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Anyone wishing to see a deeper result within the R-L1335 Haplogroup, should do the Big Y-700 test, unless a close relative already has done so.

This will discover all your SNPs that are presently known, and also a group of private variants, which ISOGG has termed singletons. These singletons are the most valuable, as amongst them will be the variants that define your most recent paternal lineage. When two distant paternal cousins, or a closish Y67 match, both do a Big Y, it is likely that most of the SNPs and a lot of the private variants will match, so forming new branches on the Y tree.

Age Analysis - Iain McDonald Method (Work in Progress)

Using the aging method developed by Iain McDonald, the median age of this block is
3151.36 YBP (1202 BC). The 95% confidence interval is 1856 BC to 614 BC.

The R1b-L1335 Project began as a primarily Scottish Cluster of men with a common ancestor around the last few centuries BC or first few centuries AD

Today we have three Clusters

Scottish Cluster
MRCA 44 AD. 95% Confidence Interval 336 BC to 347 AD

Wales 2 Cluster
MRCA 8 BC. 95% Confidence Interval 849 BC to 707 AD

Continental Cluster
MRCA 650 AD. 95% Confidence Interval 100 BC to 1100 AD

The purpose of this project is to collect together the various families of all our Clusters, who share a recent genetic history.  The discovery of the Continental Cluster where Spain meets France, has added considerably to our understanding of our shared origins. Potentially there are more sons of R1b-L1335 awaiting discovery. By collecting all their data together, we hope to better understand the relationships between the various families, and work on their shared history.

The R-L1065 SNP Pack and most of the individual SNPs available are now more than three years since discovery (a period during which we have seen exponential growth), and have not been updated since. That and the better availability of the Big Y-700 test, make the SNP Pack a poorer and less economical option than at the time it was constructed. It is best to seek advice before ordering any SNP or SNP Pack.

Big Y does not require any advice, unless a close relative has already.

R1b - L1065 SNP Pack Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
CTS6838, PF5236, PF5721, F144, A2120, BY3145, S764, A2297, A5919, BY3133, FGC28987, FGC25396, A5306, BY144, BY150, FGC28989, BY3134, BY3135, Y15476, FGC32576, BY3136, BY154, FGC28993, A2296, FGC32902, A953, FGC28994, A2118, BY3137, Y12534, FGC28995, BY3138, BY153, FGC32904, A2117, BY3139, BY3140, A2119, BY2747, FGC32905, BY3142, BY3143, BY3144, FGC32907, FGC23770, BY3148, A1141, FGC28998, A2116, FGC32910, BY3149, A33, A34, A35, A37, A848, A849, A850, A851, A853, A855, A856, A859, A861, CTS4554, CTS4931, FGC10116, FGC10117, FGC10121, FGC10124, FGC10125, FGC10127, FGC17603, FGC17830, FGC18441, FGC18447, FGC19437, FGC19633, FGC19637, FGC19639, FGC19642, FGC19643, FGC19782, FGC20021, FGC21480, FGC21484, FGC21491, L743, S690, S691, S695, S697, S701, S703, S7361, S7362, S7364, S756, S7370, Z16326, Z16328, Z16329, Z16330, Z16331, Z17611, Z17612, Z17613, Z17614, Z17619, Z17620, Z18058, Y15102, Y15478, Y15477, L1065, Z16325, S744, Z17615, Z17617, A7367, A5291, A1539, A5911, A1541, FGC18451, Y17075, S7367, Y16252

Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
FGC17059, BY3141, FGC31128, BY65, BY3147, A718, S6198, S709, S7372, S9767

Remember to get advice before ordering, or you take the chance.