R-L165 (S68)
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The Big Tree: R-L165/S68
R-P312/S116 > Z40481 > ZZ11 > DF27/S250 > Z195/S355 > Z198 > L165/S68

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Green = confirmed Red = presumed
Undetermined Sub-Branches

R-L165 - Lowrey - Confirmed R-L165 - 5 genetic matches at 67 Marker Level  

R-L165 - Cardoza/Carr - Confirmed R-L165

R-L165 - Mayberry -  Confirmed R-L165 - Frederick Mayberry of Bedford County, Virginia - Mayberry Project


The Big Tree: Branch R-BY456 (R-FGC29987)

Formerly "Cluster Two" of the Project

Green = confirmed Red = presumed

Presant R-L165>BY456 but negative on all other Z198 downstream SNP's)

Bronson R-L165>BY456 Z198 Pack did not find any downstream SNP's signifying a branch - 7 genetic matches in Brunson Project

Robert R-L165>BY456 -  Genetic match with Lewis below.

Lewis R-L165>BY456 - Genetic match with Robert above.

Blinkhorn R-L165>BY456

Blenkame R-L165>BY456 - Genetic match with above

Ayton R-L165>BY456>S23468>S16419

Elliot R-L165>BY456>BY3224

Wooden R-L165>BY456>BY3224

Rouquier R-L165>BY456>BY3224>FGC29992

Vaudelin R-L165>BY456>BY3224>FGC29992

Bidoli/Bernardi R-L165>BY456

Beall / Bell R-L165>BY456>BY3224>FGC2992 - 2 members of 13 confirmed

Stewart  R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253

Gronbekk R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253

Monroe R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253

Rasmussin R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253)

Gallie R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253

Linklater R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253

Carty R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253

McGirt R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253

McDonald R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253

McNeil R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253 - 7 genetic matches across two families

Ross R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253 - 2 genetic matches

McKinney/Childress  R-L165 BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253 - 4 members

Clan MacLeod R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253>BY3210 - 11 of 41 project members have confirmed through Big Y, Z198 Pack and Single SNP testing.

The Big Tree: R-BY3210

Clan MacLeod Magazine Article

(Downstream)R-BY13703 - (R-L165>BY456>BY3224>S5643>BY3253>BY3210>BY13703) Kits 47096 (BIG Y); 527084 (Single SNP); B102487 (BIG Y); 95% probability = 12 generations (circa 1700 AD) / TMRCA 100% probability = 24 generations (circa 1400 AD)


The Big Tree: Branch R-BY129 
Formerly "Cluster One" of the project
Green = Tested / Red = Presumed

Colclough R-L165>BY129 

Cluck R-L165>BY129 

McCay R-L165>BY129 

McLennan R-L165>BY129

McPhearson R-L165>BY129 

Petrie R-L165>BY129

Cameron R-L165>BY129

MacDonald R-L165>BY129>BY5109 - 11 members undetermined - Recommend Z198 Pack to determine which downstream branch each belongs

MacDonald R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y17559 - 2 members as of February 2017

MacDonald R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135 - 1 member

MacDonald R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108 - 1 member

Buie of Jura R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108 - 5 members

Buie of Jura R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108>BY13651 - 1 member

Carmichael  R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108 - 1 of 5 members confirmed

Graham R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108>BY3269

Campbell R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108>BY3269

Dunbar R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108>BY3269

MacPherson R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108>BY3269 

Cameron R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108>BY3269 

Curtis  R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108>BY3269

Hickey R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108>BY3269

MacNeil of Barra R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108>BY3269>A10683 - 2 members confirmed  - A10683 available as Single SNP Test

MacNeil of Barra R-L165>BY129>BY5109>Y5135>Y5108>BY3269>A10683>A11118 - 2 members confirmed - A11118 available as Single SNP Test

Herald Scotland Article

Arsenault R-L165>BY129>BY3225>BY210

Armstrong R-L165>BY129>BY3225>BY3219>BY210

Ralston R-L165>BY129>BY3225>BY3219>BY3200>BY15421 (BY15421 not yet showing on YDNA results)

Harding R-L165>BY129>>BY3225>BY3257 

Fox R-L165>BY129>BY3225>BY3257

Redmond R-L165>BY129>BY3225>BY3257

Pridgeon R-L165>BY129>BY3255>BY3257>BY13648 - 2 members

Tucker R-L165>BY129>BY3225>BY3257>BY13648 - 1 of 6 members confirmed

Greenwade R-L165>BY129>BY3225>FGC40832

Clark R-L165>BY129>BY3225>FGC40832

Hammer  R-L165>BY129>BY3225>FGC40832

FGC20084 Branch of R-L165
The Big Tree: R-7164881-T-C

Green = Tested / Red = Presumed

 Terrill/Terry   R-L165>FGC20084 - 3 of 14 members confirmed  - Terrill/Terry Project