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News release dated December 2019:
Project and paper update:  

     Paper: 'Using Data Analytics to Interpret Haplogroup Evolution applying surname, surname origins and TMRCAs' - in progress

     Development workbook: 'CTS4466 TMRCA Case Study 1.0051 12142019.xlsm' - in progress

     Reference papers:


The R-L21 4466 South Irish Project was created to identify the specific unique 's that characterize the cluster, as well as research the base haplotype with the goal of understanding the Eoganacht sept/clan/surnames and their relationship to the CTS4466+ SNP and the South Irish base haplotype.  The original markers of the South Irish were identified by Dr. Kenneth Nordvedt.  

The related TMRCA calculations and phylogenetic base haplotype relationships are based on work from Dr. Anatole Klyosov.

Papers in progress:

-Forensic yDNA research of the 4466 South Irish Base Haplotype

-Forensic yDNA Case Studies

-Eoganacht sept name variants and base haplotypes

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