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RL21 4466&SouthIrish

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Dominic DeLuca Dominic DeLuca
June 16 @ 10:42am
Good Morning All, when I transferred my results to this website last year, it instantly associated me with this group. A further look on other tests showed a large connection to Ireland, from Donegal down the western coast, but strongest in County Cork. This led me on quite the genealogical journey trying to find the Irish ancestor lost in the fold. I was able to find a few ancestors here and there through out my family tree, but these were six, seven even ten generations back. Could ancestry this far back create such a strong result, or am I missing a more recent ancestor? I’m determined to figure it out and after a year of trying on my own, I’m finally attempting to reach out and see about maybe some help. Any ideas? Should I take one of the more in depth tests, or is this simply a need for a better researcher? If anyone is willing to assist me, I’d be more than appreciative. I’m also on gedmatch if that helps; kit xk1253104. Thanks!
Herb Roe
June 19 @ 8:27pm
Better testing always helps but you would need to be more specific about what you are trying to find with the different tests, A BIG Y test would help you determine your paternal lineage (fathers father fathers father on back), but wouldn't do anything for the other lines. A mtDNA test would help you determine your maternal lineage (mothers mothers mothers mothers, etc., no men). If you want to find out more about the other lines, then having cousins (near and distant) also test autosomal so they can be compared with yours. I also have a strong Irish signal. I have one ancestor 6 generations back who immigrated in 1840. But I also have multiple other lines on various branches of the family who all immigrated in the 1600/1700s, so it makes the signal look stronger and more recent than that one man. You may also have this in your tree.
Joseph Harnett Joseph Harnett
March 11 @ 4:59pm
My name is Mary Lou Harnett Montez, and our only male relative left (that we know of) is Joe Harnett, whose DNA we used to join this group. Our great Great Grandfather was David Harnett, born in County Cork about 1839-40; emigrated to the US around 1845-50 - if what little we know is true. We believe his mother was a Margaret Cumming (last name is totally illegible) on the only record where she is mentioned. Our only FamilyTree DNA contact had a great-great-grandfahter named Michael Harnett, born 1841 and died 1910. This is very similar to ours, but we cannot find a connection. We have no other ancestors beyond David Harnett. Any info or ideas for research would be so much appreciated.
Randy Harnett
May 1 @ 6:59pm
Mary Lou have you done an autosomal dna test (family finder)?
Joseph Harnett
May 31 @ 9:35am
not yet - I have done them through 23and me and ancestry so far...
Randy Harnett
June 5 @ 8:11am
You can transfer your raw data file from Ancestry to FTDNA. I am on ancestry as R Harnett.
Tim Noonan Tim Noonan
April 27 @ 7:41pm
Apologies for my naivete. I did Geno 2.0 a good while back but have just begun to attempt to dive into the results. I am looking for a clue. I was blessed with a tree that has my male line to 1707 Cork, East of Blarney. My snp file shows 300+ positive results. Next
Tim Noonan
April 27 @ 7:47pm
The list of SNP includes CT4466 and L21 which appears to be pretty good information? My question is what do I do next and what is a terminal SNP. I thank you in advance
Ronald Howie
April 28 @ 12:28pm
A terminal SNP could be the most recent SNP in your Y DNA or a fairly recent one that is more stable in the testing. My terminal SNP has changed several times over the years as other people got tested and decided the correct order of SNPs in my Y DNA. I would recommend the Big Y 700 test to discover your own place in the CTS4466 tree.
Stephen Harrington Stephen Harrington has a question!
March 19 @ 5:16am
I have been placed in a group, suggesting that I need lower level SNP testing. I have asked the Adminitrator, amongst other questions which SNP package(s) I should order. Can anyone advise me which package(s) I should order? Stephen Harrington. (My earliest known Harrington was my 3rd. gg Owen Harrington born abt. 1800 in county Cork, Ireland.)
Ronald Howie
March 20 @ 12:07pm
Looking at your Y67 matches, I would guess that you are down stream of Z255, then BY17945, and some where close to but not necessarily PH1531. You can test for one of these SNPs where you would be associated. Upgrading to the Y111 test will narrow down the likely location. The BigY 700 would test about 700 of your STRs and some 35,000 of your SNPs most likely assign you to a previously undiscovered SNP more recent than Z255 separate from the tested Herrington. The
Randy Harnett Randy Harnett
January 27 @ 8:56am
My earliest know paternal Irish ancestor is John Har(t)nett born 1794 in Lismore, Co. Waterford. Autosomal dna matches point to him having a brother Thomas born there in 1796.
Kevin Sullivan
February 13 @ 3:46pm
My GG Grandmother, Mary Hartnett (Sullivan) - married my GG Grandfather, John James Sullivan in Newburyport, MA 1860
Randy Harnett
February 19 @ 1:15pm
Kevin was your gggandmother born in us or in Ireland?
Kevin Sullivan
March 13 @ 12:08pm
She (Mary) was born in Ireland. She is listed on the 1855 Newburyport, MA census along with her Mother (Bridgett) and siblings: John, Ellen, Bridgett, Catherine, and Timothy
Randy Harnett
March 13 @ 12:34pm
Any Idea who her father was?
Edward Smith Edward Smith
January 14 @ 8:24pm
In my genealogy search I look first at data then surnames. Mine changed to Smith when my Sullivan grandfather was adopted. My terminal SNP is A1133. I see various surname matched with L21, L270, CTS4466 and haplotypes downstream from mine. While Sullivan matches far surpass others, my L21 matches show South Irish, Welsh, Northern Irish, German and Scottish origins. We know that celtic and tribal cultures in the late Bronze and Iron ages involved wave migrations and trade routes between Europe and Ireland.
Edward Smith
January 14 @ 8:31pm
My point, ancient genealogy research informs hypotheses and theories that can bridge to documented family histories and linkages to our true relatives and lufe stories. I appreciate how others in projects like this are open to fresh ideas on how our Irish roots puzzle pieces may tie together over many generations.
Jeremiah Ross
January 27 @ 7:05am
Hi Ed, My Ross line is connected to Sullivan, O'Mahony, and Hurley in SW County Cork around Bantry and the greater peninsula area. Sullivan is the biggest surname connection in that area. Just thought this might be of interest.
Jimmy Miller c/o Lara Jimmy Miller c/o Lara has a question!
January 26 @ 6:46pm
Hello, my name is Lara & I manage my uncle Jimmy's DNA. HIS Big Y-700 results just came in & ihe is haplogroup R-Z39298 (positive for L21) but I don't know about CTS4466. Can someone tell me if he should be in this project?
Paul O'Donnell
January 26 @ 9:45pm
Lara, You are not CTS4466, there are a number of projects that you can join and I suggest that you take some time and look through "myProjects", but do join R DF21 and subclades;
Jimmy Miller c/o Lara
January 26 @ 9:49pm
Thanks, I will unjoin.
Robert Eadie Robert Eadie
January 12 @ 10:54am
Thanks for letting me join. I am L21 DF13 Z39589 and I notice that there are a number of members in your group with a similar pedigree. What I am interested in is the statement about the Corcu Loígde here - The Eady spelling of my name at that link really interests me as my family tree documentation has some of the documents with the spelling that way. Looking at some of the records there appears to be some around Clonakilty with the same spelling of the name today. I would be very interested if you ever knew of any of these who had YDNA tested. Again while my paper trail goes to Scotland I would be interested in seeing with Dalriada and the links with Cork if there were any matches there. Thanks in advance
Robert Eadie
January 12 @ 11:11am
Can I ask as well how many testers you would have in the region that are L1335. I know this is called Little Scots but owing to the link above would be interested to see if that mutation was common around Cork
Ronald Howie
January 14 @ 10:01am
You might write to Alex Williamson at his Little Scots site about where the border Scots settled. He has studied them longer than I have.
David Miller David Miller
January 2 @ 2:27pm
Hello So far there is only one other person using ftDNA that has the same haplogroup as I. He is located in/around/near Clonmel, Tipperary (Kevin O`Toole) Here in the U.S. I have only been to trace the my Miller line back to 1826 Massachusetts where my Great, Great, Great Grandfather was born. I know he was a sailor who moved to the Baltimore, Maryland area, had a wife (Catherine) and three children, (Mary A., Amanda, and Charles Richard Stanley MIller). So what I do not know and obviously what I am trying to is find out about the 4x great grandparents and where in Ireland or England they came from. My suspicions from my Haplogroup match is they were from southern/mid Ireland. So that is where I am so far in my research.
David Miller David Miller
December 31 @ 8:28pm
Hello, I just joined the group and wanted to say hello to everyone. I also want to let the admins and those heavily into DNA research that I have a completed Y-700. My Haplogroup is R-BY152628 and kit number is B180520.