WTY testing of a person whose paternal ancestry is from southern England.

L554 is downstream of L21 as well as Z253, so everybody who is L554+ is also L21+ as well as Z253+. Hence R-L554 is within the R-Z253 subclade, which in turn is in the R-L21 subclade of Haplogroup R1b. If you are L21- then you are L554-.

If you are L21+ and also Z253+ then you may want to consider ordering a SNP test to determine whether you are positive or negative for L554. A good choice is the Z253 SNP Pack.

If you have tested positive for L554 then please join this project. You should also join the R-L21 Project as well as the R-Z253 Project.

As of March 2016, the L554 SNP has been found within only five surname clusters. Based on STR comparisons, it appears that the branching structure from the origin of the L554 haplogroup down to these surnames is as illustrated below:

To further investigate the structure of the haplogroup, it would be helpful for members to do the "Big Y" test.